What percentage of our diet should come from fats?

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make matters more difficult

To, low-carb and low-fat diets have given the impression that fat and carbs are bad, when in fact they play a significant role in good health. The trick to good nutrition is to eat in moderation and choose fresh, whole, unprocessed foods. Eat 25 to 35 percent of your calories from fat, per the Institute of Medicine recommended guidelines 1. Unflavored nuts, natural nut butters, olives and avocados are good sources of fat. Use olive oil, canola, peanut or sesame oil when cooking.

Avoid saturated fats, hydrogenated oil and trans fats partially, which can increase your risk of heart disease. Eat 25 to 35 percent of your calories from protein approximately. Choose lean protein sources such as poultry, fish, beans, eggs and fat-free or low-fat dairy.

Avoid fatty protein options such as red bacon and meat, which are high in saturated fat. Eat 25 percent of your calories from grain carbs and the remaining calories from vegetables and fruit, which have carbs also. Choose whole grains such as whole-wheat bread and brown rice over white, processed options. Focus on filling up with fiber carbs, while limiting starch and sugar carbs that increase your risk of metabolic problems such as diabetes.

Monitor calorie intake. While choosing quality foods is important to good health, eating too much of a good thing can still result in weight gain. The ongoing health percentages of fat, protein and carbs mentioned previously assume you’re also eating the correct number of calories for your age, activity and gender level.

Men need 2, to 3, women and calories need 1, to 2, a day calories, based on the U. Department of Agriculture. About half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables with the other made up of protein and whole grains. Warnings Discuss your diet needs with a doctor before starting a new eating plan.

The Wrap Up Knowing how much fat, protein and carbohydrates to eat can be difficult with all the conflicting diet plans and eating recommendations. Eat 25 to 35 percent of your calories from fat, per the Institute of Medicine recommended guidelines.

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  1. What misinformation. Whole plant foods only! No oils either.

  2. Go get the book EAT BACON – DONT JOG… Its an easy read and really simplifies it all. Saturated fat is the best thing you can eat. Avoid sugar, grains, and heavy aerobic exercise, which is useless. Exercise doesnt make you lose weight– your diet does.

  3. Fat causes heart disease. Sugar is good for you. Dont eat butter–use margarine….. said no one with any brains in 2019. Wake up Mayo clinic… 1976 called, they want their nutrition and food pyramid blueprints back.

  4. This is such bull and way out of date.
    Go keto, you will lose weight and never look back.

    1. On keto saturated fats are the norm but don’t take my word for it. Check out Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube.

    2. Keto doesnt mean youre supposed to eat lots of saturated fats..

  5. According to the Cochrane review of trials reducing saturated fats, cardiac events leading to mortality were reduced when saturated fats were reduced.

    1. heart disease was rare before dr. Keys decided to cherry pick data and make everyone think fat was bad and everyone was cutting out fat then heart disease blew through the roof

    2. Check out the Journal of Lipid Research 2006: The Pathogenisis of Atherosclerosis for a reference for my above comments. 😉

    3. @Mark OMeara the level of ldl in populations that have little or no heart disease is 50 to 70 nm per decilitre. The average for north America is 130. That is why we have so many cardiac events. You can plot a graph of heart attacks to LDL and it follows a straight line: the lower the LDL the fewer the attacks.

    4. @Mark OMeara actually the studies show that if you have high ldl it does no good to raise hdl. Your all cause mortality risk still rises. ☺

    5. @mike ford plenty of studies show saturated fats raise HDL and reduce phenotype B in LDL.

  6. This is how it is to me they thought saturated fat was bad because they see LDL levels go up and it leads to bad things yet now using Lipid-electrophoresis they can separate the Low density lipo protein (LDL) into its separate constituents and see only certain ones oxidize and due to carbohydrates which are all converted into glucose, and in times of insulin resistance free flowing glucose binds to the lipo protein or specifically a protein (apo-b100) that attaches to the lipo protein and tells it where to go and now the molecule is to big or is unrecognized and cant be taken up by the liver so it travels back through our circulation and gets taken up by (macrophage) in a blood vessel so now oxidizes LDL is building up in the blood vessel lmao.

    Learned alot of this from one video and some from school
    Video –
    Why eating saturated fat wont kill you, but vegetable oil might

    The amount of information i have learned in the past day from one video hahaha

    This is just the cholesterol aspect saturated is also better because its more stable do its structure like the truss of a bridge

    I will learn all this

  7. By the way people, we would not have evolved such big brains were it not for all the energy in the carbohydrates we were eating. See, I can make stuff up too.

    1. @nobody nowhere No they arent, every protein has a completely different amino acid profile. And the closer the amino acid profile is to our own proteins the easier it is to absorb and utilize them. Yes it is because beef protein has a complete amino acid profile, grain does not. Next to that a large portion of the proteins in grain are lectins which are undigestible. The only plant protein that comes close to red meat in bioavailability and amino acid profile is soy. All other plant proteins are inferior to red meat.

    2. @Hypercarnivore The differences in protein bioavailability are tiny. less protein from beef to get the same effect compared to proteins from grain. Thats not true either. You just keep spewing nonsense, but never back up anything you say. As it all a fantasy.

    3. @Hypercarnivore So you contradict your own breast milk diet. Just pointing out, that stupid arguments do not work in real world. And you should learn to think ahead.
      Also, milk is really high in estrogen. So if you main carbohydrate source is milk.. you are intaking a huge amount of estrogen. On top of that, you probably use a lot of butter and other dairy products. Butter has 14x the amount of estrogen that milk has.

    4. @nobody nowhere No because I eat more protein than is found in breastmilk because no protein in any food can match up against the proteins in breastmilk. Im at 15-20% protein, 50-55% fat and 30% carbs mainly from milk, mushrooms and fruits.

    5. @nobody nowhere Yes but the amino acid profile and bio availability is near perfect for humans to absorb and utilize, so you need less of it for the same results. Its just like how you need less protein from beef to get the same effect compared to proteins from grain. Well yes humans dont require a lot of protein, but we do require far more energy than other mammals to grow and fuel our humongous brains. Which is why humans get so easily addicted to sugar and fat.

  8. weird that my body is 10% saturated fat, if its so dangerous. i have about 0,03% sugar in my body but you recommend i eat my weight in sugar every year.. super weird!

    1. Hypercarnivore Complex sugars are good for energy boosts, refined simple sugars cause a spike

  9. LOL. All these random people giving out health advice. Thanks, really sweet of you, but Im going to trust the Mayo Clinic over random youtube comments.

    1. The medicine world is quackery , overseen by the dark sorcerers of big pharma. The docs. themselves are lied to. They still believe in statins FFS.

    2. Sometimes the government and authorities are wrong. Intelligent people question. Just remember that.

    3. Thats a shame because the majority of these youtube comments are correct and these doctors are protecting their cash cow which is the statin industry!

    4. these messages will be long recorded..lets go back after a couple of decades.and figure it out whos right..(still alive/not died of a heart attack)..haha

  10. So how do Eskimos live on whale blubber and have low incidence of heart disease? I think theres something else in the common American diet that causes disease.

    1. I am informing you that you have been banned for life from Italy.

  11. Carbs and sugar had my BP at 145/90….my entire adult life! As soon as I quit the sugar and cut my carbs down to less than a 100 grams per day….within 2 weeks I had a BP of 110/70…sometimes 98/65…….LEGIT! Try it….and follow it to the T and see the results for yourself. This while living on bacon, eggs, and steak. We were all lied to….time for change.

    1. And who told you to eat refined sugar? I have never seen any of these recommendations that say eat candy.

  12. Okay and where is the study? We just called it a new study? Not even naming the specific study?

    1. I doesnt even matter. The only good study is biology… Which modern doctors only understand at the high school level.

  13. These health officials are some bums, half of them are obese themselves 😂

  14. Who needs a doctor when you have random YouTube commenters using long words

  15. No oil is good for human consumption, it poisons the liver. Animal fats have all the fat soluble vitamins.

    1. avacado oil, cold press virgin olive oil, etc. yes, some oils are good for you

    2. Okay, random bro from the internet. Ill take my health advice from you.

  16. Healthy eating is not confusing.
    Animal Foods: Bad
    Plant Foods: Good

    1. Fish . . . I didn’t say that. I also attacked the vegan diet in my other comment. But you didn’t notice it I guess.

    2. Adam Yusef if you think that “meat = excessive fat” bullshit then you need to read up more lmao

    3. Fish . . , too much saturated fat which is from meat is linked to long term heart health issues as well digestive issues. You might want to slow down on the meat but if you can properly digest it all then I don’t see anything wrong with your diet aside saturated n transfat content from the meats.

    4. Tony Sap . . . Plants are full nutrition as well. However. Plant foods have something called fiber which is indigestible. Which is believed to help digestion, bowel motility, etc. according to Mainsteam health info sources. However, fiber can worsen or leads to digestive issues since it slows digestion and is anti nutrient since it does affect nutrient n carb absorption but in a negative way especially beyond moderate amounts. Too much fiber can lead to malabsorption n vitamin n other nutrient deficiencies.

    1. You guys know that obesity and diabetes in America is the highest ever right? Just look around at all the fat people you see them everywhere. Big corporations are killing us for profit. When you go to the grocery store next time look at the food that is along the outside of the store. This is the food you should eat. Then just walk down each isle at all the cardboard boxes and plastic bags….this food all contains carbohydrates!! We as a nation are consuming too many carbohydrates and it is killing us!

    2. @DeathStrandingIsGarbo 4real yeah too much fat causes insulin resistance, Dr quack Berg doesnt eat any carbs so hes avoiding the problem by oxidizing fat instead of glucose. Hes running on ketones, but I bet hes as insulin resistant as ever!

    3. nobody nowhere he’s just parroting what he hears dr berg (the chiropractor) and frank tufano (whatever that idiots name is) say. He doesn’t care to do research

    4. ​@ThrashMetal If you think its smart to avoid carbohydrates in fear of the all evil insulin, you might want to read up on cortisol.

    5. nobody nowhere wait until he here’s about when ketones are built up in the blood, the make it more acidic. Causing the body to take calcium from your bones to your blood stream to try and alkalize your blood Leading to osteoporosis

  17. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. If he believes this. I wonder how many meds he is on?
    Shame on you
    Mayo Clinic.👎👎👎😈😈😈😨

  18. Lol at the keto people thinking they know better than major health organizations

    1. John Fernandez just like major health organizations recommended people smoking cigarettes, but nah doctors are always right tho😂

  19. On page 23 there is a fantastic nutrition trick that will tell your body that youre not starving and keep your metabolic rate sky high. Now, this is going to shock you, yeah theres a type of actual saturated fat, yeah you know the kind the media tells you is all bad no this saturated fat is healthy and even supports fat burning metabolism.

  20. Do you believe that LDL cholesterol is bad for you? If you do then you should be aware of a study in the The Journal of the American Medical Association that shows that the more meat (saturated fat) that you feed test subjects, the more their blood LDL cholesterol rises.

    1. LDL is not cholesterol. Theres no such thing as good or bad cholesterol. Cholesterol has only one molecular formula.

  21. now a days scientific reach is trash, saying one thing and after some timed changing or differ, utd unability to research rather then saying smnew fatcs come in front of us , its all non scence and ways yo get budget from ppl and government., image change ur statement in court like this every time, u will be in jail for 50 years.

    1. When new technology becomes available information can change. We used to give kids morphine for colds

    2. These epidemiological studies (otherwise known as surveys) are not entirely reliable, but other forms of research such as randomized controlled trials are more reliable.

  22. Whaaat? Limit red meat to the size of a deck of cards of per day? Isnt that too much?

  23. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. If he believes this. I wonder how many meds he is on?
    Shame on you
    Mayo Clinic.👎👎👎😈😈😈😨

  24. Oluve oil, avocaso oil and nuts mainly contain omega 6 fatty acids, and not enough omega 3 acids. This creates an imbalance, which is why these oils shouldnt be used in excess. Some essential omega 3 chains are only found in fish and other sea organisms. Natural saurated fats are good for your health.

    1. To much carbs, sugar , vegetable oil, margarine, pretty much anything that says blank % less fat will cause heart disease because the things like vegetable oil in it.

    2. So what’s causes heart dresses which is the number one Killer?

    3. Leo Koppel yep I’m 79 and been eating them my whole life don’t listen to government

  25. On page 23 there is a fantastic nutrition trick that will tell your body that you’re not starving and keep your metabolic rate sky high. Now this is going to shock you yeah there’s a type of actual saturated fat yeah you know the kind the media tells you is all bad no this saturated fat is healthy and even supports fat burning metabolism.

  26. Mayo Clinic, how much animal food and processed food industry money are you taking? None? Suuure, neither is the FDA

  27. The real debate is whether processed food will kill you or just hurt you very badly.

  28. Medical Doctors have absolutely no clue about nutrition or even believe that the body can fix itself

    1. @showbizonastick you cant rely on random people said this and that…it tooks high responsibility to make a health statement based on studies…not by random my experiences or yours…

    2. They condition medical students to think this way. They do not want self reliant people out there. They want us all funneled into the existence they created for us and brainwashing you into believing your body cant heal itself and that you need their chemical toxic drugs is in their favor.

  29. Ok to eat, what nonsense. If you want to stay out of the industry, stay away from meat, dairy, oil, fish. Moderately dead is still dead. Go for the touchdown and eat a whole food plant based diet based on starchy staples, vegetables, some fruit. If you have any indication of possible heart disease of compromised blood flow then no nuts no seeds except flax or chia, no caffeine.

    1. The Artificial Society

      Wow you are so uneducated 🤦‍♂️ fat doesn’t travel freely in the arteries, it’s carried within lipoproteins. Also melt butter in your hand, your body is much hotter inside.

      Please do some research, saturated fat and cholesterol myth has been debunked many times or go back to 1970!

    2. Dr. Meme you want to believe whatever you want. At some point, regardless of nonsense you hear from goofballs, you have to use some basic physics or engineering concepts or experiences. Take some butter and smear it on your hands. Then try turning on the water and just let it dribble over your hands. It will not easily come off. Your blood is a very slow running water and if you fill it with crud, the crud builds up on the walls. Thats the intuitive part. The non intuitive part is that as crud accumulates, to prevent chunks falling off and possibly blocking off arteries, the body has a survival trick which is to cover the crud with a thin layer of cells sealing it off from breaking off. If you keep eating crud, the layers just keep forming. Nothing clears those layers. The crud is the saturated fat and cholesterol in unnatural amounts. You think the drain pipes in your kitchen sink get clogged by water or anything water soluble? No, they get clogged by fat. And what you eat is not exactly what gets into your arteries but it kind of is.

    3. @The Artificial Society saturated fats and cholesterol are absolutely quality and essential for your body. your brain is 60% or so is made of saturated fat/cholesterol. the hypothesis that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease and all these other problems is outdated and has been disproved many times

    4. DWilliamsofficial quality? Seems like the fat and cholesterol is giving you troubles. What was your results from your last blood test?

    5. @The Artificial Society saturated fat and cholesterol are quality for you health

  30. Replace natural fats with these oils that are grown by the same corporations that are paying us to conduct our studies on how natural fats are bad.

    1. Plant oils dont have enough omega 3 acids, and create an excess of omega 6 which is bad for health. That is the main point.

    2. nobody nowhere if you watch the video I said to watch you will understand.

      big pharmaceutical have had the say in dietary standards since 1960/1970 which is funnily enough when the obesity and chronic diseases epidemic started rapidly increasing, what they say to eat is not how you should be eating!

      I was blown away when I dove deep into this, better to learn now to look after your health!

      Saturated fat is not bad for you.
      Cholesterol is not bad for you.
      Sugar is the enemy.

    3. @Bill why not sunflower seed oil? and how does heating make things unnatural? or using solvents?
      I dont use any oils, they are waste of calories. I just dont get this unnatural or why seed oils would be any different from olive oil? Sunflower oil for example is quite high in vitamin E and its mostly LA omega 6 and thats essential and also anti inflammatory.

    4. nobody nowhere how is ken berry a hack?

      What do you mean why are they not natural? Do you even know anything about what you are taking about…

      Seed oils such as rapeseed are not naturally squeezed from rapeseeds, they need to be heated with all sorts of chemicals and catalysts, they are unsaturated oils.

  31. What nonsense. Just watch a hundred different videos on YouTube and you will know more than your doc. Who says so? They do.

    1. chriss4365 Chocolate is yummy. For me it unbalances me though creating mood issues. Some say it’s a good brain boost for them though. And of course it’s high in antioxidants. I personally don’t think it’s good to eat a lot of it if you do. It’s bitter in its raw unadulterated form. In nature the things that are bitter are either medicines or poisons depending on the dose. These bitter foods are not to be eaten all the time and not in large amounts. Just makes sense if you think about it. Well, it does in my mind.

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