What dies diet coke contain

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Find more of Sarah’s work at her website: www. View Work Soft drinks are popular for a reason – they’re bubbly, refreshing and a quick solution for that mid-afternoon sweet tooth. But they may also be filled with empty calories that could sabotage your health goals.

Soda without high fructose corn syrup could be a much better option. Diet drinks with zero calories, such as Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero, all contain artificial sweeteners rather than fructose. It’s what gives your drink a sweet taste, but it’s also what accounts for the majority of their calorie load.

Fructose is naturally occurring in lower quantities in fruits and some vegetables. In whole foods, it’s combined with fiber, minerals and vitamins to balance out the sugar contentbut in HFCS, the pure fructose provides no real health benefits. Instead, it converts very into sugar in the bloodstream quickly, spiking your blood sugar and creating the unfortunate “sugar crash” you sometimes get after consuming sweets.

Certain types of soda without HFCS are marketed as being healthier than their traditional counterparts. While they might have fewer calories, they’re not always a perfect option due to the other added ingredients. Soda Without HFCS To find out if your soda contains fructose, there’s a simple solution – check the label and ingredients list. If the drink contains zero calories, you can be certain it’s a soda without HFCS. Diet sodas use artificial sweeteners to cut down on calories typically.

Mayo Clinic asserts that there’s no credible evidence to recommend that these sweeteners, such as aspartame, cause cancer. However, diet sweeteners were proven in a November study published in the journal Molecules to affect the gut microbiome, as well as to contribute to the onset of Type 2 diabetes potentially, in the January issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition according to a study featured.

These findings recommend that the diet versions of soft drinks aren’t necessarily healthier than traditional soda beverages. Certain sweeteners, such as stevia, are marketed as being healthy alternatives to sugar. But is stevia soda that different from regular soda really?

It doesn’t spike your blood sugar, and as ACE Fitness describes, it is made from the leaves of a tropical herb. In small quantities, it is likely fine – but very few long-term studies have been done on stevia’s effects. Consume it in moderation instead of thinking of it as a miracle sugar substitute. Diet Coke isn’t the only type of alternate soda on the market.

The Coca-Cola Company markets Coke Zero also, a diet soft drink with zero calories and zero grams of sugar. According to the company’s website, Coke Zero is intended to taste like the real thing – without the calories just. Diet Coke, on the other hand, has a different flavor and a “lighter taste slightly. If you’re hoping to cut down on calories, these alternatives could be for you – but like most processed foods better, they should be consumed in excess never.

Decide for yourself how much of these beverages you want to consume and talk to your doctor if you’re concerned that diet soda could be having a negative effect on your goals.

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  1. I drink diet coke because very often, its the only available mildly caffeinated drink that costs $1. If seltzer water had caffeine and was available in every deli, I’d drink that instead. To me, its always been more about the functionality, a petty craving like that isn’t worth my health. When you’ve been up all day and have to wake up before a meeting and theres no coffee in sight, its so helpful. The convenience cannot be understated. Cocacola products are in every corner of the world and have managed to be more available than coffee itself.

  2. I love Diet Coke though I know it is BAD for me! I have known all about the aspartame, but this is a first on what I am learning about caramel coloring. I have always told my kids to not even get started drinking sodas, especially Coca-Cola.
    Thank you, Dr Berg.

  3. Dr. Berg. My nickname is Keto Reto. I dropped 30 pounds because of you. I love you to death. HOWEVER…. here is my BLACK SHEEP opinion.

    Look again into the studies on aspartame. It is a combo of 2 amino acids and breaks down into 3. Yes it breaks down into methane but so do many other health foods, many to a bigger degree. I challenge you to find actual better studies that show the “dangers” of aspartame(that are not bias). Please do. I will respect your research and you evidence. I may not change from drinking my sprite zeros which have 108 mg of potassium per 12 oz and prevent kidney stones but I will consider the evidence strongly. I have a feeling your viewers will too:) Mucho thanks for everything!

    (Btw most studies just say that they make you crave carbs more which is irrelevant on keto.)

    1. Reed Harvey — Thanks for your post, Keto Reto! lol A bariatric surgeon (my moms friend, NOT my doc!) told me the same thing: the dangers of aspartame have NOT been proven. She says it is safer than real sugar because sugar is directly linked to MANY diseases where aspartame is not. Im a HUGE Sprite Zero fan myself. 🙂

  4. So I wonder if there is a keto friendly syrup that you can put into water. Like a Stevia Syrup with Cola taste or something like that. I cant find something like that

  5. Try Zevia, many flavors including a cola without the caramel color. They sweeten it with stevia. I buy it at Smart and Final, Sprout or Whole Foods. Cream soda is my favorite but hubby likes the cola and ginger ale.

  6. Just drink zevia soda it just sweetened with zevia and its ketoe approved

  7. Bottom line, Coke zero does not kick you out of Keto. I’ve done before and after blood readings and it has no effect on insulin. This video is more about the negative health effects than keto

  8. It’s a sign haha I said this morning I was stopping drinking this stuff, then I see this video!

  9. So Im still a little confused. I really didnt here a yes or no answer.

    1. If he had said no, he would have been mob attacked by the diet soda addicts. LOL He left it up to the individual to make the decision based on the info he shared. 🙂

  10. God dammit Dr Berg. I love you and hate you at the same time. Coke zero was the only thing that kept me from sugar and you just cold-bloodedly killed it 🙁
    But with all seriousness, youre a hero. Its only 2nd week and with your advices Im feeling 200% better. Guess Ill be doing my own drinks now, cause nobody else in the area makes anything sweet without cancer-giving, teeth-destroying and gut-eliminating additives. And thats capital Im talking about

  11. Where can I buy this miracle coke….. Stop giving unrealistic advices… We know whats bad. We want answers.

  12. Lazy keto will help you lose weight better than most methods but its not going to cure your food addiction. If you need this stuff then you have an addiction.

  13. im on the fasting 20 hrs fasting,, 4 hrs to eat i do have a coke zero with a whisky once a week no problem

  14. So what diet soda would that be, that doesn’t have the caramel color, the aspartame? Suggestions?

  15. So I just watched this video I have given up regular Coke in favor of Coke zero. What other sodas do you recommend since evidently Coke zero is no good for you either what other sodas out there to you recommend?

  16. Not gonna lie, this is my only weak spot, im sort of addicted to energy drinks, now switching to zero sugar ones ad hopefully stop taking those too… Since i dont tolerate coffee, an energy drink in the morning always used to give me the necessary push.. i need some serious alternative for this 🙁

  17. You forget that Coke Zero is all chemicals that are very harmful to the body. Try Zevia instead. It’s very good for you with no harmful chemicals.

  18. Yes, ASPARTAME..its in the dissolved type of vit c..its really bad…i felt the effect..

  19. There’s no Sodas in my entire with those 3 items mentioned..So I been drinking Diet Gingerale..I like much better than the darker Diet Sodas anyway.

  20. Those may be all good reasons to avoid diet soda, but have nothing to do with Keto

  21. I was addicted to Diet Coke. When I recognized my addiction I decided to quit “cold turkey”. My head hurt so bad during my withdrawal period that I would float in a pool of water because a pillow made the pain worse. I use to drink it because I loved the taste and I drank a lot 6-8 cans a day but if I drink it now it tastes horrible. Quitting DC was one of the best, and hardest, health decisions I. Have ever made.

  22. No No No!! Use Zevia Brand..No color no junk just Clear clean and natural and the flavors are so close to the real thing with like 10 or 12 flavors Cola, Dr Pepper , Orange , Grape, Ginger ale, Root Beer , Strawberry , Mountain due and on and on O Ya!! But still dont use it but on special occasions part of being Keto and fat adapted is to loose that sweet tooth.

  23. Please do an insulin test on diet soda. I want to see your results.

  24. Thank you for the video. I do want to ask a question that is not on this point. Can you tell me if baking powder is harmful? If so why? I want to know if it’s safe or healthy to use in keto baked goods. Thanks.

  25. Carbonated water, Diet soda, regular soda, it’s all bad for you. It’s the risk they take to make an addicting drink for you. If you think about it, without all those bad ingredients they put in soda then nobody would buy them. It’s impossible to make healthy soda, just make your own homemade drink.

  26. Wrong Each carbonated drink causes damage!
    1. The gases break down the digestive acids in the stomach and this causes diseases and problems in the body!
    2. Do not drink carbonated beverages, it is better to smoke a cigarette

  27. Thank you so much for this. Caramel Color give me migraines. It’s in so many things!

  28. Dr. Berg, is it ok to eat a homemade caramel sauce using heat, butter, and erythritol? It’s not going to turn into AGE like how you mentioned in this video?

  29. Most people need the fizzy hit so just drink soda water…i was drinking 2 lt of coke zero a day …it was the fizz i wanted not the taste.. so break the habbit and buy fizzy water….

  30. Is Zevia soda (stevia) and Virgil soda (stevia, monk fruit, erythritol) safe for keto? Thanks

  31. Since we started drinking that , keto stopped working and cravings keep crawling back – thanks for the explanation Dr.

  32. Mi! Mr. Erik, can you make a keto military MRE (meal ready to eat)?

  33. I quit drinking Diet Coke several years ago. I love soda and have started drinking “Sparkling Ice”. It says it has Antioxidants and Vitamins with Zero Sugar. Is this bad for you too?

  34. Nothing is good for live your life everything in moderation. Dont let diets consume you food is processed . Life span is 40 yrs higher than 100 yrs ago.

  35. Aspertame was linked to be the cause of killer headaches I experienced every afternoon around 2:00. I was drinking 3-4 diet Sprite a day. Even more during hot weather. Once I stopped the soft drinks the headaches went away. The stuff is poison!
    Still think the FDA cares about you? Yeah, right…

  36. Just wondering what brands are better. I have tried Zevia. Not a fan.

  37. woow, when I read the ingredients, the caramel color sounds the least harmful, but who knew. I do love the Coke Zero though. I drink only one can a day if I really crave sweets. Thank you Dr. Berg.

  38. Acesulfame potassium is more of an insulin spiker than aspartame

  39. Why can’t we as consumers DEMAND these companies to disclose the TRUE contents behind the “ Natural Flavors” ingredients?

    It’s like they can have anything in that mix and no one will know the other poison included in the products.

  40. Thinking like this, you cant have anything with anything, just sit up straight and dont touch anything

  41. Ive quit drinking Coke Zero. I love Sparkling Ice! So many flavors, and vitamins, too! And its cheap!

  42. Just drink a Hansens or clear “soda”..🤷🏻‍♀️

  43. You lose all credibility when you point out that the corn is GMO, implying that itself is unhealthy.

  44. I lost 80 pounds drinking (4) diet cokes a day and one Powerade Zero per day on Keto. Dont deprive yourself, thats the best way to relapse on your goals~

  45. One case from local hospital, woman came in with liver cirrhosis. She never drank alchocol. But she drank lots of coca cola.

  46. I saw Natural Flavors on the list. Per other sources, that is code for MSG (monosodium glutamate). I wish the government would have banned MSG when migraineurs got together and begged them to years ago. It is a neurotoxin and is in food everywhere! I can always tell when it is present in something I eat. The other week, I found it in my favorite mayonnaise!!! I checked because I felt overwhelmingly groggy/sleepy after eating a sandwich and had to take a nap. After that, I was headachey and had to take my migraine rescue regimen.

  47. Get the diet soda with monk fruit, stevia, or erythritol? Uh what soda is that said no one ever.

  48. You got to love how Dr. Berg explains what exactly you need to know without wasting too much time.

  49. Dr. Berg, I heard all carbonated beverages leach minerals from the bones. Is this true? Should all carbonated beverages be limited?

  50. I agree with you overall but having a diet soda every once in a while isnt gonna kill someone. Diet soda helps me stay on track with my keto diet. Every once in a while when I get an intense craving for something sweet, Ill have a diet soda (sparkling ice black raspberry is my favorite). As soon as I have that, my cravings for sweets go away. If it werent for the diet soda, Id have to break my keto diet because I lack willpower. So if it comes down to someone having a diet soda once a week and staying keto or someone breaking their keto diet to have real sugar, then Id recommend people drink the damn soda.

  51. Im drinking Pepsi Zero while watching this. Back to drink water.

  52. I drank a litter of Pepsi max a day for 2 weeks but I have now stopped. Will this effect my weight loss?

  53. Get one with Stevia or Monk frut. Cool, but theres no such things in Brazil, Berg.

  54. Make your own soda using a soda siphon. Use stevia and whichever flavour you like. Homemade lime-mint soda is my favourite !

  55. I asked this question thanks for making a video on it really helps

  56. I’m still waiting for Coca Cola to make Sprite with stevia! I don’t drink Sprite Zero because of the aspartame.

  57. I f anyone tries to take my Diet Coke away from me its gonna get Ugly.

  58. Coca Cola = consume it NEVER! Doesnt matter what ur diet is. lel. Its pure garbage!

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