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James D’Adamo, who was a pioneer in seeking out the blueprint, which he used to determine the distinctions between every person’s specific dietary needs based on their blood type. I believed that no two people on the real face of the earth were alike; no two people have the same fingerprints, lip prints or voice prints.

No two blades of snowflakes or grass are alike. Because I felt that all social people were different from one another, I did not think it was logical that they should eat the same foods. James L. The diet for individuals of both, O positive as well as O negative blood type, is the same. O is for Old. The blood type O ancestors have been the Neanderthals, who were almost 40 here, years ago and have been the roots of the social people who branched out as O blood type.

They hunted, and in organized packs, making usage of tools and weapons that gave them strength beyond the measure of an ordinary bare-handed human, letting go of fear of any animal rivals they could have. And, they became efficient hunters without many natural predators at all. Their population went up and their main source of nutrition fuel was protein that came from meat.

Later, however the competition between them and the scarcity of meat on those hunting grounds made them disperse far and wide, out of Africa towards Asia and Europe, occupying all lands except Antarctica soon.

Which implies that rather than carbohydrates being broken down to glucose, the physical body metabolizes fats and proteins to ketones, which are used of sugars instead, to keep glucose levels steady. So, you might be sitting back and blinking and thinking to the thought of saturated fats that are unhealthy and that eating too much meat is bad for you.

Meats that are pumped and injected up with hormones and other dangerous antibiotics to plump up, are best to avoid most completely certainly.

Think about the foods that require hunting! It would certainly not be a field of wheat or a glass of milk. Losing Weight The main reason why you could be piling on the pounds is not the meat you eat, but due to the amount of grains, legumes and pulses you have in your diet.

Wheat – whole wheat and wheat germ – has gluten, which puts a stress on your metabolism, acting against ketosis. This implies that your calories effectively are not utilized, stressing your digestive system out.

The gluten lectins oppose the proper metabolism of insulin. Another factor to consider is that the muscle tissue in O blood types is more acidic, you might as well avoid legumes hence, beans and pulses which have lectins making your muscle tissues a little unnaturally alkaline.

The regulation of the thyroid is another factor to consider for weight gain. Hypothyroidism is another good reason why O blood types gain weight. Insufficient levels of iodine result in hypothyroidism symptoms of which include muscle loss and fatigue and retention of fluids that is the cause of bloating and weight gain.

Foods Promoting Weight Gain Interfering with insulin and slowing metabolism: Wheat gluten Hindering the utilization of calories: Kidney beans.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for your videos. Just a little remark. There is no small d antigen…

  2. I dont understand something. I donated blood in college and my donor card stated O Neg. I understand that O Neg can be given to all blood types, but I have never seen any exceptions. When I saw my blood type, I commented to the blood bank technician that I was happy to know that I can donate to everyone. She stated that I could donate to everyone, EXCEPT pregnant women and newborns. I have only heard that exception to the rule, never actually seen it stated. Why is that? Does that mean all negative blood types cannot donate to pregnant women and infants? My husband has positive blood and since mine is negative, I received a RhoGam shot during my pregnancy and another one after my son was born, because he is positive.

    1. @Jacob Bleeder well close to universal. O+ cannot give to o- while I think the converse works

    2. No it’s the o type no matter the beg or pos the blood type O is universal until you get to factors such as pregnant and the baby equate to the same an RH+ man and a RH- women having a baby must take progain or rogain antigens shots to prevent blood attacks

    3. Missyjo1228 I think that they are unrelated as Anti-D is Blood genetic related and RSV is airway/virusrelated. See Below(Wiki):

      Human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV), is a syncytial virus that causes respiratory tract infections. It is a major cause of lower respiratory tract infections and hospital visits during infancy and childhood. A prophylactic medication, palivizumab, can be employed to prevent HRSV in preterm (under 35 weeks gestation) infants, infants with certain congenital heart defects (CHD) or bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), and infants withcongenital malformations of the airway. Treatment is limited to supportive care, including oxygen therapy and more advanced breathing support with CPAP or nasal high flow oxygen, as required.

    4. Missyjo1228 OK missy jo I just watched a video and I think it had all your answers ill post it next

    1. It completely lacks all of the antigens in the Rhesus system. Even somebody with an Rh-negative blood type still has a presence of antigens on their red blood cells; but individuals with Rh-null (very rare) have a complete lack of all 61 possible antigens within that system.

  3. This man sounds like a very frustrated BIO1 college professor haha

    1. @Medicosis Perfectionalis you remember that movie Ferris Buhler day off. I think there was a professor that sounded just like you.😄

  4. No, is not true about first baby.I have lost my firts baby, with the same problem. My husband is positive, I’m negative.

    1. Aha! So, the first miscarriage got you sensitized.
      Again, I am not a doctor, so please talk to your doctor!
      Best of luck!

    2. Medicosis Perfectionalis I was 4 time pregnant.Two of them miscarriages, first and third.Second and fourth pregnancy I got anti-D shot and born healthy babies.

    3. Look, I don’t know about your specific case, so please talk to your doctor.

      It’s possible for it to occur during first delivery if the mother had blood transfusion of Rh+ blood before, and many other medical conditions that sensitize the mother before giving birth to first baby.

      I wish you the best!

  5. Jesus Christ our savior king 🤴 is o negative 👎 Rh negative 👎 factor blood 🩸 type

  6. Mother is a+ve and father is b+ve… There is any chance for – ve group child?

    1. This depends on parents genotype. Each parent can be DD or Dd genotype. Only when both parents are Dd can they conceive a Rh negative child. So, a child will be Rh negative only if both parents pass on the d allele. Parents have 50% chance of passing the d allele. To make it simple, its possible. My parents and my brother are Rh + but Im Rh –

  7. what if both the parent has rh positive?

    1. noor alhuda It wont work cause youre an idiot. You have to watch the whole video again.

  8. x1,75 is the best speed to actually follow the lecture. Amazing as usual, thanks a lot. 😍

    1. @Medicosis Perfectionalis i m O rh negative girl.can i marry O positive there any issue in pregnancy.m me plz.i dont want any misscarige

  9. I am the second child and my mum has negative blood, my dad hates needles so won’t be tested…. gotta hope he’s as negative as my soul otherwise I’ve just found out I have Haemolysis

  10. Im a student of Mathematics, physics and Chemistry but I love bio too, so I study it from youtube for knowledge, this vid was awesome!!! Tysm sir

    1. My pleasure 😇
      I like your passion for learning 👍👍

    1. cinnamon-could invitro manipulation,cause one twin to be sick.. and the other not?have u any info, on specialAF,1950s, 5thDiv?neonatal hospital in Virginia?Does RH cause any specific anomalies in twins?

    1. my fave interesting watch djls its slowly as we Arab cant understand with quickly💖💖

  11. Im O+, Ive heard its the oldest blood type. My girlfriend has AB-RH, Ive heard that may be the reason we cant have kids, is it true?

    1. 603spikem your gf is ab+ moron. You can have baby with anybody. Its the reproductive system or your face system that will affect you from making baby. Otherwise, you can make it with anyone(human).

    1. Medicosis Perfectionalis i mean that i’m have the blood type like other people in the comments

    1. Teresa Loureiro You can call yourself whatever you want. You should be promoting the organizations too , idiot. lol

    1. I am not sure I understand…What does “it” refer to?

    1. I don’t understand…Can you phrase your question in a different way, please?

  12. GENESIS 3:15. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼. Read everything I typed

    1. The baby will not get the disease of Rh incompatibility…Regarding this issue, the baby should be fine…This is just for educational purpose, please talk to your doctor to get medical advice.

  13. What will happen if a patient with A+ blood type receive B+ blood type by mistake?

    1. That mean you die. How can you youtube this more indepth more than blood types? I hope when you graduate you dont ask your subordinates for second opinion.

  14. An eye doctor mentioned the color part of my eyes are in a sunburst pattern rather than the typical snowflake pattern. Is this a known RH- trait?

    1. DragonDenGallery Its known as youre a moron. Your eyes will tell some of your organs statuses.

  15. Rhe means Rhea as in Zeuss wife. Zus means Zeus as in the God Zeus, which is Satan.

    1. @grace lilly WRONG– Alien means UNKNOWN ORIGINS. To tell humans they were amphibious originally is not the story they want you to know.

    2. Rh negative blood groups persons or their generations are linked in Aliens experiment may be ..

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    3. We are honored to have you 😃😃
      I like accounting too 🙂

    1. Rhonda, can you please clarify what you mean its Noahs blood type? Thanks.

    2. Eli Schreiber O. Negative Rh negative factor blood. Only 50 left on earth 🌍. Fully human. The good guys. Can’t be cloned. And it’s Noah blood type. And genesis 3:15. It’s actually missing. The Antogen. They got it backwards.

  18. please dont make the intresting topic of bloodtype and Rh blood types to sound like a bedtime story.

  19. My blood type is RH negative I love my blood group 🧐😌🤔🙄🤨😤😔🤔😌

  20. Pheno types can be deceiving. A+ extremes A+/A+ or A-O+ they both test as A+ but in reality one is A+ HOMOZYGOUS while the other is actually A- and O+ heterozygous.

    1. Keith Busch Youre talking about gay stuff. This is basic RH Stuff to see if youre negativr or positive. Yours is gay stuff.

  21. small d is not present. please do not teach wrong stuff to students

  22. 3:13 you can read this if you wish
    I love that human already, hes such a mood!

    1. @Michael Bell like I said earlier… This depends on parents genotype. Each parent can be DD or Dd genotype. Only when both parents are Dd can they conceive a Rh negative child. So, a child will be Rh negative only if both parents pass on the d allele. Parents have 50% chance of passing the d allele. To make it simple, its possible.

    2. @Medicosis Perfectionalis will two rh+ parents make a rh- child?

    1. @Jon McLeash its true Rh positive blood type people workhard because of money…money for nothing! i observe a lot of people behaviour Rh negative and Rh positive is very different…when i stay a couple of hour in the Bar Coffee to observe peoples behaviour specially my co country men here in Spain and one thing i obseved very real to the Rh positive people is about money and so on sex, money, game like casino or slot machine all things related to money…is all about money people of Rh positive blood die easy because of tiredness themselves…no sleep, no rest, eat easy food, drunkenness, and drugs shabu…I said Rh positive blood people work hard because of money and this is very true most of them they didnt care about themselves because of money…

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  24. Yall be a jack or a learner. Im not even in this field . I just want to know the basic. Yall mofos looking in youtube for basic thats already in your major. Pathetic.

    1. It was discovered in a species of monkeys called Rhesus.

  25. Really annoying way of speaking , sounds like you are bored to death . Five seconds in and i was ready to turn this off ….

  26. I am Rh -ve and I am African from Uganda. Incidentally I dont think the term black African is very scientific.

  27. I have 0 positive so not rare at all…but the red cross after I donated keeps calling me and emailing me everyday, even sending pamphlets telling me I have a rare blood type like a lack of a antigen…less than 1 in 1000. I cant figure out why Im called rare but they want me to join the rare donor program. Is anyone able to clarify this for me what exactly are they saying is considered rare about my blood?🤔

  28. My blood o hroD positive the qestion whats the deffernt between o rhD positive and o rhoD positive is o rhoD positive rere blood . If my blood can help seak people .please tell me groub blood

  29. I dont know the rh of my parents,
    My dad is AB and mom is O and im B

    1. they are positiv3. if they are negative it will show a minus, – , dash

    1. I good night to you my name is nickici latoye Cort I am 26 years old I am b.positive how soon can a b.positive get pregnant

    1. No…It’s not dangerous with regards to Rh incompatibility.
      Also, talk to your doctor.

  30. For example, O+ blood does not have A or B antibodies on the surface of the cells, but it is positive for the presence of Rh factor.

    Why does Rh exist in O + can you have the same issue with a baby as Rh as a O+?

  31. Do different blood types taste different? XD ik thats a weird question

    1. They do. Taste bud will be more sensitive for animals like you. So it might taste different.

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