Diet to lose fat gain lean muscle

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I normally like to keep sets per exercise around and reps between and use antagonistic supersets when possible. In my case, I do smaller muscle groups such as forearms, abs, calves, and rotator cuff on my weight-training off-days; however, this is certainly not something that needs to be done. Do calves and abs whenever you want, make sure your workouts are hard just, heavy, intense, and cover your entire body.

Diet for the really interesting part Now, the diet! From the beginning of the weight-training session until bedtime.

Caloric intake: The same amount as you would take in during a normal low-calorie day, but these calories are to be consumed in a right time span of hours. Let’s first use and illustrate a weight training off day, Tuesday as an example. Afternoon or early evening Tuesday Preferably sometime in the late, perform HIIT sprinting or cardio. The timing for the HIIT on weight-training off-days is not important terribly, but remember that the evening is normally a time when the metabolism starts to slow.

By performing extreme exercise at this time, we stimulate the metabolism so the metabolic rate over the course of 24 hours is greater. After this, have a protein drink along with some liquid carbs which would be equivalent to about half of the total gram allotment of carbs for the day.

Since the physical body is most responsive to carbohydrate consumption following activity, try to get more carbs in post-workout, of when you perform it regardless. Of the day Throughout the rest, the physical body would be in a hard-core fat-burning state.

Diet would consist of lean meats mostly, throughout the day fibrous veggies and quality fats about every three hours. Wednesday Again, our hypothetical trainee gets and this time does the optional slower up, longer-duration cardio for 40 minutes, such as walking on a slightly inclined treadmill at a pace not so fast that it leaves him out of breath, but just fast enough so it would be a little difficult to carry on a conversation.

After this, have a protein-carb drink. The amount of carbs would be less than the preceding days of HIIT cardio post-workout consumption, maybe 20 grams since the longer-duration slower cardio is less taxing on the glycogen system. Another important thing to remember is, day and this training session is around 3 p since this is a weight-training. Of calories Instead, grams of protein, 80 grams of carbs, and 53 grams of fat, we need to cut those in half and eat about calories, grams of protein, 40 grams of carbs, and 26 grams of fat from breakfast until 3 p.

Once 3 p. The macronutrient total from 3 p. Although complex carbs such as white potatoes, rice, oatmeal etc. Keep fructose and fruit consumption to a minimum, and definitely be sure you stay away from fat. Having high insulin levels coupled with fat intake shall drive fat directly into storage. Morning for another 1 Continue to pig out on carbs until bedtime and then wake up the next. Why It Works? The weight training and preceding dieting phase not only burns fat but also puts the body into a glycogen-depleted state which heightens insulin sensitivity so the body is ready to suck up on all the nutrients delivered during the short-term carbohydrate overfeed.

In addition to increasing cellular hydration, which is important for protein synthesis, the physical body responds to this overfeeding by increasing levels of the anabolic hormone insulin.

Having high insulin levels all the right time could be a bad thing and result in fat gain, but for such a short time period after an extreme workout we’re able to maximize the anabolic power of insulin for anabolism and muscle building with little danger of spillover into fat storage. Studies have proven that carbohydrates consumed during massive short-term carbohydrate overfeeding have a little effect on de novo lipogenesis, or conversion to fat from carbohydate.

Also, during this right time and after, the physical body will respond to this short-term overfeed with larger amounts of the hormones testosterone, leptin and thyroid. Leptin is the hormone which normally drops during a diet and causes our fat loss efforts to reach a stand-still and causes our body to start cannibalizing muscle tissue.

By boosting leptin through over-feeding, we also make sure that our fat loss efforts continue unhindered throughout the plan while all the other hormones are optimized for muscle gain. In the day not only to burn more calories and fat but Regular cardio is done earlier, more importantly, throughout the day to give a huge metabolic stimulus. Diet is optimized to allow fat burning during these right times. Likewise, the timing of the weight training sessions coincides with the time when the body would normally start to go from an anabolic to a catabolic state.

Following the weight-training workout with a high carbohydrate overfeed gives solid, around-the-clock dietary and hormonal management of both muscle gain and fat loss. Supplements Although supplements are not necessary there definitely are certain supplements worth considering absolutely. Should be consumed for the majority of your daily fat consumption.

Can be used in large dosages during the carbohydrate overfeed phase. Tyrosine, DMAE, green tea extract, 7-keto, ginseng etc. Creatine monohydrate: Used during overfeeding phase. Someone who just came off a hard-core bulking diet eating calories per day will have a hard time putting on any additional muscle mass following this program, however, it shall allow better retention of muscle while dieting.

Success on the program shall typically manifest itself with bodyweight staying continuous and the physique taking on a harder, more dense, leaner look. This is a sign that the physical body is shedding fat while building muscle. Some may find they can get with little to no cardio and just follow the diet away, per week but most will need at least 3 sessions.

If cardio and HIIT sessions are to be scaled back it is best to remove those sessions on the weight training days regular cardio instead of eliminating those done on the off days HIIT. When it comes to adding muscle keep in mind, if one were to hold fat levels continuous yet add muscle mass their relative body fat percentages would go down, which is a perfect state. For those who find themselves putting on fat following the program to the letter yet, the high calorie re-feed may need to be examined and toned down possibly.

People tend to vary on their response to high calorie re-feeds. It is also important to note that after a high calorie re-feed some water will be retained which will likely make measurements like the waist increase in size.

Also recognize that, no matter how successful the scheduled program is, there will come a point where the mutual task of building fat can no longer be accomplished on this program and a more specialized program will have to be undertaken. Fill me in on your results and feel free to contact me with any relevant questions!

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  1. Does the protein powder you recommend cause upset stomach and makes you use the bathroom? I bought a protein powder and it makes me shit a lot.

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  3. Ground Turkey! You have to make your own patties (premade have some weird seasonings) and use garlic salt and the key!! Steam it! Put it in a pan with a bit of water and put a lid on it and then don’t overcook it to much. Makes a huge difference. Toast some Ezekiel bread with a bit of mayo or mustard and all the fixins. Super good! Does Ezekiel bread have flax seeds?? Hmm. I just watched your low testosterone video.
    And turkey chili. Beans, ground turkey, garlic salt, chili powder, tomato sauce and garlic and basil crushed tomatoes. Simple and delicious. After it’s done mix a bit of chopped jalapeños. 🤤
    And tuna. I’m not the biggest fan either but a bit of mayo and mustard, chopped pickles and chopped boiled eggs. And onion if you like it. Super good! If you do mayo and mustard you don’t need much mayo.

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