Diet to lose fat maintain muscle

In fact, just sticking to the tried-and-true basics the majority of the time will absolutely allow you to meet your beach body goals – no crazy diets or trickery needed.

Here are 10 nutrition and training suggestions to guide your beach body journey. Nutrition 1. Why: Energy balance is the primary determinant of weight management. An energy surplus equates to an increase in body mass, and an energy deficit equates to a decrease in body mass. The most common mistake people make when attempting to shed fat is simultaneously reducing caloric intake and increasing exercise energy expenditure. The problem with this strategy is twofold: 1 it creates a magnified energy deficit i.

In order to improve body composition, the primary goal must be to decrease body fat while keeping caloric intake as high as possible. This will provide you with enough calories to minimize any loss of lean body mass and create a greater caloric bank to draw from to combat plateaus 1. Obtain your body composition by whatever means i is available to you. Using your body mass along with your body fat percentage, calculate your fat mass vs. Additionally, identify the true number of calories you are taking in to maintain your current body mass.

Once you start below implementing the training methods presented, monitor your body composition while maintaining your current caloric intake and using your body mass and body fat as control variables. Implement a little to moderate caloric deficit.

Why: Crash dieting or greatly reducing your daily caloric intake i. The magnitude of these negative adaptations are likely proportional to the size of the caloric deficit. Therefore, small to moderate caloric deficits are the real way to go for short-term body composition change, as well as for long-term metabolic health 1.

How: When seeking to reduce caloric intake in order to improve body composition, per day concentrate on small-to-moderate caloric reductions of kcals, which equates to a weekly caloric deficit of kcals, and ultimately, a reduction in body mass by 0.

This pattern of weight loss shall assist you in reducing your body fat, while minimizing the loss of lean body mass. As suggested by Trexler et al. Get your protein. Why: When attempting to reduce body fat through an energy deficit, increasing your protein intake has been suggested to attenuate losses in lean body mass 4, 5, 6. Additionally, high protein diets i. In addition, the pattern of protein intake outside of the immediate post-exercise recovery period appears to be important for maximizing myofibrillar protein synthesis MPSwhile inducing a more positive whole body protein balance 5.

How: Protein consumption of approximately 1. The consumption of grams of leucine-rich protein i approximately. This practice shall assist in maximizing MPS, which will promote recovery between training sessions by improving skeletal muscle remodelling and allowing you to maintain lean body mass. Fuel to train. To train and truly maximize every session effectively, you must be fueled properly. When attempting to reduce body fat, many people make use of calorically restrictive diets that interfere with their ability to maintain sufficient training frequency, volume, and intensity.

Strength training without the proper fuel blunts leucine uptake by the muscle, mTOR signaling, and ultimately, muscle protein synthesis 8. How: It is suggested to consume at least 20 grams of leucine-rich protein i. The day and resistance training in the afternoon When performing conditioning early in, it is essential to refuel fully in order to maximize the cellular signaling that facilitates muscle hypertrophy 8.

Condition fueled, not fasted. Schoenfeld suggested that the premise of this concept is flawed even, since it considers only the energy utilized during the training session when identifying the optimal method for fat loss. As Schoenfeld points out, energy utilization associated with fat burning must be considered over the course of several days, since substrate utilization is determined by multiple factors 9.

Additionally, when attempting to reduce body fat while preserving muscle mass, every bit of muscle tissue matters. Finally, performing any type of high-intensity training, such as high-intensity interval training HIITin a fasted state shall most likely impair performance, blunting the positive effects of the training thereby.

How: Eat before you condition! To lose body fat while preserving your hard-earned muscle, consume a mixture of BCAAs and dextrose just before training. Training 1. Focus on big-bang-for-the-buck, full-body lifts with enough training volume. Why: For the umpteenth time, spot reduction is a myth! Sure, isolation exercises can help form and define a particular muscle. Compound movements provide the hormonal, neural, and cellular adaptations needed to maintain lean body mass, while ramping up caloric expenditure simultaneously.

Additionally, compound movements permit you to go heavy in order to recruit the high threshold motor units which have the highest capacity for growth and work multiple large muscle groups at once, which in-turn makes for more efficient training.

How: Make multi-joint lifts like the squat, deadlift, hip thrust, lunges, bench press, overhead press, dips, pull-up, and the row the foundation of your program. Perform two or three of these exercises for sufficient volume at the beginning of every training session. When training with higher loads, about 25 total reps are optimal i. At lower loads, a total of about 50 reps is the magic number i. Hit a variety of repetition ranges. Why: One of the most typical misconceptions, among seasoned lifters even, is that muscle is built only in the repetition range.

It is true that a significant portion of hypertrophy i certainly. However, in order to maximize muscle gains – and trigger each of the various mechanisms of hypertrophy 10 – both lower and higher repetition ranges should also be covered Only when all three strategies are employed in synchrony can we reach our full muscular potential. How: Not surprisingly, the compound lifts discussed above are suited for all three mechanisms of hypertrophy and repetition ranges ideally. Utilize undulating periodization.

To reduce body fat while minimizing losses in muscle, the training program must allow for frequent variations in training parameters like volume somewhat, intensity, rest period, and tempo. How: There are a multitude of undulating periodization schemes.

One easy and simple to implement example is daily undulating periodization, which elicits the desired response by cycling through training sessions emphasizing multiple loading schemes over the course of the week. A sample week of daily undulating periodization might look like this: 4.

Incorporate metabolic resistance training for its dual conditioning and muscle-building benefits. Why: If anything over 5 reps is cardio, as some hardcore powerlifters shall assure you, why not take advantage then?

Traditionalists may eschew this method of conditioning, preferring time-honored machines like fan bikes or good old-fashioned hill sprints even, but in truth – when programmed – metabolic resistance training has a slew of benefits intelligently. MRT provides an sufficient stimulus for maintaining muscle, while ramping up the fat-burning furnace simultaneously.

Due to the glycogen-depleting nature of high-intensity exercise, our body shifts its focus to replenishing those glycogen stores post-exercise, which in turn increases lipolysis and the utilization of free fatty acids as fuel In fact, EPOC increases exponentially with high-intensity exercise high intensity of load or effortas opposed to the linear increase associated with submaximal intensities Moreover, MRT allows you to increase your work capacity through enhancing lactate clearance, thus enabling you to perform a greater volume of work at higher relative intensities In sum, MRT is a perfect method for enhancing anaerobic and aerobic metabolism, while and effectively torching undesired body fat efficiently.

How: MRT should involve compound exercises for the full body. Some exercises to consider include squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, bench press, push press, rows, and dips. The intensity of effort should be very high i. RPE on the true point scale. Rest should be no longer than 30 seconds between rounds of supersets and no longer than 2 minutes between rounds of a larger circuit An example of an MRT circuit could be 3 rounds of 15 goblet squats, 15 repetitions on bench press, 15 ring rows, and 15 deadlifts.

Push the pace, but rest as needed in order to maintain form. Condition strategically with a mix of intensities of both effort and resistance and durations. Why: Every minute of conditioning must serve a purpose. That is, spending mindless hours on the stationary or elliptical bike will not help you reach your body composition goals. In order to lose fat and preserve muscle when conditioning, the key is to strike an optimal balance between shorter, higher intensity efforts and longer, lower intensity bouts.

Cardiac output, or steady state, training at low-to-moderate intensity i. In addition, cardiac output training can improve autonomic nervous system control i. Finally, as its name implies, cardiac output training is great for the heart also, allowing you to keep a healthier engine thereby.

When incorporating interval training into your program, select an appropriate work-to-rest ratio based on the primary energy pathway you are utilizing. Remember, muscle growth and fat loss are a mixture of the stress of training and the ability to recover from that stress. All night Sometimes life gets in the way – maybe the baby kept you up, or you were forced to grab a lower quality pre-workout meal than usual. Be sure to jump right back on the wagon Just. Metabolic adaptation to weight loss: implications for the athlete.

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Effect of two different weight-loss rates on body strength and composition and power-related performance in elite athletes. Changes of fat-free mass during significant weight loss: a systematic review.

International Journal of Obesity. Considerations for protein intake in managing weight loss in athletes. European Journal of Sport Science. Nutritional strategies to support concurrent training. Role of protein and amino acids in promoting lean mass accretion with resistance exercise and attenuating lean mass loss during energy deficit in humans.

Protein, weight management, and satiety. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Baar K.

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