What was cokes first diet drink

President Donald Trump drinks a complete lot of Diet Coke, where based on the New York Timeshis daily consumption contains as many as twelve ounce cans of the artificially-sweetened, zero-calorie carbonated beverage.

That report has sent CNN into a frenzywhere the cable news channel prioritized that story over the story of the attempted terrorist pipe bomb attack in New York City’s subway in its televised broadcasts on the same day. But since that story raised questions about President Trump’s health, where the effects of that high level of Diet Coke consumption were called into question apparently.

The Washington Post was sucked into the whole story, providing a general overview of what the medical profession knows about the potential health-related risks that might arise from drinking that many cans of diet soda a day, and came with not much insight away. View Cartoon “It’s a lot of soda to consume in one day, and – were it regular soda – most research suggests the potential consequences would be alarming. A ounce can of regular Coke has calories and 39 grams of sugar.

By drinking Diet Coke, which has no sugar or calories, Trump has avoided consuming 1, grams and calories of sugar daily. Experimental research on artificial sweeteners, like the types found in diet soda, is inconclusive. The Canadian Medical Association Journal found in July that there are extremely few randomly managed studies on artificial sweeteners – just seven trials involving only about 1, people – that looked at what happened when people consumed artificial sweeteners for more than six months.

That gives us enough information to be able to estimate how many cans of Diet Coke that President Trump, or for that matter, anybody, per day to keep a low risk of adverse health effects can safely drink.

So we have! In the following tool, we’ve used Diet Coke specific data to estimate the number of ounce cans of that beverage that you might get away with drinking each day, but you are welcome to change the data to consider whatever beverage containing caffeine or aspartame you might consider drinking to work out how many units per day that you can consume within the FDA’s acceptable daily intake levels.

If you’re accessing this article on a site that republishes our RSS news feedplease click here to access a working version of the tool on our site. Using the tool, with the default data body weight set to be equal to what President Trump was reported to weigh at this writing in Decemberwe find that while President Trump could drink almost 30 cans of Diet Coke and stay under the FDA’s ADI guidelines for aspartame, his real daily limit is to drink the equivalent of no more than At the reported dozen cans of diet soda drunk per day, President Trump is falling within those limits for his body weight.

Playing with the tool, we find that if President Trump were to lose more than 31 pounds, he would need to reduce his daily diet soda consumption to stay within the FDA’s safe limits for daily caffeine intake. As they say, it is the dose that makes the poison for any ingestible substance. Things like the concentration of ingredients within the substance being consumed and the size of the person doing the ingesting are just two of the factors that can affect the determination of what is an okay amount of consumption of any substance for an individual.

Speaking of which, the biggest factor that we haven’t considered with this tool is whether diet soda is your only source for your daily caffeine and aspartame intake. The extent to which you might be ingesting additional caffeine or aspartame through other foods, beverages, medicines, etc.

If you don’t know that extent, we would argue that it would be prudent to considerably dial back on your diet soda consumption to make sure that you don’t accidentally run into the situation where you experience any of the adverse health effects that are the reason for why the ADI guidelines exist in the first place.

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  1. This is true. I have stopped drinking diet coke as of 1-21-2020. Lets start counting the days.

  2. I love diet pepsi
    it is good for you NOOT i love diet pepsi NOOT!!
    like if you dont like diet pepsi
    reminder dont like if you do…
    im on a diet
    and…so forth.

  3. Bro Diet coke does note make you fat, its 1 calorie and im dieting and as long as it tasts good without getting me fat all scientests can **** off

  4. If Diet Coke was that bad for you Id be dead already. Delicious and nutritious

  5. Or you can go old fashioned and get your but in the kitchen to make some sweet tea . Tea / water /1cup sugar to 2quarts = healthier than soda or diet soda 👍 and still taste good

  6. Trump left the chat* (btw trump likes diet coke toooo much lol)

  7. Well diet soda is an icon in the ED community so i dont think i will be stoppin anytime soon

  8. Watching this while drinking a double gulp of Diet Coke and eating an ultimate bacon cheeseburger from Jacks.

    Ill be dead in a week 🤘😠🤘

  9. I just found out and Iam not going to drink any diet drinks no wonder I wasnt loosing weight

  10. So its not the diet Coke itself that makes you fat but the craving that comes after drinking it. Ok got it

  11. Anyone who thinks this crap tastes good, has no taste buds. I was at a party and mistakenly picked this up and poured it into a glass, with a couple of shots of vodka, and even that couldnt kill the after taste of this garbage. Regular sugar is no good for your, but at least its natural. This is like choosing between Pot, and Oxycontin! The pot may not be really good for you, but we all know what the Oxycontin will do to you! Crap made with man made chemicals are never good for yoi!

  12. Donald Trump is an awesome President. But yeah don’t drink sugar drinks.

  13. The only thing I get from Starbucks is the free water. I still tip though.

  14. This video is making me want my own intervention to my soda addiction. Damn, this hit me like a ton of bricks.

  15. I drink Diet Coke because regular coke makes me wanna vomit. And I’m fine 🙂

  16. I think Donald Trump is a great president I mean he is a HUUUUGGGEEEE !! !!! Part of how America is so great. And he’s gonna win the 2020 election stomping all the Democrats while toasting them with a Diet Coke !! !!!

  17. Ive always known about these facts and still drink diet coke. Its a nice treat to have after drinking water for days.

  18. Does the increased phosphoric acid of diet coke promote further tooth decay than the phosphoric acid AND sugar of the regular kind?

  19. Im liking this simply so when I go to drink Coke Zero or Diet Coke I will remember this and BURN IT

  20. No one decided to go to his sources for this information (an opinion piece-who also used a bunk study that concluded NO CAUSATION). This is such utter bs. Channel blocked.

  21. Trump is a great president build the wall keep on subject no one cares about your political views

  22. What a lot of tosh,no one could get any sense of the person speaking,best for him to learn how to deliver a speech,completely incromprehenseble

  23. I don’t like Diet Coke and I’m glad I don’t. That stuff made me throw up!

  24. The political smear shows me the maturity level is too low to watch the rest. Can’t take it seriously.

  25. I dont like it

    It tastes like someone is shitting down my my mouth and getting shoved fakeness down my throat

    Leave a comment saying if u agree or not

  26. Insulin is triggered by sugar in the blood not on your tongue, diet soda has no sugar so no insulin is released

    For a month now I lost 16lbs and the biggest change has been eating one salad meal a day, going to the gym 3 times a week and replacing all sugary drinks with diet soda. Beginning of April I weighed in at 185lbs now at the beginning of May I weigh in at 169lbs. Diet soda=no sugar= better for your body, sweet taste will not release insulin only sugar causes insulin release.

  27. People who watch this video please dont listen to this guy. This dude is very uneducated on the topic and completely lied as well. Diet soda does not raise nor spike your blood sugar and it doesnt make you store fat since you need a caloric surplus to gain fat at all. Honey also doesnt contain all those nutrients that he said.

  28. According to this dip shit all my teeth would have fallen out long ago and I would be obese.

  29. OMFG a trump joke less than a minute in. Im not even in the states and im sick of american videos bringing him up 👎🏼

  30. so… worse than sugared soda? I never noticed the side affects he talks about.
    I gave up sugared sodas 30 years ago. It has been much easier to get down to manageable/maintainable weight with diet drinks (esp Crystal Light).

    I rarely drink plain water (less than a quart daily). But I also water down bottled fruit juices and most sodas… even the crystal light is too sweet to mix at directed proportions. I always add another quart.

  31. The suns bad for you everything’s bad for you i don’t give a shit if it’s bad at this point watching tv is bad for you walking around in ways is bad for you 🤣

  32. Alright, not gonna say Diet Coke is a better choice than water, and yes it isn’t great for your teeth, but it is scientifically proven that Diet Coke does NOT spike your insulin. This video is mostly pseudoscience.

  33. This is true for some people. For other people who like a carbonated beverage that isnt sparkling flavored water that tastes absolutely disgusting and bitter, this is a fine option if moderated. I drink 1 a day. Thats it. And i stick to my meal plan. Im not fat by any means neither. I train calisthenics even. Im 22 damnit! I just havent experienced those sort of side effects. I dont feel more hungry after drinking one, usually because i drink it during a meal. Idk what the big deal is. Also artificial sweeteners are not bad for you in the slightest… that type of logic makes people go for sugar instead, and then they end up fat.

  34. Im gonna die Ive been drinking it for 3 weeks straight omg !!!!! I just found out what it can do and drunk a gallon of water

  35. All I drink is water. Occasionally natural juice or homemade lemonade.

  36. I just watched this video and threw a fresh bottle in trash lol

  37. Simple,calories in vs calories out. You don’t gain weight on diet drinks. Just don’t have anything else n you will not gain.

  38. So if I’m able to resist the temptations of reaching for sweets or overeating, it’s fine?

  39. Now tell us about sugar? Sugar will kill you too, but no one ever mentions THAT. Im temporarily drinking one caffeine-free diet coke every night as a sweet reward for being good on my diet all day….so far its helped me lose 18 pounds….so this is BS

  40. Check your sources man, the insulin thing has been completely debunked.

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