High protein liquid diet for cancer patients

Search this site Liquid Diet Recipes for Cancer Patients Preparing liquid recipes for cancer patients is pretty easy when you are aware of the basics of liquid diet. Here are a few ideas that you can prepare healthy liquid diet food recipes for cancer patients. Read on Read on… Cancer patients who are undergoing grueling cancer treatment with large dosage of medications, radiation chemotherapy and therapy, do suffer with problems and discomfort related with the digestive system.

It is seen that many of such patients suffer with changes in appetite and intestinal discomfort often. On the other hand, patients who are suffering with gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, throat cancer and other such types of cancers create problems in chewing, digestion and engulfing of the food for the patients.

In such cases, they are suggested to consume a liquid diet. Doctors also prescribe the patients to go on a liquid diet before cancer surgeries that are performed on any of the digestive organs. Liquid diet is said to be well suited for cleaning and purification of the digestive system. Along with that, liquid diet also provides ample nutritional values which are needed by the human body. In the article below, we will try to find out more about preparing liquid diet recipes which are healthy for cancer patients.

Best Liquid Diet Recipes For Cancer Patients Before moving with the recipes ahead, you need to learn about few liquid diet ideas, which are simple to incorporate in the diet of cancer patients pretty. There are three types of liquid diets, namely, clear liquid diet, full liquid diet and soft diet.

Full liquid diet however is made of liquid foods which are not completely liquid pureed juice, soups. Soft diet on the other hand, is all about extremely soft and mushy foods which are pretty simple to chew as well as digest mashed fruits, mashed potatoes and other vegetables. When you need to prepare liquid diet plans for cancer patients, you need to ensure that you are following the specific plan which is recommended by the healthcare provider and dietitian.

You also need to refrain from the foods which may trigger any allergic reaction for the cancer patients. From the above mentioned diets Apart, many times dietitians may advice diets like fiber restricted diet and low lactose diets also.

In such cases, you need to provide patients with the foods which are well suited for that particular requirement. Fortified Milk This is a great recipe for full liquid diet.

However, if the patient is advised to have a low lactose or no lactose diet, you might not use this recipe then. You might like to use soy milk or any other lactose free kind of milk, but in such cases it is advised to seek advice from with the healthcare provider first always.

Ingredients dry milk powder Nonfat, 1 cup Directions Add milk in a bowl and add dry milk powder to it. Use the beater to completely dissolve the milk powder. Put the bowl in the refrigerator. Freezing of fortified milk enhances its flavor. Clear Celery Soup This is one of the ideal recipes for clear liquid diet before surgery, which you can offer to the cancer patients. As I above mentioned, you might need to discuss with the healthcare provider first.