Can you have worcestershire sauce on the keto diet

Tweet 1 Shares Worcestershire sauce; the infamous sauce that everyone owns, but nobody can appear to pronounce and nobody appears to know what is inside it. Duringin Worcester, England, two chemists by the true name of John Lea and William Perrins, started creating the sauce, promoting it publicly in The process of fermentation the chemists used was believed to be inspired by the fermentation of soybeans by the ancient Chinese, which allowed the sauce to be kept in glass bottles at room temperature for long periods of time without going rancid.

The distinct umami taste is contributed to the use of anchovies, which makes it a great ingredient in marinades, dressings, soups, stews, as a condiment for drizzling and dipping, and a great sauce to brush on top of meats and vegetables.

Though this sauce is delicious and keeps you coming for more back, if consumed in high concentrations over a long period of time, it can exacerbate the symptoms of and contribute to the development of certain chronic diseases.

By adding lemon juice and hot sauce, you are obtaining the tart also, acidic, and spicy feel that so many people love about Worcestershire sauce slightly. This sauce is great in marinades, brushed on top of meat, and makes a great addition to dressings in small amounts.

Reduced Sodium HP Sauce Reduced sodium HP sauce is not only lower in salt than normal steak sauce, but is lower in sugar also, which makes it a great option for diabetics.

It makes for a great alternative to Worcestershire sauce because it has a similar savory taste, without all the salt.

It can be used on meats and meat alternatives cooked on a grill best, smoker, or in an oven, but is a tad strong to use as a condiment too, unless mixed with a little water. It can be found at most grocery stores or online on Websites such as Amazon. It has a tart and sour taste, which makes up some of the flavor profile of Worcestershire sauce.

In order to obtain the full savory, acidic, tart, sour, and umami taste of Worcestershire sauce, combining tamarind paste with low-sodium soy sauce and white vinegar does the trick. The vinegar brings about the acidic taste, while the low-sodium soy sauce brings about the umami and savory taste.

This mixture sauce is great in dressings, as a condiment, in marmalades and marinades, on top of meat and vegetables, and in stocks, soups, and stews. Photo Credit: bragg. When combined with liquid aminos, the richness of red wine vinegar is magnified, for liquid aminos add a sweet and savory taste slightly.

This sauce is a great option for vinaigrettes, marinades, for pickling, and as a condiment. You will still be able to enjoy the complexingly umami taste of Worcestershire sauce without the salt and sugar content! Is Worcestershire Sauce Keto Friendly? You can combine red wine vinegar with coconut aminos and a little bit of keto-friendly sweetener to mimic worcestershire sauce.

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  1. I miss my soy sauce and I’ve tried most of all the soy sauce alternatives in the market; They all taste horrible and expensive

  2. dont forget the special secret ingredient timmie hair . I will make it minus the dog hair .

  3. Its so shocking how bad soy is for the thyroid. I have a question Thomas – is it true that even if something is organic and has a non-GMO label it can still contain GMOs? I like making a tofu stir fry with dulse (for iodine).
    Tofu is supposed to be one of the worst but I heard tempeh and edamame arent as bad. Thanks in advanced!

  4. This was a great idea! I actually ran out of my low-sodium brand soy sauce yesterday, so Ill be giving this a try!

  5. Why are they always talking about thyroid alot… dude just hump the girl and share your intimacy after the video…we came for the recipe not for how to cure the thyroid in that girl….

  6. Now how to make it that recipe Keto Friendly. Thank you for the video 🙏. I found this by video by accident and I already follow Thomas, on another channel, for Keto information.

  7. I think soy sauce is gross as shit I just need this for something I want to make

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    Cute couple! Thanks for good recipe 😉

  9. Can you make this ahead of time and store it for any length of time?

  10. Thanks so much for your knowledge and awareness. Just want to add that vinegar is not good for us either, no fermentation is good for us. I was distraught when I found this out bc I absolutely loved coconut amigos.

    1. Kelly Neal Fermentation, too much fermented foods can cause problems if you have a leaky gut situation. In which case you can have a lot of problems with food intolerances, allergies and histamine reactions. Even with Healthy foods (including saurkraut). Those people saying all fermented foods are bad, are Hacks (probably vegan medical doctors).

  11. They said to be careful not to use Balsamic glaze because of the sugar, then put in 2 teaspoons molasses??? That’s 10 grams of sugar! And they didn’t Explain that. What am I missing???

  12. Thank you. Ill modify it to the lazyman version – vineger, salt, onion-garlic-ginger pounders. good enough for me.😊

    1. Thanks I started to daydream midway.

  13. Have you tried sodium chloride (salt substitute), and how does that change the flavor compared to using salt?

  14. Dude I just cooked my chicken with little soy sauce , I wish if I knew about amino liquid 😭😭😭😭

  15. Adorable couple…..and hey guess what? Cooked it along with ya and OMG it smells AMAZING!!! Still have 4 min of simmering to go. Thank You!

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  17. Misinformation. Soy contains phytoestrogens that do not mimic animal estrogen and actually binds to estrogen receptors in cells, actually blocking excess uptake of estrogen. Stop with the bro science.

    1. This is true, but you cant just ignore the whole genetically modified soy bean part

  18. How come Asian people are relatively more skinny than others if they use soy that much

    1. SLFX CLUB GREENPIP usually that’s because it’s non GMO and it’s fermented

  19. How does onion and garlic powder contain probiotics? Also, what are your top favorite foods? Thanks guys

    1. Connie Scotto Im thinking probably because its onion and garlic (just dried and powdered).

  20. Dry garlic and onion as probiotics? How about real garlic and onions? Now thats more efficient.

  21. Im trying a gluten free diet and just this morning discovered my soy sauce contains it and was so disappointed as I love soy sauce. And 4 hours later you guys came up with these great alternatives!

  22. Thank you. When you didnt show tamari sauce, I looked it up. I didnt realize it still contains soy. Love the puppy

  23. I cant understand what youre saying (hard to hear) and I dont see the ingredients below.

  24. Thyroid problems are caused by ebv = ebstein barr virus source : medical medium

  25. Where can I get the list of ingredients for making the soy sauce substitute? it sounds good.

  26. why is this on another channel? Im not convinced about the estrogen in soy argument. It seems phyto estrogens are very different.

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  28. soy sauce causes gyno? genetically modified foods are garbage? gtfoh. you tell 2.9 million people this hogwash and people believe it cause….youre jacked? right

  29. Thyroid internet disease time. Try to start away from REAL people

  30. Michael Greger at nutrition facts disagrees with you on soy. Now i am confused because i love you both

    1. This doctor is right, but the research was done on naturally fermented soy, not genetically modified soy.

    2. He’s a doc who tested on many ppl I trust dr Gregor I even bought is book

  31. Loved your video. Really appreciated the information. Im a person who loved soy sauce, but just recently realized soy is bad for the body and was wondering if there are alternatives out there. Thanks.

  32. Im so glad I found this….cant wait to put the recipe together! I am allergic to soy sauce. Thank you.

  33. Almost all seeds nuts fruits legumes pulses vegetables fish chicken and meat we have today are the result of over 10 thousand years of farming and agriculture and some genetic modification. If you want real natural u cant hardly find it anymore.

  34. Ridiculing soy outright is just plain nonsensical. I need to do my own research on this first, but the claims made by these guys just seem bogus.

    1. Look up Dr.Gregers nutrion facts .org the myth about soy on you tube. He has scientific prove

  35. Good Lord this this guy dude is so CONCEDED!! THERE SUCH WANNABEES!!

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  37. I bet they eat broccoli (hint broccoli is not found in nature, its *gasp* a GMO!)

    1. @Heike Lehner wow, inform yourself. Thay are talking about transgenic soy not traditional breading.

    2. Youre both being obtuse. There are many types of broccoli, firstly. Secondly, the typical broccoli we all know is due to selective natural breeding, not artificial GMO which is what they are talking about.

    3. there are so many different fruit and vegetables which we wouldnt have without genetic modication. Pretty sure they eat a lot of them.

  38. The immune system never attacks itself although modern day medicine tells people that. The human body is designed to heal itself. We build antibodies to attack pathogens in the thyroid or pancreas with type 1 diabetes. This is why antibodies are raising. The pathogens dont show up because theyre not in the blood. Wheat gluten feeds the pathogens – they also love omega 6 oils and heavy metals found in drinking water and fish. So its not the wheat – its the fact that the person has a pathogen. Source: Medical Medium – great book that has been enlightening the medical community.

  39. Hi very informative video. Do you have any opinion about acne and estrogen/hormones levels in men? My son who is 22 has been suffering with acne since he was 15. I really feel there is a strong connection between food and hormones. He has acne on his face and back. Its almost impossible to find a health care provider who has any knowledge of this. Dermatologists just treat the skin. I have taken him off dairy and I try to get him to eat low glycemic but thats tough. I feel he needs a full blood work up to check his hormone levels. Idk if this is in your wheel house but maybe you have some advice. Thanks!

    1. Sue if your boy has cystic acne, the large underskin inflammations spread on face and back, the best way to to go is Acutane. It is a hard treatment but has the best results. Hormone-wise, there isnt much you can do because it is his testosterone that gives him an overproduction of sebum and increases the breakouts. Keeping the skin clean, usually 2 a day with a facial soap, treat the spots with benzoic acid 2.5% or 5% and moisturise the skin so itll produce less sebum. Paulas Choice is a brand that I hear good things about. Keep pillowcases clean, hair clean and especially the towels he uses to dry his face. Cutting off dairy does seem to help some ppl, same with increased hygiene. But unfortunately, it all comes down to trial an error and finding out what works and what doesnt. Theres this great YTber calles Cassandra Bankson (diamondsandheels14) and she has been reporting her fight with acne for years here on YT. Shes worth checking out. I wish you luck.

  40. That looks like a table spoon to me but my eyes might be bad lol

  41. Terrible photography doesnt show the products up close and cant hear what theyre saying most of the time either

  42. Does anyone have an idea how for long I can store this? Im assuming it must be stores in the fridge?

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