Nutrisystem diabetic diet plan

Nutrisystem Share: Nutrisystem is among the best meal delivery services for diabetics currently on the market and also one of the rare companies that provide diabetic-friendly weight-loss meal plans.

It is unique in its approach to weight loss and allows you to shed pounds without giving up on your preferred food, which is reason enough to get thinking about its offer and discover an easier way to manage your diabetes and reach your goal weight. The primary difference between the plans is in the degree of customization they allow.

The Basic Diabetic plan brings you pre-selected snacks and meals, chosen by Nutrisystem specialists carefully, meaning it does not leave any available room for customization. On the other hand, the Core Diabetes plan allows you to pick from as many as menu items. The Uniquely Yours Diabetes plan brings you the vastest range of options and lets you pick from frozen meals and snacks, allowing you to order as many items as you want.

Let us now have a look at all three plans individually and give you a much better sense of what each one of them offers. Basic Diabetes Basic Diabetes is the most affordable diabetic plan that focuses on classic, well-loved meals redesigned to suit your needs.

The meals in this plan contain lots of lean protein, fiber, and healthy fats, which allows you to longer feel full, lose weight naturally, and keep your blood sugar levels in check.

following this meal plan

By, per day you keep your calorie count to kcal, so you get to feel light without feeling hungry. , you get to enjoy three delicious meals and three snacks and eat every 2 or 3 hours.

The menu items are surprisingly include and satisfying such treats as blueberry muffins and white chocolate chunk cookies, as well as comforting meals like chili with chicken and beans noodle soup. Core Diabetes The Core Diabetes plan follows the same philosophy as the Basic Diabetes plan, focusing on meals rich in protein, fiber, and valuable nutrients, per day limited to However with the total amount of calories, what makes it superior to the previously described plan is the wealth of meal options at your disposal.

It brings you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as mid-morning, afternoon, evening snacks and.

This plan includes scrumptious dishes like cheese tortellini and Santa Fe style chicken and imaginative snacks like white cheddar popcorn. With items at your disposal, you are sure to find many dishes that properly suit your taste. If eating ice cream and pizza while keeping your blood sugar levels steady and reducing your weight at the same time sounds like a dream come true, be sure to give Nutrisystem a try and make a major step toward attaining your health and weight goals.

Based on its verified weight loss system that includes frequent meals, balanced nutrition, and portion control, its meals provide the optimal balance of protein, fiber, and smart carbs. Read more in our Nutrisystem review.

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  1. So if I understand correctly it doesnt come with all the food I need for all the meals? I have to buy extra items for the diet ?

    1. morgan williams It comes with enough food for 6 days a week. You get to eat normally for 1 B/L/D a week, and supplement with veggies.

    1. Your comment bothers me. Tongue rings are nothing new. Get over it.

  2. Hi Victor, what an insightful video!  Great job explaining everything.  Im signing up this week. Only a couple other videos explain it but yours it the best.  Thanks so much!  Jim Houston – Charleston, SC

  3. I considered one of these sorts of plans. I cant afford it tho. Someone made a comment to me one time a ways back that has really helped. Dont eat after 7pm and only eat half of what you think you are hungry for. Its so simple I never even considered it before. Losing weight doesnt have to be a chore.

    Best of all, its free advice.

  4. Im not worried about how the food tastes, I can deal. At least initially, do you feel satisfied and full after every meal? I plan on working out and walking so Im not sure if that will affect me. Also, I read somewhere that although its a month, you are free to do whatever you want on the weekends. which is kind of discouraging because I thought they had you covered across the board. First box should be arriving tomorrow. Im super nervous.

    1. I read it on a post. Not sure exactly. I was up at some absurd hour and was watching videos including yours. I start Monday. Its very daunting. I cant believe any of these meals are 1500 calories a day

    2. Im not sure where youre getting your information. You get a months worth of food for as many months as you want. Within each month, you get 24 meals for 28 days. Once a week, you are to provide one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner on your own, which gets you involved in good decision making. You spread them out so youre always on the plan. As for hunger, its going to happen. Youre just going to have to deal.

    1. I had been lifting 2-3x/week through the Stronglifts program. I dialed it down when I started the diet to bench press/bicep curls/hamstring curls on Mondays and Fridays. This was just to maintain and not lose muscle mass through inactivity. I tried to add some cardio but I have no real endurance.

  5. Am also on the plan – agree with everything Victor has said….you will lose weight (me 35 lbs and counting) / the booster week is the hardest / key is to track calories-honestly / supplement the food with fruits-veggies / calories are without exercise – though NS suggests 30 mins a day / you can experience plateaus (I did) / the food is good – though there are a few items I found disgusting (mac and cheese) / drink a lot of water / good luck – you can do it!

  6. Hi can u please tell me how u did with Nutrisystem did u lose what u wanted was u able to keep it off ????? Are u still on the program?

    1. Victor Howard great thanks for replying and keep up good work I join the plan a few nights ago waiting now for my shipment

    2. I lost almost 50 lbs, which was the goal. I have kept it off, and I still fit into my 30 waist pants. I weigh more now because Ive been strength training, but NS did its part in changing my life.

  7. The linear regression graph you showed, was that made with a specific app or anything that a layman could figure out or was that something you knew how to do from prior experience/the love of data you mentioned? I agree that it seems like seeing that regression would be motivating so I’m curious (but have no real experience with data graphs and such). Thanks.

    1. Victor Howard Right on. Thanks, man. Starting Nutrisystem today. Thanks for the two informative, honest and motivational vids you made.

    2. I used a program called GraphPad Prism. Its an advanced stats program. However, you dont need this. There are apps out there that can help you project your weight loss. Try out Happy Scale on iOS or Libra on Android. Itll give you trend lines and help figure out where youll be without having to do any math.

  8. Hi Victor. Could you please describe how the shipping boxes are marked? Does it say Nutrisystem on it? Thanks.

    1. The frozen goods come in a plain white styrofoam cooler. The room temperature goods come in a cardboard box that might say Nutrisystem on it. I cant remember.

  9. So Im 19 and Im 6 feet about 230, Im sorta a mix of fat and muscle I workout daily and I have muscular arms but my chest and stomach is sort of fat (at least it appears that way) do you think this system would actually help me slim down?

    1. Yes, but you need to address healthy sustainable eating. NS is a tool, not a solution.

  10. 2 slim fast pre-maid shakes for morning and noon and then Gluten Free frozen dinners keep you in the zone and cost even less.

  11. 52 year old man here. 41 days, 23 pounds so far on Nutrisystem. Im AMAZED.

    1. @Victor Howard Its not actually sustainable to be in a caloric deficit long-term Oh I know. When that time comes I will consume more calories and greater variety in various ways. But food by mail services do create a great convenience which I personally find worth the money, and can even cost the same or less than my old habits, given that Im not one to cook.

      Not all of these services are for losing weight, and a couple of them tout restaurant quality with balanced nutrition.

      Nutrisystem CAN be used in that way if you break their rules. Theyre more than happy to send food more often.

      So I think Ill be using some form of food delivery service for quite a while. (And I dont mean Uber Eats.) This is a benefit of NS I didnt expect.

    2. @Charlie Horse Again, good luck. But please realize that NS is a tool to get you where you want to be. Its not actually sustainable to be in a caloric deficit long-term, and your body is going to revolt. Learn good eating habits with the on-your-own meals you do once a week.

    3. @Victor Howard Thanks. Actually I may stay on Nutrisystem for a long time after I reach my goal.

      In my case, Im recently divorced, living alone, hate to cook, and it actually saves money versus the fast food diet that got me here in the first place. Even saves me trips to the grocery store and the fast food joint.

      Personally I got 50% off all orders, so Im paying $299 plus shipping for every order with the Uniquely Yours. Thats their current promotion, so if you call them you may be able to switch to it. (I cant speak for them of course, but hey, it works with the cable company.)

      So for me, less money, less work, weight loss… and for me theres almost no discipline involved because every day on the scale is a reward. And I think the food is actually pretty good.

    4. Congrats on your journey! Keep it up, learn good eating habits, and try to go about 10lbs past your target weight since youll rebound a bit when youre done.

  12. Victor, I watched and appreciated your video on the NS Diet for men as I am truly considering trying it. My key question for you is now that its been a year since you posted the video (i.e. Aug. 23, 2017) how would you describe your weight and habits change? Have you been able to maintain the weigh loss you achieved while on and during your period of dieting using NS? I like many have dieted in the past with or without such commercial diet programs unfortunately only to see the weight return over the course of time – clearly due to resuming my poor habits of eating, i.e. mexican food and margaritas! Please be candid. Thank you.

    1. NS is a crutch. Itll help you get the weight down but its on you to change your eating habits. Im maintaining around 185, but Im also running and lifting 5 days a week. I have changed my eating habits. I cook nearly all my own food, I drink rarely, and while I can have indulgence meals, its not all the time, not even weekly.

      You need to figure out where you want to be and if youre willing to work for it. Youd be surprised with how little food you actually need, and thats what NS will give you. After its over, you need to have learned your own way out, else youll just add the weight back on.

  13. Ive been thinking about using this system but Im really unsure. Did you lose that 30lbs just from dieting or were you exercising too?

    1. I didnt work out for the first 3 months. I started weight training for months 4 and 5. It slowed my weight loss, but I was building muscle, which was fine by me

  14. Thank you! But the Nutri Pro when do you drink it and how often! And is it considered a snack or meal?

  15. they will substitute your order with crap they cant get rid of, under the pretense of low inventory!

  16. Thank you! Thank you for sharing this was great information for me Im starting Nutrisystem on March 1st 2018 I will be doing the womens program. My goal is to lose a 50 lbs, I am 5 foot 11 at 220 lb.

  17. Great information.  You covered almost everything. Im 72 years old and need to loose about 40 lbs.  Im 225 now and want to get down to 180-185.  Just a question…can I use the Nutrisystem and Hydroxicut at the same time…I will call Nutrisystem to find out and Im also diabetic so my plan must include foods that are somewhat sugar free and support a diabetic treatment plan.  Thanks again for this great video…signedDennis J. Callahan….email:  [email protected]

    1. Id contact NS directly about your diabetes. Id also avoid hydroxycut. Just be good about your eating and you wont need anything else.

  18. Sorry man… Ill give up fried chicken….but Im not giving up tacos 🌮…..

    1. UNADULTERATED TRUTH shrimp & fish tacos work use lots of veggies, salsa & hot sauce free watch cheese & mayo based sauce

  19. Im about to start the Nutrisystem for men plan, Ill do some vids as well.

    1. Lou Buren dont dot it!! Food is poison and made from plastic!!! I urge everyone not to touch nutrisystem!!!

  20. Dam son. 10-12 lbs per months is awesome! Good job! Hows your weight now in 2020?

    1. Its been up and down with heavy lifting, injuries, and other cuts. Currently at 204 on a 12-week cut. Hoping for an operating weight of 190 this year.

  21. Considering this to get rid of my dad bod…thanks for your review!

    1. Just realize that this isnt a quick fix – you want to change your life forever, so be ready to make the mental commitment starting now and for the rest of your life.

  22. This is for Digital Ink Arts: Hey genius, Id love to see your vid… a video on anything and lets see how you do! I appreciated the guy taking his time to provide us with his opinions!!

  23. Thanks, Victor for the review. I have been going back and forth about this system for a little bit now and I think you just got me to sign up.

    1. Good luck. Losing weight is math and willpower, so make sure youre committed.

  24. Thanks thinking about it and true not many men reviews, yours is encouraging . I know portion control is my main problem and hopefully this can help me realize how to eat and be satisfied/not craving while being health and losing weight.

    1. Digital Ink Arts Sorry you feel that way. The info is there, and Im just trying to help. Ill work on my performance if I become a YT personality.

  25. My husband is considering NutriSystem and your video was most helpful. Thanks for posting an honest review for the Mens program. Best of luck to you!

    1. Charlie Horse dude enjoy pure petroleum! Homeless shelter wouldn’t even take that crap from me but you enjoy yourself

    2. ​@D P Dude, come on. Everyone knows doing your own cooking, lots of research, and eating all natural foods is better and cheaper.

      Who DOESNT know that?

      For most people including me, this is a step up from what theyve been doing. Its healthier than the food Ive been eating. Theyre selling convenience, and I find that convenience worth paying for while I improve my health with minimal effort.

      Dont should on me. (You shouldnt do that.)

    3. Claire Wenn I warn you to not do it. It is plastic food like army meals. Can cause cancer and many other issues. Do a ton of research before and read all the horrible reviews first. Better off going all natural with food and its cheaper!!

  26. Please dont take it the wrong way but i loved when you mentioned that when you get on the scale it was discouraging and took a toll on your self esteem. Let me explain…….first off a man admitting that to the world on youtube takes a lot of courage!!!! Plus you are just being so real about it and i admire people that are real. No bullshit plus its like saying yeh this is how i feel and i dont give a f*ck what you think.

  27. What do you normally do for your one flex meal a week? Need ideas? And good vid by the way!

    1. Its been a while, but you just need to be smart about it. A reasonable sized potion of grilled meat, some non-starchy veggies, and a moderate amount of carbs will work.

  28. I’ve hit a plateau. What do you do when you hit a plateau. I’ve went from 310 to 275 and I’ve been at that for a few weeks.

    1. Thats a great start! Sometimes your body needs a reset, so you could try to cycle 12 weeks of caloric restriction then 6-8 weeks of healthy eating before going back to a deficit. At your size, you want to take it slow and steady, and theres going to be some skin weight that youll only be able to shed with surgery.

  29. Im a Big Boy at 511 270lbs im starting nutrisystem on monday after the Super Bowl then going hardcore into my health. I work outdoors as i run a lawn service so i move around alot would you see that as an advantage ? And also can you pick nutrisystems brain and follow a similar diet if you choose to end the service. Pretty expensive but for my health im going to do 2 months justbto kickstart my weightloss

    1. @Volkz337 man my 1st week my son got sick and we were in hospital for 7 days (he ok now) but it totally derailed all the momentum I had built. I only planned on doing it for one month but when I try to cancel it they charged me an extra $125 for some delivery BS. In my opinion theres a million diets you can do you just have to be committed to your goal. These people at Nutrisystem are obviously just trying to take your money. Dont waste it. I started a keto diet and started lifting weights and its a million times better than Nutrisystem

  30. You could transition to Weight Watchers if you want. I like their program right now.

    1. Never down to 170, but I started packing on muscle, so that made the number goal much harder.

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