Muscle loss on keto diet false or true

At the right time of recording our second part to this video, we had over comments from people who had either been scammed by this company almost, or who had however not seen our video before purchasing these pills and lost hundreds of dollars. If you are on social media, chances are you have seen advertisements for the groundbreaking Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills or the amazing diet pills Sarah from Stanford created to melt the fat right off your body.

These keto diet pills are a cheap, mg BHB pill that will have no effect on your body. People are falling for the celebrity weight loss claims and photos of quick fat loss, buying the cheap free trial, and having their credit cards charged hundreds of dollars. And the worst part? Contacting customer service is impossible and the only way to get them to stop billing your card is to flat out cancel it.

Why are People Falling for This? With incredible before and after photos of celebrities like Kim Megan and K Markle, 5-star reviews on Amazon, articles from reputable news sites like Us Fox and Weekly, and even airtime on TV shows like Shark Tank all endorsing this product, it appears like both an legitimate and effective product.

The reviews and websites are faked, the photos are stolen, and the claims are lies simply. This company has even gone as far as to either endorse or create a fake supplement review website. We were contacted by ketogenicsupplementreviews. After going through their website, nothing seemed out of the ordinary for a review site.

After all, they have around product reviews, breakdowns, and educational articles and they all seemed scientific moderately. It seemed legitimate until we read their page on the PureFit Keto pills, which are the same Shark Tank keto scam pills. This review was biased and completed untrue. Ketone markers were up There are several things wrong with this statement: mg of BHB is not enough to cause an increase in ketone levels A They are just billing people automatically and for much more than the advertised price.

Sites like this hide their deficit intends around legitimate, scientific information to try and build credibility around the product. When investigating these pills, we realized it was more than one product being sold just. Every right time you click on their link, the pop-up page is for a new keto weight-loss pill, with a different name and packaging completely, but the same claims, results, and and after photos before. Here are just some names of the pills we have found so far from this Shark Tank keto scam: PureFit Keto.

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  1. This was super helpful but the over-editing is really distracting, you dont need to change the frame every 2 sentences.

  2. Awesome video! Very informative and to the point. I thoroughly enjoyed the way she explained everything! 👍🏼

  3. I’m 6.2 / 260 lbs oil field truck driver medium hard work and exercise at gym 3 time a week how many calories should I eat a day thanks Alex

    1. Check out the keto calculator on our website – the link is in the description of the video. It should help you figure out your macros.

  4. I did it before I had blood in stool and I just gave up keep having side effect. Need help

    1. Having stool in your blood sounds like a problem that is not related to keto. I would definitely get that checked out by a doctor.

  5. Will this work for me ?
    Im a type 1 diabetic, skinny
    Need to gain muscle mass while keeping carbs(sugar) as low as possible
    Thanks !

    1. Sure it can. Id recommend checking out this article (for some benefits and possible risks you need to keep an eye out for):

      Then viewing this article for gaining muscle on keto:

  6. Ok so got bit of an education from this vid. I went and used your calculator and it seemed like way to much calories, fat protein. But I used your info on calories to see what I have shooting for on an everyday feed and I am severely under eating not even close to your recommendations. Not even getting a thousand calories day. Thank you for opening my eyes on this. #morefoodforme!

    1. Glad to hear – I hope you feel a bit better with some more calories. I know when I undereat I can feel very lethargic over time.

  7. Everything I read on Keto involves fasting. I have tried fasting and I just can’t do it. So will I not lose weight if I don’t fast? Please if there’s anyone out there that does not fast, please please let me know if you’ve lost weight.

    1. You dont have to fast to lose weight on keto! You just need to eat within your macros and maintain a calorie deficit. 🙂

  8. have a Carb Coma after doing keto and youll realize why keto is better, carbs are good for the moment cause your brain just wants to store fat for winter, but too many carbs in todays society keep you tired sluggish and its a endless cycle with carbs, the feeling alone is better the bloat is gone when your low carb

  9. if keto is low carb mod protein high fat then wouldnt your macros here be wrong…

    1. Fat has 9 calories per gram, so the gram values may look slightly skewed but if you work out the percentages in terms of calories, it should be keto.

    1. U don’t have to.. cause you eat enough protein it has the same effect as eating carbs..

    1. Most average people usually consume between 100-130g of fat on keto. The example in the video was slightly higher due to the activity level.

    1. We wanted to make a website with everything you need to help you rule the keto diet. 🙂

    1. Yeah, that does not sound right. If youre still having trouble with it let me know what you put in it so we can troubleshoot.

  10. Hi there, I’ve just watched the video. I would be interested in investing the £2.99 for the macro tracking download app thingy. However, when I was reading some of the information describing what I needed to enter into it I was lost. For example, I don’t have a clue what my BMI, BMR, macronutrient targets, etc etc are nor do I know how I would find out! This is all double dutch to me. Plus, I go into a sleepy daze when adding and subtracting is mentioned. I seem to go into mental block with numbers – my brain hurts! 😥. I don’t fancy taking night classes in Arithmetic either just so that I can go on a diet!

    I cant believe I am so negative just now! I thought this diet was simple: stop eating carbs, sugar and crap and the weight would fall off! Sadly, for me, far from it. I’m even drinking ACV twice a day !!! 😖😖😖.

    1. RuledMe Thanks for your responses and giving me advice. I’ll have another look over the stuff you mentioned and see if I can get a handle on macronutrients and tracking meals. Cheers.

    2. Drinking ACV doesnt really do anything so if you dont enjoy it you dont have to do it. Theres a lot of potential benefits but nothing is proven at the moment.

      As far as an app goes, you can use myfitnesspal for free. You can use the keto calculator we provide on our website to find your macronutrient targets for free. Plug them into myfitnesspal and then track what you eat. We provide a tutorial for it on our website (the link is in the description).

  11. this seemed to be a good video but, I never finished watching it because of the irritating unnecessary background music, when the important thing should be to be able to listen to the video without any distractions. What value dd the music add?

  12. Like he toned what does that like some of us dont know what that is like explain what youre talkin about what does it mean hello

  13. The Keto Calculator has never worked for me, it is FRUSTRATING. Each time, I enter info, hit Calculate it takes me back to how active are you on daily basis. No matter what I enter, each time hitting calculate returns me to it???

    1. @RuledMe Wow, THANKS for the quick reply. You are right. I changed the browser and it works. Thanks again.

    2. Try using an incognito window or a different browser. If youre sure youre filling in all of the information, then you are most likely blocking the calculators javascript using either a popup blocker or script blocker or some sort. Ive tested the calculator multiple times on multiple devices and never had problems with it unless theres some sort of addon running that blocks javascript.

  14. I agree except I feel its better to say keto lifestyle Instead of keto diet. Most people look at diets as temporary.
    You have to be able to make the change and stick with it (or gain it all back + more).

  15. I downloaded My Plate and keep track of my macros. This helps so much.

  16. I can’t find this answer anywhere on YouTube or google! I just started keto and I just want to know do you have to eat high fat?? For example I ate what I was suppose to today with using the carb master app. But it says I can still have 40 more grams of fat !

    1. You dont have to eat the full fat macro if you dont want to. Its there to keep you satiated…but if you find youre too hungry then add more fat.

  17. FINALLY, a simple answer:
    Carbs & Proteins = 4 Calories per gram.
    Fats = 9 Calories per gram

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. A gram of meat is not necessarily a gram of protein. A four ounce chicken cutlet is only about 26 grams of protein (less than an ounce).

    2. miraclesR4Eva same here. All apps charge money when you used them.

  18. The music is too loud. I am sensitive to that. I cannot concentrate on what you are saying.
    And thank you anyway for the effort

  19. IF anyone out there wants to say the Keto lifestyle is not good for you after watching this video…. well you must be an idiot

  20. keto calculator keeps skipping back to my height after i click calculate 🙁

    1. Make sure to double check that the items you are entering are correct. Is it possible to try in an incognito window or private browser to see if it works? Its possible some plugins are blocking the javascript in the calculator.

  21. This is making my head spin:(

    I just did went to the site and did my macros… but this is too scientific for me… i love this diet but the talk of counting and tracking is making me not wanna do it because i feel I’ll fail. Gonna keep researching a bit.

    1. You dont HAVE to track everything you eat if it overwhelms you, but it can help to make sure youre getting the proper ratio of fat and protein in your diet. Maybe try keto without tracking and if you have a weight loss stall or things dont seem to be going right, try tracking for a couple of days to see what might be going wrong.

  22. Im losin to much weight..people ar tellin me i look ill now…what foods can i eat lots of to put weight on???

    1. Use our calculator to get your macros, but set a smaller defect so you lose weight less quickly. If youd like to stop losing weight then set the calculator to maintain.

  23. No carbs with this diet no thanks I’ll feel like a zombie 🧟‍♂️

    1. You typically feel like crap when you dont have fiber, electrolytes like sodium and potassium, and magnesium. Eat avocados, chia seeds and flax seeds and you shouldnt. Have the problem. But be sure to Take a magnesium supplement or a multi a day.

    2. You have to give you body time to adjust and detox from so the crap.

  24. How you can count your macros when you make a pot of soup, for instance ?

    1. You can calculate the total macros for the soup and either:
      1. Measure out the soup by total weight, then figure out how many servings best fit your macros – divide the soup up into that many servings by weight.
      2. Eyeball it and youll eat all of the macros of the soup eventually.

    2. Lady E you can add the recipie in the app and it will measure the macros. I use MyFitnessPal because I´m able to do it in spanish wich is my language and I can use it with articles from my country

  25. Thank you for this video truly informative and helpful. Newly suscribed.

  26. Wow. This is hands dont the best video on how to count macros! Thank you so much for breaking it down and making it easy to understand!

  27. I should eat 20 grams of carbohydrates every day? It isnt danger for the healty?

    1. Cristian Candita lol no that’s not a lot.. and “keto” veggies still have carbs u should be getting your carbs from veggies

  28. Great info, but that background music is SO DISTRACTING to me. I can’t concentrate on what you are saying. It would be better for me if you turned it down or off. But I gave you a thumbs up because of the info and effort. 😊

    1. Thats funny, I didnt even motice the music! Guess I was paying too close attention to what she was saying

  29. I’m so glad I found you been binging on your yummy recipes and now knowledge awesome!!

    1. What can I help you with? We have a pretty extensive article covering macros on our website that you might find helpful too:

  30. 10 years in and I still calculate and track glycemic levels.

    1. Do you use coconut sugar? Erythritol is hard to digest so I am using cocosugar.

  31. Hi,I am doing it wrong, no sugar ,no carbs,only veggies and meat/fat and only twice reached keto in my urine the rest is negative,I started in mid December lost about 12 pounds ,I have cravings,it’s hard to get into ketosis? Any suggestion?
    Never drink sodas ,no coffee, only herbal tea,and roasted chicory root coffee,I can not eat fish I am allergic to it

    1. Hey don’t give up🙃 weight loss also depends on your starting weight ima bigger person my first month I lost almost 30 pounds.. the bigger u are the faster you will lost… also while fats are good watch out for calories in nuts… also adding fats makes your body have to burn off fats before getting to your body fats.. decrease your fats make sure ur protein isn’t too high.. I do this by drinking a kale shake before I eat then eating 2 sides of veggies then my protein last… also watch some videos about intermitting fasting

    2. Id recommend tracking what you eat to make sure youre not getting extra hidden carbs or eating too many vegetables. Id also recommend checking the expiration date on the urine strips. The urine strips arent that accurate – as long as there is SOME color change, you are in ketosis.

  32. OK Im starting day one tomorrow…done all my please someone tell me how much fat a day I need Im 302lbs 55 an right now very little should I be taken collagen

    1. Hey Dorothy – visit the calculator on our website and it should tell you how much fat/protein/carbs to eat.

  33. The information might be good, but that music is distracting. Ill check out another video.

  34. why the fats are only 62%(954 calories) out of 1530 calories when the standard keto ratio is 75%-fats, 20%-protein, 5%-carbs?

    1. It all depends on what you entered into the calculator. If you are active and also have a low body fat percentage, then it will give you higher protein amounts. Are you sure you entered the correct information? Your previous comment was how do you calculate body fat percentage? and that is a huge part of the protein calculation on the calculator.

      Our calculator calculates your BMR (how many calories you burn based on activity level chosen), and then uses that information to calculate protein first. Fat fills in the rest of the calories. If you have a huge amount of protein, its likely you filled something in wrong.

  35. Im in day 4 of Keto and Ive been following a special diet program that ive paid for. When looking at the carbs ratio it sits at 10% or maybe a few tenths of a percent higher even though everyone says you should be getting 5%. I have not yet hit the Keto flu which many say comes only after one or two days which concerns me. Am I doing something wrong? Ive been following the diet to almost 100%. Is this something to be concerned about or should i be happy that ive not reached the keto flu yet or maybe never will? Or could it have to do with weight and height?

    1. @Jontheboy Seems like theyre pretty good macros – Id say just stick with it. Depending on the amount of electrolytes youre having, you may just not get the keto flu.

    2. @RuledMe Well the average carbs the next three days is 17,7g. Proteins are 94,2g and fats are 122.3g. My macros are thus 7.5/40/52.5 (carbs/protein/fats). I used a macro calculater for keto and given my weight and exercising and the fact i want to lose as much weight as i can, I believe theyre accurate.

    3. Everyone is different, some people dont always get the keto flu. As far as the carbs go, how does that translate into a gram number (30g, 40g) and how much fat/protein are you intaking?

    1. Also look at videos about intermittent fasting it really helps when trying to figure out the best eating schedule for yourself

    2. However many you want, but less meals (and no snacks) are typically better.

  36. Ive been tracking my macros for a while now and one thing Ive noticed is that Im on a cut so I have my calories set at 1,500 calories. I shoot for my protein goal everyday but at the end of the day Im still under my carbs and fats while still being under my 1,500 calories (but not by much). So my question is, do I need to hit EVERY single macro or could I be fine with just meeting my protein goal while staying under my carbs and fats for the day as long as I dont go over my 1,500 calories?

    Note: Even though Im low on carbs and fats throughout the day I dont feel any hungry.

    1. If youre eating a conventional, high-carb diet then the carbs and protein will be important. We specifically talk about and specialize in the ketogenic diet, which is a high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb diet.

    2. LegendaryStephen ok that works, my macro setup is like this, 166 Protein, 43 Fats, 255 Carbs on a maintenance phase.. Im currently on a cut so my macro setup is 174 Proteins, 43 Fats, 174 Carbs. However I generally stay close to my fats, I meet my protein goal everyday but I try to stay under 150 Carbs daily and sometimes I meet my other two macros and have only taken in 50g of Carbs throughout the day! I know I might have more calories to fill but protein is so satiating that I don’t feel hungry for carbs at the end of the day.

    3. TrapKingz I would say treat each threshold as a goal to reach as close to as possible without going over. So generally what you’re doing is perfect and should keep at it.

  37. You guys gunna say anything on the side affects of a keto diet in this or just keep smiling saying it’s a healthier option?

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 they will know when they get them.. but the first time I only had “keto farts”😩but the second go around I broke out really bad, had insomnia, and had keto breath..

    2. Side effects like what? We have several other videos and over 120 articles on the website too you know – its not just 1 video.

  38. If a person limits their calories to 1,000 per day then why would you need a keto diet? A person can lose weight on a regular diet at 1,600 calories a day, a 1,000 calories is not much food and it seems people would break theyer diets a lot faster. Just curious because i have started the keto and have had no results at 15 carbs a day.

  39. Trying to work out the macros but it keeps giving me an error. Ill check it again later, might just be a temporary fault. Thanks for sharing *great video!*

    1. It should be working, but if its putting you back up to the top when you click calculate its going to be either of these issues:

      1. You did not enter in a value for one of the items. Double-check that everything is filled out.

      2. You are using a browser addon that is blocking the javascript used in the calculator. Try an incognito or private window and see if it works. If it does, its an addon blocking the javascript.

  40. your calculator told me i should be eating 1172 calories a day…. thats classed as a starvation diet?

    1. The calculator told me I should be eating 966 calories. I get it, Im considered obese for my height (54, 187lbs), but wouldnt that put my body into starvation mode and make it harder to lose weight?? It seems like that would be too little.

    2. Wolfflow500 I know how it works with fats, but 1200 calories is still only 1200 calories, it’s not a healthy amount of food to be consuming. It’s dangerously low

    3. Youll actually feel much fuller for a longer period of time eating something like 2 meals a day of cruciferous veggies, a cut piece of steak, and a large amount of fat (in the form of coconut oil, avocado, partially in some fatty beef, lamb, pork, or turkey or some cheese). Just make sure you get enough fats so you dont get keto flu. Remember to get good sources of animal protein thats grass finished because animals can store diseases in the fat and you dont want to be eating the soy infused grain an animal ate before arriving at the grocery.

    4. It depends what your end goals are, what size your frame is (if youre shorter, you usually need less calories), your activity levels, and your current body fat percentage among other things. Some people really do only need 1200 calories, others need 1800 calories. It really depends on your body size, type, and activity. If you want me to look over the numbers for you, let me know what you inputted and I could give some feedback.

  41. This was the only thing that gave me straight answers on wtf everything is. I’ve been going through videos and websites and they would just say something else that I would have to look up and idk it was a whole process so thank you.

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn, Im so glad you liked the video and found it helpful!

    1. @Tree seer yes people were very unfair and nasty to Dr Atkins when he was really a precursor.

    2. RuledMe yes then I was allowed to add veggies . I stopped bc of all the bad press. But in a sense it’s similar to keto

    3. Yes! Especially during the first few weeks when Atkins is very strict.

  42. You got the macros wrong. It should be 117g fat, 95g protein, and 20g carbs. Fats should always be higher that your protein intake.

    1. Remember that 1g of fat has more than double the calorie value as 1g of protein.

      106g fat: 106*9 = 954
      20g carbs: 20*4 = 80
      119g protein: 119*4 = 476

      1510 total calories (the calculator may have rounded some long decimals that caused the slight difference).

      954/1510 = 0.632 = 63.2% calories from fat
      80/1510 = 0.053 = 5.3% calories from carbs
      476/1510 = 0.315 = 31.5% calories from protein

      To me, thats definitely within keto ranges for someone that is moderately active (like riding your bike to and from work each day, or lifting a semi-intensive session 3x a week). The protein levels in the calculator are based on the body fat thats entered by the user and the total weight that they entered.

      We find how much lean muscle mass the person has and then use a multiplier to find their protein needs. In some cases, this might be higher than the fat intake in gram values, but its very much within healthy protein intake ranges. Keto is a muscle sparing diet, but we still need to consume protein to preserve muscle loss during weight loss.

      For someone that is sedentary, we recommend 0.6g protein per pound of lean body mass. For someone thats moderately active, we recommend around 1g protein per pound of lean body mass.

      Keep in mind that a sedentary person would have much less protein needs. In most cases I can think of, the fat grams would be higher than protein for any sedentary person unless they are already very muscular and have a low body fat %.

      I hope this explains things better, but if you have any questions let me know.

    2. @RuledMe Im referring to the example you gave in the video. Using your calculator and the numbers you gave, the macros I noted are the correct ones and the ones in the video are incorrect. And Ive yet to see an example where the fat was less than the protein macro.

    3. Im not sure where youre referring to, but it depends on your activity levels. Fat is 9 calories per gram and protein/carbs are 4 calories per gram. You can have similar levels of protein than fat (sometimes even higher if you are working out intensely).

  43. well thank you very much for the information also a bigups for the website its actually very helpful and informative great efforts there tho!

    1. We have a link to visually estimate it on the calculator. Otherwise, you can use body calipers or a DEXA scan.

  44. I dont use an app i use my brain with this i have the same meals every day and kost loads of weight dont eat any snack bars

    1. You can use other apps or an excel spreadsheet to track macros too. I personally used excel for a long time for tracking macros and it worked out really well.

  45. My only concern is that im eating to much protein. When i watch other peoples videos they are saying i need higher ratios of fat then the calculator is giving me.

  46. I was counting total carbs on keto and it became tough my keto journey

  47. Can you guys learn to just speak English glue clothes and what is all this stuff yours are saying explained what it means some of us dont know not everybody

    1. Nancy Jace glucose not glue clothes. glucose is sugar.. turn on subtitles if you arent understanding what someone is saying. and google things you dont understand for further clarification

    2. @RuledMe you dont make any sense because explain what youre talkin about because some of the words youre using we never heard of before Like Glue clothes Money Shane doesnt work that good so everything doesnt come out right

    3. Youre asking us to speak English but cant formulate a proper sentence – Im not really sure what youre asking here because it doesnt make sense?

    1. Take some time and do some reading and research into keto – once you have the basics down, it is relatively easy.

  48. With real food, like a mediterrean diet, nobody needs a calculator. The fact that keto eaters need a lot of supplements disqualifies it.

    1. Fat quality plays a role. If you were just eating Industrial animal products than yah ….
      I go with grass fed and also make sure to get fish

    2. @Rachel Thanks, Maybe worth a try. There are contradicting views on coconut oil, as it is saturated. But it seems everybody reacts differently.

    3. @John Snow I also know that some do vegetarian or vegan keto, which seems difficult, but still possible. I would imagine youd rely heavily on coconut oil, macadamias, leafy greens, etc. Maybe worth a shot? I dont know much about it.

    4. @John Snow A lot of research points to low carb, high fat. Its a bit of a rabbit hole once you start reading, but really quite fascinating. Most of the health recommendations especially in the USA are built on shotty research and closed minded good ol boys club mentality. Its an interesting read regardless of whether you adopt the lifestyle.

      If it doesnt work for you, it doesnt work and I suggest doing whatever your doc says. I have not heard of any others having a stroke from doing keto. I am sorry that happened to you!

    5. @Rachel I am open to other ideas and may have a look. But I may have written it here earlier that a meat/dairy/egg heavy keto diet gave me heart arrytmia followed by a stroke. So that route is excluded.

  49. Can anyone help pls ….I weight 85 kg ….how many macros can I consume

  50. Just checked my numbers on the Rule me calculator. It says my fats should be 128 grams and protein 82 grams. Does that mean that in planning my menus, the fats and proteins need to be that high or can they be slightly lower?

    1. Try to get close to your protein goal, your fat can be a little bit under if needed. Carbs should typically always stay below 25g net.

  51. When it says eg. 120g protein. Does it mean 120g of chicken breast or 120g of pure protein within that chicken meat? 

    So there is 27g of protein in 100g of chicken. So you can eat 400g of chicken per day?

    1. RuledMe Absolutely! Yes, completely agree! I don’t know if it’s the same in the US as here in the UK but the fattier cuts of meat are so much cheaper! So much more flavour, and better texture IMHO!

    2. Exactly what Dan says, but I just wanted to note that on keto you do want to aim for around 65-70% calories from fat, so you want to choose fattier cuts of meat like ribeye, chicken thigh, salmon, etc.

      This means that 100g of each type of meat will have different macros inside (100g of chicken thigh, for example, is 8g fat and 24g protein).

    3. Thats right…. for example, there is also a lot of water in the chicken breast so you have to calculate only the protein within the chicken breast – so 400g of chicken a day!

  52. She didn’t answer the one question I came to learn… do you know what percentage of your body is fat.

    1. Usually through calipers or a DEXA machine. We also created a guide to visually estimate body fat:

    2. Typically you use a DEXA machine, calipers, or you can visually estimate. There is a link on our keto calculator to visually estimate your body fat.

  53. Keto will make you loose weight if youre moderately active, usually this method is for older folks who arent working out /hard/ without carbohydrates you will loose explosive power. You sacrifice muscle mass as well, so if youre here for loosing fat while body building and cant loose fat eat your motherfuckin carbs. Your stomach fat burns last, youll loose fat in other areas working out before you loose stomach fat. You need those complex carbs for intensity. Thats why youre feeling dead in your workouts and not hittin it as hard

  54. I have inputed my information for the calculator and it continues to send me back to the top of the page, Very annoying,

    1. Usually when that happens either something was filled in incorrectly, or there is some type of javascript blocking the calculator in your browser. Is it possible to double check the numbers you entered and try in a different browser (or an incognito/private window)?

  55. I cant get your keto calculator to work. I even refreshed the page. I enter in all the information and after I click calculate it just goes back up to the middle of the page as if I didnt enter in some information. This is VERY frustrating. Luckily I found another keto calculator online. It worked just fine. I wish I knew how to covert those percentages to GRAMS though of food. And I need to find the best foods to get me to 69% fat, 26% protein and 4% carbs. I find that pecans, just 1/4 are four carbs. Even my flavored bottles of water are six carbs each. I worked hard in the yard today for several hours without eating. I ate a good meal last night, 4 pieces of bacon, one small pork chop, one small 100 calorie piece of salmon, butter, mayo for the condiment for the pork. Then later I found a five ounce bag of pork rinds I had forgotten I had. I ate maybe half the bag. Pork rinds seem to be a great way to get fat. I dont really care for them and Id eagerly eat corn chips, pretzels or any other snack chip, but well they are crunchy. I drank like 46 ounces of lemonade. I need some stevia too.

    1. @POKOdotto 106g fat would still be a lot more than 119g protein in terms of calories. There are 9 calories per gram of fat and 4 calories per gram of protein. If you do it based on percentage, the fat would be much higher than the protein value.

    2. @RuledMe i dont get it, you said 106g of fat, and 119 or something of protein??
      isnt it more fat not protein?
      im stuck and i start keto tomorow!

    3. If our calculator did not work it was most likely some type of addon that was blocking the javascript on the page. Try using a private or incognito window next time and it should work fine.

  56. If proteins are 46% ketogenic and fat is zero percent why do you recommend more protein than fat? Atkins was a high protein diet, keto is low carb, high fat, modest protein (<20% calories from proteins)

  57. Thank you! Im too dumb to understand how to calculate it completely by myself. Your calculator was the best one I found
    Im a beginner and youre being a great help for me
    Thank you so much! You do a great work 🖤

    1. Djessie I still don’t understand I don’t know what to count to lose weight on keto I don’t want to over eat or eat to many calories in a day

  58. I’m still having 😔 the portion sizes is what’s confusing. If fats are 9% do I only eat fatty foods that’s nice and higher?

    1. Im not really sure I understand the question to be honest with you. Would it be possible to clarify?

  59. girl i just went through 6 weeks of 4-5 miles cardio a day plus intense calorie restriction and my bitch ass only lost 4 pounds what the fuck. ima try dis

  60. A little confused because using the referenced keto calculator has me eating 167 grams of protein and only 116 grams of fat…wouldnt that still cause an insulin spike? Those macros sound much more like the Atkins diet, no?

    1. The calculator may give inaccurate results if some of the inputted information isnt correct. The most common error would be the body fat percentage being off. If its too low it will give you higher protein.

  61. Hey so your calculator has me at 2400 cals 120 Grams of protein. Is the calories accurate I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve been on keto for several months now. Burn down a lot of fat and put on hella muscle

    1. It will adjust calories greatly depending on the activity and body fat percentage inputted. If body fat percentage is too low then it will assume youre all muscle and give you more calories. If its too high then it wont give you enough. So I would make sure that the body fat percentage is correct. 🙂

  62. Why someone should eat more protein than fat on keto ? + I know that the proteins must be 0.8 grams for lean body mass . I really dont get the fact of eating more protein than fat

    1. andi ahmetaj I agree because fat is what is going to keep you full.. and if u East too much protein it’s just as bad as eating carbs… however while fats are important to stay food a larger person who eats too much fats will slow their progress because then their body gotta get rid of the fat their eating as well as body fat


    1. Misses Marbach Rotors too much to go have you been counting your macros has it been helping have you lost any weight. I’m just starting today.

  64. wait I dont understand if youre supposed to eat a certain amount of calories everyday but want to lose weight how do you do that when u can only eat a certain amount of calories without eating less or changing the percentages of macros

    1. Honestly I might want to use a macro /calorie app if you’re doing healthy keto most likely u won’t go over your calories… you would be too full

    2. You eat at a calorie deficit to lose weight. Typically people follow a deficit of around 15-20%.

    1. Sarah Hamidi download carb manager it’s free it’ll give u ur macros and before u Eat you can log in ur meals and once all the macros for the day are full ur done… it also depends on what u Eat and if you fast… check out dr. Berg he has a lot of info on portion sizes… u usually want to stay Around 6oz of protein and have 7-10 cups of veggies a day.. I usually do a kale shake n a meal for me would be 2 low carb veggie sides n for example 6 wings… n eating your veggies first help to not over eat… the longer u do keto the less ur gonna naturally eat cause you won’t be hungry

    2. Id recommend reading through the 6 articles linked inside of this one:

  65. Love your videos but have stopped watching as I find the background music so irritating – sorry

  66. Extremely useful and interesting although the ridiculous repetitive music behind is absolutely maddening. What is it there for really? It only distracts us from listening to you and thats a pity because youre great!

  67. Your guide for using Cronometer is out dated. There is no keto profile option in the paid app.

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