Is creamer compliant with a ketogenic diet

Ultimate Coffee Cake The other option you have that is high in fat and delicious would be cheesecake also. Using sugar substitutes, you can make some amazing flavored cheesecakes that will come just as good out, if not better, than regular cheesecake.

Try your hand at these awesome mini key lime cheesecakes or even some raspberry cheesecake bites. Brownies definitely come second on that list of delicious treats that we want once we turn to a ketogenic diet. You can certainly make keto brownies that you can fully enjoy without having to fight against the craving to have more.

Besides using almond flour and other mixtures of floursyou can make them out of avocado as well. To combat this, we can make some excellent pudding at home with many different combinations of low-carb ingredients. From avocado pudding to whipped cream pudding, there are tons of ways you can replicate this delicious dessert.

But, we can create crispy and thin, or thicker and softer crusts on the keto diet. Using almond flour or a mixture of flours, we can make our pumpkin easily, lemon curd, or meat pies even! Recently I experimented with a new keto pie and found an absolutely delicious crust using both almond flour and psyllium husk. You can check that out on our Keto Pie Crust recipe page.

Looking to impress someone? Made in France Originally, these super rich custards shall be the perfect set piece for a dessert. A bit is taken by them of work and can be a little finicky while cooking, but the result is an delicious warm custard that is packed filled with flavor utterly. Looking for More Desserts?

Feel free to check out our full list of keto dessert recipes. Alternatives include coconut flour with added eggs, but remember that the texture does change when you do this. To learn more about how exactly to mix and replace different keto flours, read through our guide to keto flour substitutions. My absolute favorite way to add that chewy texture is by incorporating psyllium husk in the recipe. Keep in mind that psyllium is very absorptive, so extra liquids could be needed to combat this.

Flaxseed Meal is another ingredient you can use to provide a slightly chewy texture. Make sure you grab a pack or 3 from Amazon. Besides chicken, it can be done by you on any meat – like pork chops! Grinding pork rinds in the food processor is the favored method here definitely, as they reach a much better consistency and crunch well up.

great example would be our Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu

Another. Alternatively, you can use pork rinds inside of meat as a filler rather than breadcrumbs.

For example, in our Keto Gyro recipe, we sub pork rinds to provide the texture that bread is normally used for. Saturated fats like coconut and butter oil, on the other hand, are a healthy part of the keto diet.

These fats are an absolute treat and can be utilized the same way margarine or vegetable oil would be utilized. To get a good deal on oil, try buying Coconut Oil on Amazon. Cream cheese and butter come together properly to create a rich and creamy frosting that makes all of your cakes taste better.

If you want an example of a great cream cheese frosting with added fruit compotecheck out our Low Carb Spice Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Alternatively, you can just make a glaze or drizzle as we did in our Lemon Poppyseed Muffins.

to mention

Not, they are natural sweeteners. These options tend to provide the sweetness we want with no off-putting aftertaste. To find out more about what the best and worst sweeteners for the keto diet, read through our guide to keto sweeteners.

If you would like to see some recipe examples that use these sweeteners, feel free to see our Keto Dessert Recipes page. You can also find chocolate bars in stores and online that are sweetened with keto sweeteners rather than sugar. You want to go after the dark and unsweetened varieties so you can control the amount of sweetness and the sweeteners that are in your chocolate. For a quick chocolate fix, Just mix some cocoa powder and your preferred low-carb sweetener s into melted coconut oil, pour the mixture into a container or tray, and let it sit in the freezer for a few hours.

Experiment with this simple process to create homemade keto chocolate and break off a piece when that craving hits. Cocoa powder is also well suited for any baked goods that you want to have an overall chocolatey taste. You can utilize it in keto cakes, cookies, or puddings even. Of using the whole fruit for flavor Instead, the tastes can be got by us we crave from fruit extracts.

Want some blueberry muffins? Find a keto muffin recipe and add a little blueberry extract. You can make smoothies using fruit extracts even. Xanthan gum can be utilized to thicken just about anything. Morning smoothie From an ice cream custard base to your, and in sauces too even, you can utilize it whenever you need a thick and sticky consistency.

Just be careful not to add too much xanthan gum – a little goes a long way. If you add much too, it shall turn into a jelly type of consistency, which can be unpleasant quite. If that xanthan is found by you gum is a little bit hard to work with, you can decide to use Guar Gum instead. Fear no more – instead use the dried spice! Replacing higher carb vegetables like fennel, celery, onion, and a myriad of other vegetables with their dried counterparts will permit you to pack in all the flavor you want with only a little amount.

Or, you can replace higher carb vegetables with similar low-carb vegetables for texture always. Take a look at our in-depth guide on keto friendly vegetables for a plethora of healthy low-carb alternatives.

Looking for more low-carb baking recipes? Feel free to check out our ever-growing keto recipe page. We update this page regularly, so check for more inspiration on a weekly basis back! Day keto meal plan Have a look at the Keto Academyour foolproof. It has all the tools, information, and recipes needed so that you can succeed.

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  1. Geez, all the people asking if this or that is good, go to and check out any food you are eating, take control

  2. I eat an avocado every day. Maybe a cup of strawberries a day and there is a wee bit of fruit in the yoghurt I eat (peaches, berries and cherries), and Im still losing weight. These are just guidelines and everybodys metabolism is different. And dont forget tomatoes, which are fruits even though most folks think of them as veggies. You can eat a cup of mini-tomatoes a day.

    You do need to exercise regularly to keep the amount of stored sugar in your liver down. Thats always necessary.

  3. Thank you explaining this about fruit. Ive listened to lots of videos about this, subject, however, I always had that feeling that thats not all the story. Now your video makes sense…!!! Now Im off to Vegetables. This message is important to me because Im Vegan. Im a little older (70 this next February). There are videos about Keto if your over 50 or over 60 if you are a man or a woman. Please cut through the hype and speak on the subject of the Keto Diet – is it different for those of us who have packed on a few more years than the average person on the Keto Diet? If so please explain what those differences are and how to manage them. Thank you.

  4. Theres red grapefruit, less glycemic load than most, just up the street from those recommended. And strawberrys? really? let me know when you can wash all the Round Up off, you cant– its drenched the fruit from the inside.

  5. I eat fruit and slightly higher carbs foods than whats allowed on the ketogenic diet consistently and Im 62, 175lbs. Im lean and muscular, in good health, etc… Maybe I just have a fast metabolism, but anything you eat in moderation is fine as long as you limit the overall refined carbs and sugar, intermittent fast, exercise, get good sleep, etc… I also enjoy the occasional sugary treats and dont really gain weight.

  6. I dunno man, this dude has a great body but his face looks depleted like he has AIDS or something. I see that dried out drained look on keto folks all the time. Too many good things are given up for keto, IMO, but these are great videos for information.

  7. I want to import you to Scotland as my personal trainer, except, I know, your family would not be happy. Your knowledge is brilliant!

  8. I love kiwi and orange and sometimes (once or twice a month) I have some, but it always feels like I am cheating on keto 😋 I eat avocado almost every day but e wont stop having my kiwi or orange, because its so rare that doesnt make much difference!

  9. Okay, good to know, but in terms of eating fruit does having a measly 5 or 6 red grapes in my large salad count? I just thought theyd count towards my carbs for the day. I like a few grape halves in my salad (w/ feta and walnuts or in tuna salad with celery and slivered almonds). Blueberries are okay, too, but I like the grapes better….

    1. @johnson paul Yes, but my question is that hes talking about the metabolic/biochemical effect of eating fruit because of the fructose — not just the total carbs. Im asking if this means a typical serving of fruit like an apple or if even a small amount like my 5 grapes works against you in this way. Thanks, though….

  10. About half of ingested fructose is also turned into glucose by cells of the gut organs which use it ore release it into the bloodstream. Fructose will tend to keep liver glycogen full though. Ketosis though will happen as long as insulin is low whether liver glycogen is high or not.

  11. but i like mangos, melons, grapes and all kinds of tropical fruit ☹️

  12. Wow. Great. I hope i can do mine in my youtube channel. Thanks for this.

  13. Its kind of funny google suggested this video for me because I was thinking about it like an hour or 2 ago on the car lol

  14. Today I had an avocado, about 6-8 blackberries and Raspberries and 3 strawberries so I think I did that little bit of fruit…but I’m wondering if it’s ok to have all of what he said or if maybe you should pick like 2 of the 4 daily like an avocado and some blackberries then maybe the next day Raspberries and strawberries…I’m just gonna go with a little bit of all as suggested and adhere to the measurements of all

  15. Hi Thomas, I really like your videos but I have one comment may be you had it already but anyway. I am french and I understand quiet well what youre saying but since the content is always somehow very technical to follow but which is good but …. youre talking too fast 😉 may you can arrange that ;-).

    1. I am french too and he is talking smooth….Be natural and dont change nothing at all!!! Brgds.

  16. Thomas is an American boy living in America. There are tropical fruits that are KETO he has NEVER heard of. We dont buy these at Costco. We just step outside and pick them off trees.

  17. Watermelon doesnt knock me out of ketosis according to blood and urine tests.
    Will try apple next to test and see.

    I also like frozen berries in almond milk with cream, drop of vanilla Stevia, yum. My version of ice cream.

    1. keto is how our ancestors ate The standard American diet of today is the sickening fad.

  18. What about carrots on Keto? They have a lot of sugar I see as I am eating them.

  19. Is there an easy way to find what your macros should be? And how do you determine how many net carbs are in home made foods?

  20. A video on all meat diets would be interesting as some people are recommending.

  21. You making good video but it’s long videos after 5 min i ll be bored.

  22. Keto diet is the worst! I eat more like a Vegetarian only eat very little meat in holiday or on bday, no Dairy products no processed food and I eat plant-based whole food for all my life over 44 years. I am a fit and active Asian women. The Keto diet it caused my healthy number all went bad!! Cholesterol went up from 98 to 140 then over 250!!!! Lost few lbs in the beginning then gained 5lbs! And body fat increased to 29%!! I stopped that and went back to my plants base eating life style, this month and everything starts going back to healthy range. High fat Keto diet promoters are all sponsors by meat /fat producers! And butter is back research was sponsored by the industry producers too! Plants based Whole Foods eating life style is good for environment and less animals diet, less land used to grow animals feed!!! Animals Fart hurting the ozone in atmosphere. Eating less meat will result in less waste of food& pollution! If people eat less meat products this world would be a much better place and no more Global warming. Less demand on meat and processed food, more eating healthy plants based food will make the industry producers make positive changes based on our demand. WE ARE the key for the change!!

  23. thank you thomas, extremely knowledgeable, and i like that, however, im new to checking out the chemistry of keto. this video sparks the question:
    ************* is there a way to test all the different levels weekly to learn about my own bodys system? ***** and if so, is it very costly to do so regularly?*****************

    i flirted w keto before, and lost weight quickly for a short time… i kicked it off with and egg fast… that suited me WELL… but ultimately, i did not prepare well and fell off the wagon with dairy… my favorite fruit is raspberries and pineapple. such a bummer no pineapple, as its so special with the bromelain … is there any loop hole on that, because of its crazy digestive powers? thanks in advance, GOD BLESS!

  24. Unsubscribed from this “alphabet spaghetti” channel.
    I found this channel instead –

    More info from a real, working medical doctor in a much shorter amount of time with no “I’m clever because I can repeat what I’ve read” waffle!

  25. Heavens, have to give up the best foods: my beloved beans, my adored chickpeas, my crunchy apples, cranberries….😲😱😲😱😲😱😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. I feel that you’re getting the wrong information. Please view this website that I’m offering. I live off an orchard and my intermittent fasting is totally fruit. I have shiny skin and no problems with maintaining the vitamin level due to the fact of the amount of fruit I consume. Hence intermittent fasting is not difficult rather than having coffee with cream e.g. bullet-proof coffee.

  27. Yeah, I eat fruit—a bit of tomato for flavor and zuchinni , green beans and cucumber, that is it.

  28. it is simply not possible to measure fruit in a cup mass! I thank all Europeans and other countries who understood the value of the metric system a long time ago. the american ppl need maybe another 100 years to change this including the boring dollar notes😁

    1. You should be okay if you are getting some good result I mean it should motivate you

  29. First of all I want to say thank you for your videos 👍🏼
    I truly appreciate all the work you put into them and trying to share your knowledge to assist us to be successful.
    Ive got to say that this one completely confused me. Im also glad you print out the content. Hoping to go back and try to decipher!
    Im using two applications to help me are you familiar with either?
    Zero (IF)
    CarbManager (Keto)

  30. Really need to make a 9-minute video 2-minute tops. Get to the point already.

  31. What milks should I have with my coffee?
    Full cream
    Half n half?

  32. I think a great video would be how type 1 and type 2 diabetic differ from non diabetic on keto and how they are benefiting from a keto diet

  33. Well I’d be darned if that ain’t Squidward Tentacles hangin up on your wall in the background

  34. Id add grapefruit once in a while. 96 calories/cup, drained of juice. 16 net carbs. REAL vitamin C 120%. Some Omega 6s but good as apple cider vinegar for PH and a cup plus couple tabs exogenous ketones can pump you up for a 30 minute HIT sprint/walk 45 minutes. 2 hours later my blood sugar hasnt budged. Im lucky. N=1. I like grapefruit.

  35. Are you telling me that its better to eat pasta instead of an apple? Thats something that i would not believe

  36. Very good Thomas! I like the fructose and glucose liver usage explanation. How does the bananas rate? I use 1 daily banana to ensure I get fiber and potassium along with healthy greens. Does the fructose in a newly ripe banana take you far out (hours) of ketosis?

    1. bananas are terrible–26 carbs= the same as 6 and a half teaspoons of sugar.

  37. Did keto by the book for a while and then it backfired. I had excellent results with keto but I love fruit and vegetables, and a diet with so little fruit made me miserable. If you like more fruit and more vegetables than the keto diet allows, you can also have great results on a low carb diet (with intermittent fasting). It takes more time to get to where you want to get, but it is more sustainable.

  38. Pretty gross seeing this dude with no shirt on all the time it’s getting a little too much dude.

  39. Im 73, lactose intolerant,& only recently discovered Keto. Where to find recipes that fit my prohibition of cheese , & dairy?

  40. Can we skip the medical terms and get to the meat of what is needed in laymans terms. LOL! Excellent video otherwise.

  41. can i make a big salad 4 days a week with low carb lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, olives, white mushrooms and grape tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil dressing and a little lemon pepper for seasoning on a keto diet? trying to find creative ways to boost my fiber and get micronutrients.

  42. In a natural environment, people would have only had access to fruit at limited times of the year when they were in season – your body is not made to be fed a multitude of fruits all year round

  43. but fruit is absolutely essential for lymph movement, correct???

  44. Create a walk through video at the produce department giving vegetable Keto ratings. I work in the produce department and I get asked everyday to help people find the right vegetables for Keto. I don’t know what you know about the science of ketosis so I give them your YouTube address. Thanks. 🔥👊

  45. DeLauer What is your take on Cannabis
    Maybe Ghee infused with cannabis?

  46. so his video about mistakes people make while intermittent fasting was on my recommended page right after i finished eating a slice of lasagna as a first meal after a fast and then i see this after eating a banana because i was shaking (i usually never want to eat fruit)… what is this sorcery

  47. too bad he speaks that fast, its hard to follow.
    Half as long and spoken in clear and slow language would be way better to pick up

  48. Thank you so much. This example with the two types of busses really hit home with me. I need to store this video in my list of videos to be viewed again. Nothing has ever made so clear to me why I should not eat fruit (not even the allowed types) after a workout.

  49. LOL. “…a different ‘tank’?” LOL. Very punny. #dadjokes

  50. With that being said, should I have my my protein and fruit smoothie (the fruit listed) before or after my Hiit work out?

  51. Is it ok to add Raspberry or vanilla extract to my coffee or does it contain hidden sugars?

  52. lol people on keto are missing alot😂😂😂😂😂

  53. 6:30 if you don’t want to hear him ramble on about shit that makes no sense

  54. Im really convinced after having watched dozens of Keto videos that if youre on a keto diet you cant eat anything but weird shit. Its absurd.

  55. Keto stuff aside this makes pasta type carbs sound important since fructose doesnt restore muscle glycogen but glucose does. Though if on keto how to you restore muscle glycogen?

  56. Ok I would like to know is it ok to have tomatoes and tomato juice on keto? I realize it is a fruit but have been told by others that it’s still keto friendly would you clarify for me? Thank you!

    1. Also if I wanted to have a keto Bloody Mary is that possible obviously that wouldn’t be something I do all the time but just wanted to hear your perspective.

  57. Its hard to let go fruit when youre vegan… Ive always ate fruit as first thing in the morning cause they said the best time to eat it is on empty stomach cause eating it after another meal it ferments. Now after watching your videos Im totally confused. Seems like the best food to eat to break a fast is fats. So my question is, when is the best time to eat these fruits?

  58. If I don’t have a bowl of frozen cherry’s and raspberries a day on this diet I don’t feel well atall I think we need fruit every day for antioxidants my lunch every day is now a bowl of 🍒/ raspberry’s ! Frozen with stevia sweetner and I’ve been feeling a million times better and still loosing the same , also has corrected my bloating massively as fruit is high fibre…

  59. Can I drink vegetable juice during the fasting hours on a keto. Carrots, beets, celery, kale, spinach?

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