Can an effect be had by a keto diet on teeth

Changing to a ketogenic diet can benefit your brainweight loss goalsand blood sugar levels. Are five ways your mouth will be better with keto Here. These five benefits are simply a few of the ways that individuals report this high-fat diet boosting their oral health. In fact, these simple starch carbs like goldfish and crackers can be even worse for your teeth than candy as they ferment in your mouth!

Thankfully, reduced sugars in the mouth can diminish plaque and halt the development of tartar. Plaque build-up on the teeth comes from leftover food particles and saliva left hanging around your mouth after meals. Subsequently, tartar can build up from plaque after 12 days roughly. Carbohydrates are necessary for the production of plaque, so less sugar lingering after meals means less food for the bacteria in your mouth.

A keto diet can starve these harmful bacteria, which produce acid and cause tooth demineralization also. Supports a Healthy Oral Microbiome like your gut Just, your mouth has a microbiome that is a delicate balance of microscopic factors. The non-pathogenic or healthy bacteria in your oral microbiome need help maintaining a healthy, happy mouth. Luckily, one of the dental advantages of keto is promoting more prebiotic foods, or foods that help grow and maintain healthy bacteria in the physical body.

Vitamin K2 can do many incredible things, from forming new enamel on teeth and stopping cavities to killing pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. This dietary upkick in vitamin K2, reduced sugar, and a much better oral biome combine to fight cavities in an amazing way.

These factors each promote great oral health, and can help remineralize teeth together, protect and grow the good bacteria in the mouth, and halt acid erosion. Bone broth and shiitake more keto-friendly foods mushroomstwo, are also on the list of best foods to fight gum inflammation and disease.

Supports Proper Orthodontic Growth Remember the vitamin K2-rich, teeth-friendly foods that a keto diet promotes? Seriously, keto and dental health benefits are best friends. Vitamin calcium and K2, found in abundance in keto promote proper growth in the teeth and face recipesalso.

If you have braces or need orthodontic work done, a keto diet rich in K2 and calcium might help in the process. This means balancing these proteins and fats with leafy greens and fiber, staying hydrated, and steering from sneaky foods that are high in acid away.

These include brussels sprouts, alcohol, and coffee, as well as much dairy too. This prevents acidosis and low pH concerns and keeps you at optimal performance while practicing a keto diet for your teeth and the rest of your body.

Unfortunately, bad breath caused by the acetone we discussed is often another symptom of the keto flu above, and this relative side effect has been reported in other low-carb eating plans like Atkins as well.

This is due to the fact that ketones leave the body in 2 ways: through your urine and your mouth. The high-protein foods in keto also break down into sulfur that linger in the mouth and tongue with an unpleasant odor. Sip on water to wash plaque build-up away. Scrape your tongue to remove the buildup of sulfur physically. Oil pulling and proper oral hygiene can neutralize those acids that are leading to the smell. Need more halitosis help?

Check out Dr. Thankfully, with these tips and a few weeks of time, your bad breath should subside. Burhenne to weigh in on the validity of keto as a dietary option for better dental health. Today with our Western eating plan Less processed ancient diets were associated with better oral health than we see. The nutrients and vitamins offered in keto provide building blocks for remineralizing teeth and fighting gum disease also.

We must get back to our roots in order to get back to our health, both and overall orally. Q: Can I still have some carbs on a keto diet? A day will kick you right out of ketosis A: Eating more than roughly 30 net carbs, and it will take days or weeks to get into a ketogenic state back. The high-fat, low-carb structure of ketogenic eating provides perks for not only weight loss, brain function, and blood sugar, but for supporting your mouth and teeth.

While the dental advantages of keto are far-ranging, some major advantages include: Reducing sugar consumption.

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  1. Thank you for all of the informative interviews and videos— excellent content

  2. What was the conclusion on the urinary tract infection study?

    1. Nvmd, found it, it wasnt a rct – there were no control group so it has low evidence value although it showed some positive results.

  3. I told my story in a video of how the keto diet saved my life. Recently I caught a nasty flu (end of February 2020) like none Ive ever experienced. However, I recovered pretty quickly with the exception of a lingering tight chest and fluid for a few weeks after. I doubt Id have done so well if I was still like I was before my keto transformation. If you doubt that the keto diet works, check out my transformation by searching YT using the phrase Low Carb Keto Diet Saved My Life rixcandoit and you can see before and after pictures of what happened to me in 12 weeks. It literally saved my life. Seriously, you all can do this.

  4. I am in Spain. I dont eat cooked food or any meat. In the beginning of the quarantine I stuffed fridge with BUTTER. Bought bags of dry milk for protein. There are plenty of oranges and lemons in Spain. So, I bought bags of them. As well as vitamins and supplements and v.C Very Happy and dont go to shops 👍👍👍😀🌿

  5. Yes because going to the store every couple of days to get fresh vegetables and meat will definitely reduce chances of infection. Also will be easier on my wallet! (Not)

  6. 8 months ago I was 50 pounds heavier, high blood pressure, large belly circumference, etc. On a ketogenic lifestyle for many glorious months. NOW…Im normal weight and BP with a waist circumference of 32 inches, and BMI of 23. Im 70 years old, an active, non-smoker, and feel prepared to encounter COVID-19 and SURVIVE. They say 80% of us will get it. Fine. Bring it on baby!

    1. @LadyOrion2012 sorry for the misspelling. And IF. IF is short for intermittent fasting ❤

    2. Good for you! I lost 54lb in 7 months on Keto and IF, from 202 to 148 and I am 55. Still have some weight to lose but I am not in a hurry, experimenting with Keto maintenance so once I hit the goal I am ready to keep it. Keto is the way!

    3. Kinky , May you stay healthy. Any other recommendations while you were losing all your weight . Did you eat three meals a day or more like intermittent fasting. Thank you answering. Please like my comment so I know you answered . James

  7. Authopagy support Influenza A .. so dont recommend keto for Influenza A..

  8. There is also a lot of evidence from Mice studies showing that ketogenic diets dramatically downregulate ACE2 (The virus binding site in the body).

  9. Since I go to Keto i didnt catch even a cold even once not to mention other things. Keto is the future Im sure.

    1. Not only I haven’t catch a cold even when my husband and my daughter both had month long flu. I started healthy. Not only that my skin cleared up, I had bad acne started since my teen year. I would get cystic acne, one would go another one would come. Thinking back, must be from all the carbs, I was a vegan and vegetarian and ate mostly carbs. Green Smoothie..dried fruits…gosh and I was always hungry. Now I don’t need to eat sometimes.

    2. @JiM Jarewal sounds much like sibo or sifo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth & small intestinal fungal overgrowth. Usually sugars & starches are the problem. Also guar gum & xanthan gum become food for those problems. Cutting the carbs could cause die off symptoms when these parasitic bacteria &yeast kick the bucket. Those symptoms dont usually last for 2 or 3 months. Also parasitic worms fight back when you dont feed them the carbs they want. Anti flatulence remedies do exist among herbs, thyme I think is one. Mostly, its not a supplemental cure, fasting would be far more effective. Cooking with turmeric & black pepper, strong clove tea, and green tea with no sweetener or black coffee work for me. One last but not least important thing- many lies in the grocery store about, extra virgin olive oil. Try this, pour 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a small container and refrigerate overnight if its still liquid & pours it aint olive oil. Truly it should turn all whit & solidify. Once I learned this my health improved much.

    3. Dubravka Zirojevic
      Last time I was on it mate I got bad bloating and problem in intestine and bloating wouldn’t go away for like 2 3 months . n got chest infection .. so I stopped this is 1 year ago . I started this diet this week can u suggest me anything any supplement to take and how to prevent bloating n constipation thats very important . Thanks

  10. I’ve been needing this !! I legit googled this and could not find a lot of information about the two . I almost quit my diet!!! Thank you.

  11. Ketogenic mouse chow? I wonder if my rescued lab rats might have lived longer than their 1000 days, dying with those damn tumors, had I put them on keto chow? Ah…what we didnt know back then (but we now do)….

    1. Hello my recommendation is, do not worry about calories, but listen to the hunger signals of the body. The trick is to eat very low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein and then use fat as a tool to achieve satiety. Eating just enough fat to keep you satiated between meals will mean you wont starve and at the same time your body will burn body fat. I read a book that changed my eating habits [email protected] write to me to send you the book without problem.

  12. I started keto on January 5th and Im down 40 lb as of today and I couldnt be happier. I feel fantastic and I can do so much more without getting tired so easily. and it never really occurred to me but I never noticed it but I actually never got sick not even once since I started keto. And my severe sinus pressure headaches went away completely.

  13. I have been on keto for 3 years. Not consistent with getting the flu shot every year but have not had the flu for years. This year my GP persuaded me to get the seniors dose. So glad I took her advice because if I get sick the chances of it being the seasonal flu is less. Keto is so good for many conditions. I told my friend to try it for finger nail fungus. Not sure she will do it because she is addicted to bread, rice and pasta.

    1. @Infinite Dreams cant there be another answer for other like me that cant afford organic it cant be hey your not rich enough so u cant be healthy

    2. If your eating non-organic diary and meat then that’s will lower your immune function. Keto can be protective but it’s not invincible especially eating conventionally raised animal products and highly sprayed thin skin vegetables/fruits. Sorry

    3. Been on KETO since January and I have been sick 3 times. 🙅‍♀️ I agree.

  14. Keto diet gives me a bad epigastric pain. Either because of too much gastric acid being secreted or that the fatty diet irritates my gallbladder. So for me is the Intermittent fasting and less carbs.

    1. lilly roon

      Lily, have you tried acidifying your stomach? ACV and Lime water in the morning, you can also try digestive enzymes. Wish you health

    2. Im a big keto enthusiast, but its good to have feedback like yours. Its important for supporters of any diet to know that there are individual differences, and every person should do what seems right for him or her.

  15. following keto diet for past 3.8 years, no fever nor cold during this period.

  16. Can you get into a keto diet and stay on it for the rest of your life! How long can you be on a keto diet for?

    1. Arif farooqui I’ll simply something that isn’t complicated . Eat wet brisket and ONLY wet brisket , sure a couple eggs n bacon for breakfast no prob . I only eat 6 or so things that’s it . No more thinking about it . Same 365 days a year .

    2. Forever , however most individuals don’t have the will power to maintain that long .

    1. Heres more info about keto! And you can sign up for a DD membership here. –Kerry

  17. I will be cancelling my teeth cleaning appt with my dental hygienist tomorrow because, with COVID, that is recommended, but guess what? Not to worry. I used to get on average, a cavity every month! I even lost a beloved back molar a year ago. I asked my dentist about a possible inflammatory process? And…did it reflect my internal health? Silence. Now, educated, and on keto…. never any tooth pain. Never any cavities. No sugars, no carbs, No inflammation. Oral bacteria are no longer interested in my teeth. A keto mouth leaves them empty, idle, and fantasizing about how life used to be. Sigh. But I am angry that my damn dentist, WHOM I TRUSTED, never ever once hinted that CARBS MIGHT BE MY PROBLEM!! He KNEW all along (recent USC grad- come on!) and yet he kept his mouth shut! or recommended expensive Fluoride Treatments. When I mentioned this to him at my last visit…he fell quiet, eyes downcast, and turned away. GUILTY! ARGH! $6000 in 5 years of unnecessary, painful, dental procedures! Damn him!

    1. Wow, this is very useful information. I am a 27 year old male with a BMI just below 40. I’ve struggled most of my life with obesity and most of my young adult life with dental problems . I’ve had 2 root canals done and will be needing at least 1 or 2 more done very soon due to random tooth pains. My dentist Told me that I have very good dental hygiene and that the tooth decay is mainly caused by carbonated drinks. Your comment has motivated me to not only cut out the sugary drinks but to be more strict on my diet . This whole time I thought sugar was my only enemy . Thank you so much

  18. I have been on keto 7 months . No cold or flue this winter. This big mouse is 20 pounds lighter and gives It a thumbs up. Industry makes no profit from cures that work. Lol.

  19. to anyone out there reading this, try to eat foods that strengthen your immune system. a stronger immune system will help you fight the virus in the case that you catch it

    1. At the same time, while we need to be safe, we also need to STOP PANICKING! I made a full video about this on my channel if y’all are interested

    2. D B haha yes, thats crazy part about this disease xD man life just feels like a movie right now

    3. Axel Dobbins 100% true man👍 I hear that red meat is rich in zinc and zinc is great for the immune system.

  20. Good video, I am running a large free Keto challenge starting on April 3rd, 3000 people in so far. Lots of simple meal options available, if anyone is interested, thumbs up this comment and get in now for free.

  21. Ive been researching if I should stay keto when I get sick with Coronavirus. Found some studies done on mice which suggested glucose helps fight viral infections. Was about to stock up on fruit, but gonna stick to keto after this excellent video. Thanks!

  22. Im fan number one of keto diet,
    I lost more than 20 pounds with keto in few months is something that is sustained over time I feel great I think the body is stronger and healthier

  23. I agree with this based on my personal experience. Ive gone Keto every flu season for the past few years and I havent been sick once plus Ive lost 45 lbs and kept it off so…bonus!

    1. Hello my recommendation is, do not worry about calories, but listen to the hunger signals of the body. The trick is to eat very low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein and then use fat as a tool to achieve satiety. Eating just enough fat to keep you satiated between meals will mean you wont starve and at the same time your body will burn body fat. I read a book that changed my eating habits [email protected] write to me to send you the book without problem.

  24. For the present situations are true as I told people to go raw vegan and vegan even I am not a doctor or sort of any professional person , due to my own experiences that I am raw vegan and vegan , I am 61 didnt catches cold or flu when I get very wet by rain , my children infected by measles or chicken pox but myself and my husband free from these diseases , this I want to say eating more fruits and green veggies can prevent indeed , thank you for your infos

  25. What about this study? I have been keto and recently carnivore and and happy with the results. However I am willing to consider a short term change if it has benefits for a specific purpose.

  26. My whole family (8 people in 1 household) is going through something undiagnosed (3-4 weeks). Possibly came from our friends who travelled to Australia at the end of January and who celebrated Chinese new year at that time. First to get it was our 6 year old: Severe fever on and off for a week, sore throat. He still has a cough. 4 year old: runny nose no cough. no fever. 10 year old: headaches, sore throat, slightly fever on and off. 13 year old: Head cold, weakness, sore throat, random cough, phlegm when clearing throat. no fever. 46 year old female: Head cold, runny nose, phlegm when clearing throat, sore throat (that does go away after oil of oregano, random head ache, no fever, after one week, nervousness in chest, bronchitis, slight tightness in chest, but still good lung volume, 7 lbs lost in one week (on third week), fatigue needing rest but overall feeling fine. 51 year old male, back ache, tiredness (no other symptoms). 63 year old male: head cold, fevers on and off for first week, altered sense of smell and taste. second week: back pain, random pain in chest, head cold, general malaise. 66 year old female: head cold, body aches, fever on and off first week. Second week tiredness, tightness in chest. Overall: all with Low BMI and no underlying health conditions. Everybody seems to be getting better now. We are looking forward to the antibody testing to find out if Covid 19 went through our house. If it did, it is highly infectious and most will get it at some point which is concerning considering the overall metabolic health of the richest countries. Also, I have been keto for 16 months and this is the first time I have been sick.

  27. Im in my 40s and started doing keto (and intermittent fasting 20-4) about 10 mo ago. Two weeks ago I tested positive for Covid-19. The only reason I got tested is because of interaction with positive individuals. I barely had symptoms (tiny bit of pressure on chest and a bit of a headache for two days) and was completely recovered after just a few days. Of course Ill never know whether my diet had anything to do with it, but I before I started doing Keto I have been seriously ill with the flu (three weeks of which two weeks bed ridden) and got colds constantly. Never the case after keto. Im sticking with it!

  28. Why would people give thumbs down to this information? It mystifies me.

    1. HeritageDrPepper Id wager that the vast majority of keto ppl are not vegan. Do you realize that?

    2. Coach Dubz My doctor wanted to know why my blood work was so amazing until I told her it was from eating butter eggs bacon and sour cream along side huge salads. Then she didn’t want to hear anymore

    3. Same thing with PBS news, dont keep coming back or dont watch lifestyles your not going to do, go to beef or pork barbecue viseos

    4. People dont want to hear that they are living an unhealthy lifestyle and are no different than junkies and alcoholics.

  29. I heard that Chinese medical staff observed the sickest had low LDL cholesterol

    1. Of course they did. Low LDL means less immune resources. LDL is the cellular repair resource.

    2. Low LDL has been found in cancer patients so it has to do with low immunity eat the eggs and fats

  30. Ive actually been wondering about this topic because I have noticed that I dont seem to get colds or flus when Im low carb. I dont get the flu needle and sometimes I worry that it makes me overconfident but time will tell. The last time I actually got sick was the interim period of 2 years where I stopped being low carb. I am of course taking the covid-19 situation seriously as I work within a health setting and dont want to risk anybody else, but Im quietly confident that I should be fine and feel that keto should be protective and help reduce symptoms should I get infected.

  31. Keto diet worked wonders for me as I am 50 years old now. I had an enlarged heart. High blood pressure (160/90 average). Triglycerides 620. Mild fatty liver. I was 242 pounds. Started the diet in July of 2017 and after one month on the diet my triglycerides went down to 150. At the end of 3 months my triglycerides were 107. Within 2 years, my weight went from 242 to 165 and I did not get the melted skin look but could see my abdominal muscles. I had an X-ray and my enlarged heart was now normal. My pulse was 50 bpm as my doctor said that I have a runners heart. My blood pressure went too low as I was 103/53 so I had to come off my beta-blocker. I also had acid reflux disease that I have had since 1995. I was able to come off of Prilosec by cutting the pill and putting the pill into a encapsulated capsule as I gradually came off of it and have been acid reflux free for over a year. I loved how I can now ride my bike up a fairly steep hill while watching teenagers and young adults having to walk their bike up this steep bike trail. Im sitting here now drinking my blended glass of kale, mixed frozen berries, with nutritional yeast mixed in it. I feel great!

    1. Dan Cardoza fasting is good for bacterial infections but bad for viral infections. Ketosis is apparently good for both?

  32. Only sane fats no carbs only vegetables a moderate consumption of proteins. This is the best diet I ve ever done. It was difficult for me italian to eliminate pasta pizza spaghetti bread but this is diet for energy health and prevent inflammation cancer obesity diabetes virus and any other problems 👍👩🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  33. I actually started keto the first day of social isolation as Ive always wanted to try it but never had the time to! I am loving it so far. I used to be a carb addict! I only have about 20lb to lose but I am confident I will get there !

    1. With a little exercise youll get there in a very quick time

    2. I started with the lockdown too and have lost so much weight and ate so much healthier than before

    3. Ive been on KETO for 9 months and lost 30lbs feel alot better than I used to. Havent gotten sick once since on it.

    4. @cassiopée correct, more like 8 weeks than the 2 weeks some claim. 4 months for me now , lost 20 lbs, & blood pressure that was 230/120 is now 120/88.

  34. Thank you so much for your guide.
    Ive lost over 70 pounds in my first year following this diet.
    Its very sustainable and Im not leaving it, I feel great!. always satisfied

  35. Ive been eating a keto diet since oct 2019, lost 47lb. I had cold symptoms four weeks ago for about two weeks, and still feal poorly. Probably not corona19. But I wonder how bad it would have been if i wasnt in ketosis.

  36. What about the Yale School of Medicine study which showed (yes, with mice) that while ketone s are beneficial with a bacterial infection, they are associated with Poorer outcome in a viral infection! Something to do with adding to bodys immune response, which can turn against healthy cells, causing organ failure in extreme cases.

  37. Ive been doing keto and IF for 3 years, and cold showers for 2 years. Im 35 and Im from barcelona,
    20 days ago I got sick, dry cough for couple of weeks, fever for 3 days only, from the very beginning my lungs made noises when breathing deep.
    Ive recovered from all symptoms but my left lung still makes noise.
    I believe that my diet has helped me recovering from this as it has helped with so many other issues.
    So I encourage you all to do it and check the benefits.
    Be positive, be strong!

    1. @LadyOrion2012 Intermittent Fasting.
      Cold showers have many benefits, but the best one is I that feel much better, physically and mentally, instantly.

    2. @Northern Beast yes I do cold showers even when Im sick. I feel much better and energised.

  38. We are in keto for 2 years since 2018 , got great results , strong Immunity , regular perods ( reduced pcos ) , good sleep , all body pain gone ..etc etc .. and we help a big community with awareness of low carb ! Thanks for the video !

  39. Nearly every keto site/you tuber/blog I follow is telling me how important it is if I dont want to be sick. Too late, I already am and Ive been doing keto for 18 months. Most people try keto to manage autoimmune disorders so we are at risk regardless of diet. What we need most is for people to realise they can kill us and follow the social distancing rules.

    1. @J E Thank you for your kind words. Ive been one of the lucky ones, still breathless but I havent been hospitalised so far! Considering how many autoimmune disorders I have I assume keto gave me some protection. I was feeling very touchy at the time having tons of keto emails every day telling me I wouldnt get sick if I was doing keto. Im not usually so touchy and I maintain keto because its improved my life! At the time idiots in the UK were going against advice and continuing to spread it. We have stricter rules now. I made sure I stayed well away from my son and husband in a separate room and took all the self isolation precautions. As weak and ill as I was I disinfected everything after using it. They came through the 2 weeks without any symptoms so I think I succeeded in my efforts.

    2. Anne Hughes I don’t think the point of this post was to say that keto diet or‘s are invincible. Only that if you do keto you may have a better chance of surviving the virus if you get it or when you get it. Of course everyone should practice social distancing handwashing in self isolation if in doubt. Hope you feel better soon

  40. Hi All , I have Found Amazing Method How To Lose FAT , Dont Wait Start Right Now

  41. Eating keto means eating great unprocessed foods that amazing for the body. Glad I’ve been living this way so at least I’ll be going down swinging if I do get covid19. Stay safe everyone!

  42. I have been on and off keto diet for 3 years. I think anyone that has done a keto diet would agree, that the ketogenic diet will most likely help if you are infected with covid19. Just based on how great you feel on keto vs a normal carb diet. I feel 100% better then ever when I stick to a keto diet in every way. Energy, inflammation, anxiety, and even my mood. Obviously the keto diet is the only way we should eat. I think the energy and anti inflammation benefits of keto would help against any illness, even if it is slight.

  43. For me its 160 cms of carbs and 160gms of fat and 50gms of protein works well for me.

  44. Is it the Ketogenic diet or the fact that eating keto= eating lots of red meat which= lots of zinc?

    Zinc is the important supplement here

    1. Zinc, yes that is crucial BUT its the fact that you are controlling your blood sugar as well. People in Ketogenic diets dont necessarily eat lots of Red meat they also eat chicken, turkey, pork and seafood. I eat far less red meat and more poultry and seafood and have been on KETO for 9 months.
      Now people on Carnivore or Paleo are more likely to consume more Red meat.
      My mom has been on Ketogenic diet for decades since shes a diabetic but she cant stand red meat and eats very little if it. Her blood sugar is successfully controlled with diet alone.

  45. I have three friends in isolation with Covid 19 after a ski trip to niseko. Japan two weeks ago, I even shared a room with one. Been keto for 18 months and haven’t had as much as a sneeze since then, so in a sample size of one, (me) I’d say it works great! Stay healthy!

    1. I hope you are also in isolation— you are most likely a carrier. Stay safe and keep others safe too

  46. 4 months keto now lost 20 lbs, & blood pressure that was 230/120 is now 120/88 no flu no colds, simply the best. Even better, that toilet paper shortage thing dont mean poop when u r fasting!🤣

  47. What about fasting? Excellent way to quickly control blood sugar and reduce inflammatory markers. Seems a lot like Keto in that regard. When you re-feed at the end of the fasting event, immunity can quadruple your T Cell count. People seem to go through autophagy during the fasting phase and the worn-out and ineffective immune cells are replaced with vigorous new cells. What do you think?
    There are studies that suggest that the old school wisdom of Feed a cold, starve a fever is the correct course of action. In summary, rats fed a diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables do much better when responding to viral infections, and rats on a fasting regimen did far better fighting bacterial infections. So Grandma was right after all. Fasting individuals will more closely resemble people on Ketogenic diets as both populations are burning ketones for fuel.

    Ive been on Keto since August of 2019. Lost 62 pounds; I feel great. Currently Im learning to source grass fed meat, salad dressing, and butter with high Omega 3 values. Perhaps the anti-inflammatory effect of all the Omega 3 rich meat and fish oil supplements Im consuming is doing more than just reducing my inflammation.
    Im staying on Keto and self isolating until the curve is flattened and the first massive wave of deaths convinces everyone to commit to a total shut down of the country for a month. If infected, I will shift to a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables to support my immune response.
    Theres no vaccine, but we can keep the system from being overwhelmed if we behave intelligently. Dont wait for Trump to do something, hes still trying to figure out how this will effect his reelection campaign.

  48. I wonder if Ill need all that fat I lost on keto with this stuff going on, especially now that I know how to use it properly for fuel.

  49. I dropped off keto precisely because I felt my body was lagging its ability to fight infections. I got a cold cough flu combination n it stuck around for s whole week. Whereas with my usual diet full of fruits n veggies I fight off infections in less than a week. Keto by no means is a balanced diet. Fact!

  50. Vitamin D, cholesterol, ketones, fats…..all increase immunity.

  51. Started Keto January 2nd…down 45 pounds, blood glucose went from pre-diabetic high to normal and rarely normal high, I feel great, etc…. good to know
    this is good for viruses and illness. I am also supplementing with vitamin D3/K2, Zinc, Selenium/Vit-E and Vit C…….not sure if thatll help but cant hurt.

  52. I tried this diet I lost 17 pounds but then I gain back eating a lot of carbs I need to do this diet again. Wish me luck again.

  53. Heres what Korean version of Dr. Fouchi said about this diseases presence in our world: Subtitled and most of whats important is last ten minutes or so

  54. Started strict Keto diet back on Oct. 1 2019, and Ive never felt better in my life.
    So many bad things went away, and Ive not been sick since.

  55. Heres my experience: we live in S. Alsace, France where the Covid-19 has had the most impact in the country so far. My wife and I are LCHF for nearly 3 years. Im in my 60s, my wife 50. At the beginning of March a couple visited my wifes place of work, without any symptoms. But they subsequently came down with serious symptoms, including respiratory failure. The man has since died and his wife survived. But the director and his wife were contaminated, and my wife also. So we self-isolated. The director suffered respiratory failure but survived. My wife only had fever for a few days. But a short while later I developed a cycle of fevers, which lasted from the 7th to 20th (March), accompanied by, I think, low blood pressure because getting out of bed, Id collapse on the floor for a few minutes, before getting enough pressure to get up. After a couple of days my sense of smell changed, not sure if taste changed as well, but I found coffee disgusting first of all, then everything else disgusting so I stopped eating for around 5 days. Never felt hungry during this time, probably due to being fat-adapted. After, I managed to eat a boiled egg, forced down some yoghurt (still tasted bad), and continued to eat at least something to avoid too much weight loss, since Im not overweight. End result: lost 4 kg, never had a cough or respiratory problem (but lots of phlegm), sense of smell more or less back to normal, but the same brand of coffee still doesnt taste like it used to. I suspect I had something like what is regularly reported, that some people lose their sense of smell entirely, so Im guessing I had something intermediate. So low-carb may not stop some getting symptoms, but maybe helps avoid life-threatening symptoms.

    1. @Alina Vandenberghe I havent seen them yet, although Ive read that zinc seems to help some patients, according to the experience of a doctor in N.Y., I forget his name. Ill have a look – thanks.

    2. Thank you for sharing ! Have you watched the recent videos from Dr Berg on lack of zinc and coronavirus and lack of smell/taste?

    3. Louise Auge thanks for sharing and best of health to all!
      this is very useful info on possible symptoms 👍

    4. thanks for sharing! best of health to both of you! 🤘😷

    5. @Ekondig G thanks. I hope so cuz going to work is so terrifying, though youve helped ease some of that terror, so thank you so much. Hope coffee gets back to being just as awesome for you soon. It should I imagine :-). Ours did anyway.

  56. Visited doctor yesterday, started developing strange symptoms…thought I have UTI but since I never had it my 55 years of life, wasnt sure. Low grade fever, chills, general tiredness, terrible terrible headache, neck stiffness, nausea and vomited once…doctor tested my urine and said it is not UTI, checked for infulenza, came back negative. On end he said you have all symptoms of COVID19 but one! If you were coughing I would send you to test. I told him that I am on Keto and IF for 7 months now and that this saved my leg form an amputation. I have been sick my most adult life, had a tumor in my ankle and many surgeries and radiation…but none of symptoms I am experiencing now are familial to me.

  57. 2 years from now when the dust settles and the research has been done, the studies will show people living a keto or low carb lifestyle faired better!

    1. I don’t think anyone gains anything by doing this kind of research (pharma or big foods) so it won’t be done

  58. Gonna keep doing Keto/IF, till our Eggs & egg substitutes run out. Got no yeast, so will have to resort to Soda bread. Thank you for sharing this important information with us all, take care, & stay safe everyone. ❤🙂🐶

    1. @J E We dont have any actual markets anymore, theyve been cancelled for the forseeable future, due to contamination risks. I went to Morrisons again yesterday/Wednesday, & did a weekly shop, & did very well. Got eggs, Liver, frozen beef mince, bacon & some chicken breasts. They had all the vegetables too, seems like the queuing system that our supermarkets are now doing, is working, the shelves arent stripped bare by 9am now. Thank goodness. We were pretty much living out of our freezer for the first 2 weeks. Thanks for asking, & I hope your getting your supplies OK, wherever you are. Take care & stay safe J E. ❤🙂🐶

    2. Maxi Bake What do you mean no meat or eggs etc. What is in your markets? What are you eating??

    3. @Keto Keisha Not here in Hampshire Graham, still no eggs or fresh meat, I might have to move house, to a better Morrisons. Lol. Take care & stay safe Graham. ❤🙂🐶

    4. Sharon Joke In USA Sharon? We are in the UK and are finding everything we normally eat in LIDL and Morrisons. We eat simply though – no baking keto bead etc – just eggs, meat, BUTTER, cheese, cream and green veg and coffee of course! I’m finding the fatty meat bones that I love to make slow cooker soup from are still in the supermarket after all the ‘healthy’ lean meat has gone. All the best.

    5. @Sharon Joke I hear you Sharon, its getting increasingly hard to get Keto ingredients here too. Online orders will take weeks to get here. Good job I like soup. 😃 Take care & stay safe Sharon. ❤🙂🐶

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