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Despite what the weight-loss industry shall tell you, dieting is about finding what eating style works best with your individual physiology. The Blood Type Diet is one system that attempts to do that. The O positive blood type diet prescribes lots of lean vegetables and meat.

D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type is that you have a unique genetic make-up predisposing you to certain chronic conditions and diseases. By exercising and eating in a manner suitable to your blood type, D’Adamo maintains that individuals can live healthier lives. D’Adamo’s O positive blood type diet focuses on lean, organic meats, vegetables and fruits while eschewing dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol.

But blood type is only one factor of your biological makeup. If you are type O positive Even, you should seek advice from your doctor before beginning a new diet, if you have any underlying health conditions especially. You’ll need to see a doctor for a blood test if you don’t already know your blood type. Off First, there are eight different blood typesdepending on the existence or absence of certain markers on your red blood cells.

Additionally, you can have either Rh positive or negative blood if you have or don’t have Rh present. A blood is needed by you test to determine which type you are. And so D’Adamo says that today’s type Os are characterized by being energetic extroverts and leaders with a keen ability to focus.

But blood type Os, D’Adamo saysare prone to anger also, impulsiveness and hyperactivity when under stress. When this leads to poor diet, lack of exercise and other unhealthy behaviors, type Os might experience negative metabolic effects, such as insulin resistance, weight and hypothyroid gain.

Type Os are predisposed to certain illnesses, including ulcers and thyroid problems. Because of their tendency toward higher levels of stomach acid, they’re able to digest meals that contain both protein and fat more easily than other blood types.

That means, though, that simple carbohydrates from grains are more easily converted into fats and triglycerides especially.

steak and

Shirmp are a great, high-protein combo for those with type O blood type. Pack in the Protein Type Os do well on a high-protein diet of lean, organic meats. The best sources are of protein for the blood type O diet include: Beef.

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  1. Hey guys, The best success that I have ever had was with Carls magic plan (just google it) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.

  2. Your ability to believe that you can disproove something because it hasnt been proved yet prooves that you are always right

    1. @WendigoPsychosis LOL You leave so many options for criticism.  First is peer reviewed HAHAHA  Lets talk peer review…  Current situation in America, Germany pre-Nazi, Europe during Nazi control, Stalinist Russia, … Peer review is a tool, nothing more.  Half the time the facts are visible just by simple observation and only a fucking moron needs to seek what their intellectual and financial masters tell them.  Peer review is a joke.  Besides, if you think which haplogroup you belong to is irrelevant then you are ignoring not just opinions and studies found in journals but the ENTIRE FIELD of classical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, biochemical genetics, genomics, population genetics, developmental genetics, clinical genetics, and genetic counseling. You dont know shit on climate change as well I suppose.   

    2. @Dexter Lecter The haplogroups hold nothing to doctors and scientist that have dedicated their lives to peer reviewed research. If Monsanto could so easily silence nearly every scientist about their products, why cant the oil companies silence nearly every climate scientist saying global warming is a fact?

    3. +WendigoPsychosis You said that there is no evidence to support the diet.  That is extremely false.  Just because there isnt a general consensus and factual dissemination being conducted by the monopolistic and highly VESTED media doesnt mean you cant find the facts yourself.  Just start researching the various Haplogroups and human genetics for yourself.  Once youve researched it for a couple weeks you will clearly see that a diet based off of your specific genetics is extremely relevant and important.  To think otherwise when presented with the overwhelming evidence would be ignorant and make you just as stupid as the elite would like.

    4. +Martín Massera HAHAHAHAHA I basically said the same thing in a comment above but no where near as pointed as yours!  It took me several paragraphs to say the same thing.

    5. @Martín Massera I dont think theyre missing your irony as much as misunderstanding what you said all together. Seriously, its not easy to get at what youre trying to say in the first place no less figure that its a joke…

  3. When you go to give blood, ask about donating platelets. Your get to donate more often and your donations will be of more (even more?) use.

  4. There is research done on it and who are these scientists and doctors that are against it.
    O is the oldest blood type this video is wack

    1. The Scientists had to dig deeper and are talking about A and B blood types among humans before they invented fire to cook meat. This was likely when semi-humans were still in Africa over 1 million years ago when they had not yet developed larger brains. The brain is made entirely from cholesterol and the liver converts fat to cholesterol so the ability to hunt animals for their fat and cook it over a fire had a evolutionary advantage.

  5. awefully funny guy I hate dairy and love kale and venison (thats deer meat for the idiot giving the presentation)

  6. was that really meat in your hand in the intro because it kinda looked like a cloth…

  7. Go google Skinnimaker Routine and you will find out why some foods explode in your stomach.

  8. You asked for comments…  While the blood type diet may not (MAY NOT) be thoroughly explained with overwhelming evidence, the space for this type of thinking is there.  His second book is more on-point.  Genetic differences  are becoming easier to identify and figure out.  As youve mentioned, since the discovery of blood-types, weve come a long way.  Im not advocating his book per-se, as much as I am criticizing your elementary critique.  I see the same practices in other realms where an idea gets shot down as a joke without giving proper criticism and pointing towards new directions.  Had you of done this properly and not the easy way, you would have mentioned genetic heritage among individual families, genetic predispositions, haplogroups historical nutrition patterns, etc.  You could have referenced studies involving Black inner city kids who were put on certain diets and educational plans who increased 20 IQ points above the control groups.  I have not put any time into this comment but if needed I know where to look to find countless studies and information that could be used to sharpen your critique.  Even your Scientific American article that is referenced states facts more in-tune to the Books main points, which make it seem that you cherry picked info relevant to your pre-determined narrative.  I could write an article saying that his book is great and factual using that same reference!  This video and method of critique  is dangerous.  I hope you get better.

    1. @Luz R. E. I am a product of technology in the school system.  Im not grammatically perfect and I certainly am not good at spelling.  Never claimed anything other then that.

    2. Had you OF done this properly?

      Believe me when I say I support your point, but phonetic English doesnt precisely do much for an authors credibility.

  9. not enough support in this video, and why cover just A, not everyone is type A.

  10. With all these different blood types vampires need to pick their victims carefully! 🙂

  11. Since being on this diet I have not only lost weight, but became much healthier… less mucus in the morning, more energy, less IBS, less PMS, etx.  I can/do still eat some foods I am not suppose to ….just eat very little/moderation. You need to do more research sir!

    1. When you eat healthier then you use to you will feel better. Nothing to do with your blood type. you need to stop going on your feelings.

  12. There is NO such thing as a metabolic type in regard to digestion/nutrient requirements: not for humans, not for ANY animal. Members within species differ at the molecular level but not in general digestion & basic nutritional needs. This is precisely why we see remarkably similar breast milk composition as long as the mother doesnt have a nutrient deficiency. Try a Pubmed search to see how non-existent the evidence is in favor of blood type/metabolic type diets. Red meat intake was associated with increased colorectal cancer risk regardless of genotypes. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2008 Nov;17(11):3098-107.

    1. Thanks Eva, I have just posted around diet sites. I tried to add you to my contacts on here but I dont know how. I have posted on the Google vegan science group. There isnt really an active scientific discussion board on diet but check Laurie Forti and for more information than I can provide.

    2. Chrisisms Do you have a site  where I can follow you? You seem to have a broad knowledge and I need good info for my work

  13. I played the video twice, looking for some true science to debunk the Eat Right for Your Type books, but found nothing.

    Besides, the presenter looks awkwardly uncomfortable in front of the camera.

    You should try voicing over your videos instead.

    Oh, and include more science facts instead of TMZ-ish remarks.

  14. Diet theories(gluten-free, paleo, blood type, etc) dont have actual science to back it up, the only reason why people feel healthier doing so is probably the placebo effect. Lets face it, everyone needs different kind of nutrients depending on their lifestyle, so no diet is perfect for everyone.

    1. @Hardin9 so youre comparing human experience with real quantifiable physics? Thats just irrelevant, Because human experience is just based on our personal understanding of our surroundings and thus not only unquantifiable but also subjective. Pain comes from nociceptor, our brain can respond either consciously or unconsciously (also known as reflex action). Our brain can ignore this pain (though probably not). And the brain can be tricked into thinking that the pain is gone simply because it has confidence to the treatment given despite it being an empty medicine. Our brain is capable of sending hormone to ease the pain, increase healing rate, or to regulate the production of immune cells.

    2. +Jans Losn I have a real problem with the placebo effect, and personally consider it a FRAUD! Because something will either have an effect on your OR NOT, you thinking positive, or negative about it makes ZERO difference!

      For example, Aspirin either reduces fever, or not! You thinking positive or negative thoughts is NOT going to have ANY bearing on whether or not Aspirin will work for your fever, it either will work, or not work, period!

      When I got stung last year in the Summer by a Wasp, or Yellow Jacket, or one of those kind of creatures (I can never tell one from the other, they all look alike.), the efficacy of the cortisone cream the nurse practitioner at the clinic prescribed did to heal that kind of wound had NOTHING to do with my feelings about the cream, or the squeeze tube it comes packed in! It worked because that stuff has been tested and proven to work on insect stings, and rashes, and what have you!

      Just like my step ladder, either it can support my body weight when I am using it to get to the upper elevations of my loft or not! Me having positive, or negative affirmations about my step ladder makes ZERO difference on whether or not it is structurally sound for me to use based on my body weight!

      That is why ratings systems exist for things like ladders. My step ladder for example is rated for up to 250 pounds, my dolly is rated for up to 500 pounds!

      You think the Engineers that design something like a ladder or a dolly give them their ratings based on positive or negative affirmations?! HELL NO!!!!! I can assure you the manufacturer of my dolly TESTED it to see how much weight it can SAFELY support, and in their scientific TESTS they found it can SAFELY support 500 pound weight, and too much more than that is a RISK!

      Same with my ladder, I am sure quite sure the manufacturer TESTED that ladder to see how much weight it is capable of SAFELY holding, and found it to be 250 pounds, hence the warning label on the ladder that says a person weighing more than 250 pounds should NOT use it!

      Whoever the heck came up with the placebo effect theory was as far as I am concerned NOT worthy of having the title scientist! Because on a 1-10 scale of STUPID, that theory is a 10+!

      Going by that logic, I should be able to put something weighs 800 pounds on my dolly DESPITE the fact it is rated for 500 pounds, and with positive affirmations my dolly should be able to safely support that weight! Would you bet odds on that? Would you be willing to take that kind of risk?!

      Would you bet odds on an obese person weighing 400 pounds being able to use my step ladder despite the warning label on it saying someone who weighs more than 250 pounds should NOT use this ladder?! Would you tell that person oh just positive thoughts about the step ladder, and this ladder will support your weight, you will be fine?!

      I hope you get my point! The placebo effect theory is the MOST STUPID DAMN THEORY ANYONE COULD POSSIBLE COME UP WITH, EVER!

    3. The same with low-fat diets and the FDA s recommendations, you idiot. To the trash it goes.

  15. hola soy fabiola y los acabo de escuchar en martha debaile, cómo regalan el programa!

  16. So i am blood type B+ and i should drink lots of milk? i am also laktose intolerant. ._.

    1. Shaorandra Same. I was about to type that then I saw your comment lol.

  17. hi, i have to agree with @Giselle Castro i experienced the same thing , so its true

  18. And you are a expert in what….. Please stare your degrees!!!!! Otherwise shut up

  19. Just by saying that the author does not back the book up with scientific data, does not exactly debunk it buddy.

    1. Actually, the book has pages and pages of scientific studies correlating blood type to various claims listed in the appendix.

    2. @Modus Operandi Alright, thats true. Now wheres the evidence for the blood type diet? To claim youre like Galileo you need two things: First, to have an unpopular view. Second and most important, to be right.

    3. Galileo first thought the earth orbited around the sun from an intuition. He later tested the hypothesis with subsequent evidence to prove it. It couldnt be falsified.

    4. If you have no good reason to doubt, the hypothesis stands to falsification. As long as its not falsified by evidence that counters it, it has the potential to be true.

  20. when i read into my blood type and what happens to people with o blood type, the body problems listed for my type were all true. still im not sold on the diet, love my bread and potatoes lol

    1. @Augustin Winther Wow, your programming has been perfected.
      And Empire psyence is, to a large degree, phony, and used to support the Mega-Corp profit maximizing agenda.
      The prospect of domination of the nations scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and *the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.*
      Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, *we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite. *

      ~Dwight D. Eisenhower, Farewell Address
      Note, you appear to be as alert as a rock in the river. Just trust your masters, right?

      “Universal literacy was supposed to educate the common man to control his environment. Once he could read and write he would have a mind fit to rule. So ran the democratic doctrine. *But instead of a mind, universal literacy has given him rubber stamps, rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data, with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought. Each mans rubber stamps are the duplicates of millions of others, so that when those millions are exposed to the same stimuli, all receive identical imprints. It may seem an exaggeration to say that the American public gets most of its ideas in this wholesale fashion.* The mechanism by which ideas are disseminated on a large scale is propaganda, in the broad sense of an organized effort to spread a particular belief or doctrine.”
      ~Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda, Sigmund Freuds nephew, Time Magazines Top 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century (1 person on Earth per year).

      *Although the so-called moral issues were raised, in view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.*
      ~Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

    This is the same moron that said vestigial tails were evidence of humans evolving from primates just like our 3rd eye lid is evidence that we evolved from reptiles. REAL PSEUDO-SCIENCE??? Sure, debunk evolution already. 

  22. Holy fuck this is poorly researched. This guy graduated from a middle school summer training camp for acting then called his buddy who failed the summer camp for journalism but didnt get discouraged, and made this video.

    1. @Nova Borealis Then you misinterpreted what my retort of his analysis was.  I simply said that his review of the product was done very poorly.  23 and Me is a step in the right direction.  They give you a full blown DNA profile and suggest what conditions you are genetically predisposed for.  Such as heart conditions.  Those with predispositions to diabetes and heart conditions can not eat like some one who isnt without serious health implications.  I guarantee you that any one with a genetic predisposition to diabetes would be dead already if they ate like I do and have for most of my life.  That is a fact.  Dr. Datmos books are not solidly backed but they too are a step in the right direction and open the doors for that type of thinking.  Genetics are everything.  Im not even so sure that free will is a real thing considering how much genes play in everything from our political leanings to our responses to  positive and negative stimulus.  All you have to do to prove that is spend 10 minutes reading Abstracts from research on

    2. @Nova Borealis I am not saying that blood types are the end all be all.  I am saying genes are.  So let me get this straight…  You are denying that 2 people with different genetic make-ups are the same and can eat the same food with the same consequences?  

    3. @Nova Borealis Actually you have proven yourself as the dumb one here.  You couldnt even get the point I was making.  The fact is, is that genetics matter!  This diet may be wrong but its a step in the right direction.  And dont even try to do the were all the same or race and genetics dont matter arguments.  They dont hold up. 

  23. you tell someone you are what you eat no one bats an eye, you tell them food is medicine everyone loses their mind.

  24. hmm this is explained badly. type O used to be type zero. not C. wow.

  25. Yeah id try to debunk bloodtype if i was type A too ….however if your a meat eating b or o as a man its cool

    1. No Im B and wish I was A. Modern day meat sucks balls and is full of poison and factory farming is a house of horrors.

  26. So we were talking in this mornings news meeting…so you did about a half days worth of research based on your own opinion from a morning work debate and roughly half a day filming this video? This is labeled as Discovery News?

    Hard to take the advise of a negative energy skinny-fat person with a condescending attitude who didnt even try the diet theory that hes making snarky comments about.

  27. Blood type doesnt affect your diet. Yknow hes right. The blood in your body isnt going to affect the food you eat. Your diet will affect your body though. Blood is what carries everything to every cell in your body. Whether it be oxygen, water and nutrients plus other misc substances in your like chemicals. Blood is the stream of life, coursing through your body. I just got my blood type. Same as him A+. This video doesnt explain anything related to diets and blood. He just talks about the differences of blood types and says dont believe in it. Oh yeah he did say Blood wont affect your diet. Lol this is supposed to be about diet affecting your blood.

    1. Well I dont care because I am still going to eat based on my blood type.

  28. Before the blood type diet became popular, I was naturally eating to what made my body feel great and in the end I was eating in the perimeters of what the blood type diet said I needed. Im a skeptic on a lot of things, but Ill stick with the science on this one.

    1. +Aquarius M That is smart.  Id also like to point out that this video was poorly done all around.  Its not hard to get on google.scholar or research human genetics and find data to support genetic based diets.

  29. He looks like he could lose some meat… Ive just recently found out Im an A+ but interesting enough Ive been leaning towards a vegetarian diet for over a year now, long before I even knew my blood type. And I heard from another source that the A blood type actually evolved AFTER the meat-eater types?

  30. Lack of evidence for a theory does not make it false.

    Evidence against it does. But this lacks too.

    Hence nothing was debunked.

  31. Whats to debunk? Eating in the perimeters of your blood type works. More energy, less ailments, feel great!

    1. @UncleFriis Literally none of the stuff you listed except pork goes against the diet for type O. And everyone will tell you not to eat pork, from religions to your medical doctor. But enjoy being fine until youre not 😉

    2. Im type O-positive. I eat all the stuff the book says I shouldnt eat (nuts, oatmeal, pork, chicken, broccoli, cabbage, tropical fruits, etc) and Im fine. This diet is bunk. You want to eat healthy? Eat good meat, some fish, lots of veggies and fruit, some grains and nuts, a minimal of good fats (yes, there is such a thing as good fat,) and cut out sugar as much as you can.

  32. hmmm, I thought type O was the first blood type, then A evolved, then B than As started dating Bs and AB was born.

  33. ONE THING is certain. There isnt one type of diet which is the one for everybody. People are different, and theyll thrive on totally different diets. Most people are too dumb to realize this.

  34. YouTube should shut down channels like this. This guy has noooooo expertise in this field

  35. As someone who does a great deal of reading and research and dissemination of information, I was disgusted by this book(s). I had clients who wanted me to read it because they were so certain it was a miraculous answer. It isnt. I read the first two chapters out loud to a small group and debunked it as I went. I then said that there are far too many GOOD books out there, based in science, with evidence and citations for me to waste my time on this tripe. I enjoyed the video.

  36. NOT SAYING THAT IT WORKS, but there actually WAS science to back up the blood type diet. Not knowing this makes your video seem a little unreliable. I read an excerpt of the book a couple of months ago, and it basically claimed that our blood type was determined by our biochemical evolution…just like you said. The main thing though, was where the ancestors of certain blood types originated from. I dont remember the exact details as it was so long ago, but It claimed that for example, the type B blood type first mutated in the Himalayan highlands; most notably, the Mongolian nomads that were mostly carnivorous. The Mongolian diet revolved around cultured dairy products and herding and domesticating animals, which is why type B is much better adapted to process meats and such. Since they were nomadic, they never bothered to harvest, which explains why type B people are likely to experience hypoglycemia & weight gain after ingesting corn, tomatoes, wheat, peanuts, lentils, etc, as their bodies cant quite process it as efficiently as the other blood types of European descent. Also, as we all know, type B is largely prevalent in the asian race – a fact consistent with the blood type diet theory. As the story goes, the Mongols swept through Asia, and the trait for type B was firmly entrenched. The small numbers of Type B in Western Europeans represents western migration by Asian nomadic peoples.

    1. Still doesnt explain the fact that there are 5 nutrients you cannot find in fruit that are essential for brain development. Vitamin B12, Creatine, Vitamin D3, Carnosine and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), the last one is found in fish and krill oil.

      Based on climate alone a lot of us would be screwed if we tried that kind of diet, and skin pigmentation doesnt simply allow one to move closer to the equator to have a constant access to fruit. For my ancestors, only meat and a bit of shrubbery was available in the winter. Like veganism, its not for everyone. 

    2. @KatietheMuffin But you know, apparently eating a shit ton of fruit is totally a-ok. Forget them blood sugar spikes
      What blood sugar spikes?
      This naturally occurring sugar may not be as harmful as you’ve been hearing. Here’s when you should avoid it. Fructose is a common sugar found in fruits, vegetables, and honey. It’s also a major ingredient in high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar. Recent studies have cast fructose as a bad guy, linking it to obesity, diabetes, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and inflammation, and leading to anti-fructose sentiment in the general media. But don’t reject a food just because it contains fructose, says Dr. Bruce Bistrian, a professor at Harvard Medical School. “Fructose is naturally found in fruits. Fruits are not harmful and are even beneficial in almost any amount,” he explains. Fruits contain lots of fiber. The fructose is bound to the fiber, which slows its absorption. Even more important, says Dr. Bistrian, “fruits and vegetables contain many other essential nutrients, such as flavonoids.”
      The nutritional problems of fructose—and of table sugar, which is another form of sugar called sucrose—come when they are added to foods, whether in the form of sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, molasses, cane sugar, corn sweetener, raw sugar, syrup, honey, or fruit juice concentrates. “That should be limited,” says Dr. Bistrian. “Those are empty calories in terms of not providing other nutrients.” The higher intake of these forms of added sugar that is associated with an increased risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

      Fruit juice consumption did not show a significant effect on fasting glucose and insulin concentrations. The net change was 0.79 mg/dL (95% CI: -1.44, 3.02 mg/dL; P = 0.49) for fasting glucose concentrations and -0.74 µIU/ml (95% CI: -2.62, 1.14 µIU/ml; P = 0.44) for fasting insulin concentrations in the fixed-effects model. 
      Where are the adverse reactions to whole fruit? You cant even conclusively demonstrate that fruit juice is correlated with impaired insulin response, much less whole fruit. 
      greater HFVC reducing the odds of having diabetic retinopathy by 30%… Adults with diabetes consuming more flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables had lower degrees of inflammation, better glycemic control, and reduced odds of diabetic retinopathy. 

      were all the same anyways!
      Humans are genetically 2-3 times more similar to each other than chimps are to their members. Yet, you dont see chimps consuming blood-type diets… Most of the differences between people are psychological.

    3. But you know, apparently eating a shit ton of fruit is totally a-ok. Forget them blood sugar spikes, were all the same anyways!

    4. @Eva Budai I was just looking for detailed info about this diet for my work and you give a good one. Thanks 🙂
      Eva, there is no detailed information about the blood type diet because it does not exist for any species. You will find no supporting evidence for such a diet within a scientific journal. Check Pubmed database. Do a search on blood type diet and no evidence comes up. Despite gross differences in appearance and size, humans are a homogeneous species with a mere average of 0.05% genetic variance between random individuals across the globe and sharing the more conservative genetic instructions for complex processes such as vision, hearing, metabolic needs, etc. Chimpanzees have 2-3 xs the genetic variation within their species and they are not eating according to some mythical blood type diets. To prove their is a blood type diet one would have to prove different breast milk composition that matches blood types of direct offspring but this has not been observed for any species.

  37. I never read the book but Ive noticed that those who eat according to their blood type look and feel healthier, in regards to people Ive talked to anyways. Type A isnt vegetarian, its chicken, fish and vegetables. Japan is said to have 70% type A and it makes sense based on geographical location. My dads type A- and he eats a lot of heavy meats, and so his face is often flushed red like rosacea or something of the sort. My mother sister and I are O+, and eating the same amount of red meat doesnt cause facial flushing for us. Another example is that the 3 of us are also anemic and need iron. My mother took an iron supplement and suggested my dad did too. My mom was fine, my dad had to be rushed to the hospital.

    Type AB is more vegetarian and thought to be able to handle grains the easiest (although humans werent ever really designed to break them down in the first place) and I think theyd be better able to handle dairy (but once again 65% of humans cant break down casein / lactose). Type B is similar to type O except theyre able to more game meats such as caribou, deer and the sort but also similar to AB in its better tolerance to dairy / vegetable proteins.

    I also met another lady who was in her 50s and looked like she was in her 20s, and she ate only fish, chicken on occasion and vegetables because thats what she craved. She was type A. Her skin glowed and she was in fabulous shape.

    Granted this isnt exact but based on cravings, Im shocked how often they correlate with blood type diets. When people cut the crap out of their diets and follow whats better suited to them, healthy weight gain / loss will come a lot easier. It has for me since Ive decided to follow more of the Paleo craze. No grains, no beans, no dairy. Mood disorders significantly calmed down as well.

    1. So if Im type B can be a pescatarian with eggs and raw milk? I dont want to eat meat and havent for 15 years, but I am OK with eating some fish. I wish I was type A or whatever the vegetarian one is like the rest of my family.

    2. Couldnt agree more with u! Ive hated milk all my life, and have never had a desire to eat vegetables or fruits and Ive always craved meat! Ive just found out Im 0+! What a relief 🙂

    3. @greenmarker567 No problem 🙂 Just goes to show that were all different when it comes down to details! Carbs arent my friend, tried sushi last night and oh god I nearly vomited. I just wanted the raw fish 😛

      I dont know much about AB and B blood types, other than B being the pickiest and AB having an easier time with rice and possibly dairy (I think I mixed up B and AB with the dairy one though)

    4. Thanks for sharing your story, I have a friend whos O+ and she loses weight rapidly when she eats lots of chicken/beef and cuts out grains. I feel horrible if I do the same thing, I need some carbs in my diet (Im B+). 

    5. Im still sexy as hell and feel great, and you have some serious obsession with being right. I literally could not read all of that, too busy eating burgers. 

  38. AB+ here. Also lactose slightly intolerant, sooooo…. yeah. Im not opposed to the concept of diets related to odd things like blood types. I just think this author is an idiot.

    1. Exactly the point – we Both have the same blood type, but a different reaction to dairy foods. The author of this *fad diet* visibly did no research into his hypotheses, or what else could obifuscate the results.

    2. AB+ here and addicted to milk! My bones and muscles ache if I dont have at least a glass a day. Who is the idiot? Coincidence? Not science.

  39. He did list a lot of sources in the back of his book. However, they were only padding for the book. Upon researching his sources, less than 25% had anything to do with blood at all. Some of his sources even contradicted what he said in his book. One study was done by the Nazis in the 1930s to prove that certain groups of people were inferior (propaganda).

  40. Copy And paste into Google Skinnimaker Super Foods and youll find out why particular foods explode in your stomach.

    1. Sorry for late reply but O- can only receive blood from other O- blood types, but can give blood to any other type, if that makes sense.

    2.  if i lose blood evrybody can give me some no i can give bloodto evrybody but i can only recieve blood o i dont know anymore about giving or recieving blood exactly can someone explain

  41. I have had an A1C of 6.3 ( Pre- Diabetic for 2 years) . I just recently cut back processed foods and started to follow the eat right for your blood type from Feb1- March 5 and my new A1C was 5.6!!! This guide truly works. Normal Sugar levels range from 4.8- 5.6. I am on my way. I will aim for an A1C of 5.0!!

  42. Dude, before you dismiss any diet you should probably go on one. That gut is stretching out the bottom of your shirt. Thats an objective observation too – in other word, real science.

  43. The silly pseudo science you debunked is actually a study by a Naturopath who determined Lectins in proteins both animal and plant have different effects on blood, its viscosity or aggultination as well as immunological effects on the particular blood type found flowing properly through the blood vessels of given individuals or failing to flow to the extremities cogently. People who come from families with a homogenious blood group shared by all in the cohort can receive food less problematic to all of the members of that cohort. People with familial family blood groupings that differ by the genetic crossing of heterogenious donor parent blood groups find that some of the lectins in proteins they are served go against cogent assimilation distribution in tissues and waste excretion as well. This is why the B and AB blood groups can make staple foods out of things like bagles while O and A blood groups have problems of constipation or irritation from such lectins in grains like hops, and wheat. O group has a nutrient distribution system more friendly to red meat such as liver and steak while A blood group can distribute the lectins in Salmon, Cod, Poultry, yogert, non-gmo soy and hemp seed protein and black beans for instance to greater cogent effect provided these foods are free of man made radionucleides. In summation, put science back in your perspective and loose the high school rhetoric designed for speech and debate tournaments. 

  44. Ive done live blood analyses and Ive been following a vegetarian type O diet for about 3 years. Ive found out that Ive got dairy and gluten intolerance and, these foods are actually bad for type O blood types. My mum is also type O and once she ended up going to hospital after eating some porridge oats with milk. Sometimes people should be more opened to things that are not always scientific approved. Im feeling much much better now and I dont have allergies or digestive problems anymore. 

    1. Your problem with sinuses ended because you cut out all DAIRY, plain and simple. Not because you cut out mushrooms and healthy fats found in avocados. Stop believing pseudoscience without any scientific research to back up its claims and start digging deeper into what actually has been proven with a whole plant based diet.

    2. Sometimes people should be more opened to things that are not always scientific approved When it comes to what goes into my body, Ill take the scientific proof. Otherwise its just your opinion. It therefore cant be proven at all.

    3. lol, a vegetarian type O diet huh? You apparently dont realize that the O type diet is supposed to be carnivorous.

    4. @***** Yes, its called a junk food vegetarian. I eat soy and wheat, but no problems.

  45. Actually… Eating affects cancer… Thats not hard to argue… Now if thats the case and the rates on these cancers differ… I believe it points to the fact that yes, ppl are made for different lifestyles and diets… Itd also align with survival of the fittest… Also… Type O ppl have shorter small intestines… Like other carnivores… You guys seem to touch upon this subject even less than dadamo or whatever that guys name was :)) the opposite extreme it seems.

  46. So youre basically asking Us to believe you and your science instead of whats been used and believed by our ancestors for 1000s of years!? Hmmm, No I dont think so! Ill stick to my diet!

  47. Are you a human being?who says?How stuff works.well get your proof out.stop using NLP.

  48. You cant debunk something by not talking about it and changing the subject.

  49. If you read the book and actually visit the web site, you will find tons of scientific support for this diet. If you try the diet, you will see it works. It isnt really a diet, its a way of being. This guy is an idiot- sorry- lots of fake science things work. And who benefits when people eat like crap? Monsantos, processed food companies, the whole health care system…So listen to this sound byte guy, eat what he eats, and you too will have trouble focusing on much of anything.

  50. This is the link for losing weight and it is very fast
    Debunking the Blood Type Diet

  51. Nobody evolved, dude. Its impossible without an Intelligent Being setting it into motion. But I believe God is more capable than that…which means He created everything within a fixed period of time…He didnt just send it spinning. Sorry, but Im so sick of people talking about evolution like its a fact. Its IRRATIONAL AND ILLOGICAL.

  52. Okay, so another gentle guy who obviously didnt understand the original work nor read the related book.
    First, you say you are A bit not vegetarian. But is your health optimal ? Also, DAdamo does NOT recommend all A to be vegetarian. For example, people that he genetically classify as explorer genetic archetype should keep some animal products intake and lower their intake or reactive lectins from legumes and grains.
    Second, you make a cosmic shortcut by saying B should drink milk. This argument is so non sense regarding how he discusses type B individual that we wont even look further.
    Then, you say A is the oldest blood type. Yes, page 14 DAdamo says exactly that. And actually the oldest blood type might actually be AB. Just look at the blood types of earliest primates. Chimp and bonobos are the only one that started developing type O, probably adaptation that allowed Homos to get out of the jungle, who knows.
    Then, blood type as nothing to do with food ? Some food are demonstrated to have clear agglutination with some blood type antigens…
    Then, you said therere more then four blood types. Thank you. He knows that. He mentions that. And he even explain clearly why the ABO polymorphism is more relevant for this subject. Of course the original book needs to be read 😉

  53. I am sure youll learn about diet if youll read WooPep ehandbook from cover to cover 🙂

  54. Go google Skinnimaker Routine and you will find out why some foods explode in your stomach.

  55. how old do you have to be to donate blood??? ive heard all different thingsssss its confusingggggg

    1. Its definitely not a perfect method~ although be careful, some intolerances hide in other ways such as stomach ulcers and intestinal problems over time, you may not be getting stomach aches even if you were intolerant. 

  56. If your type A+ then u are really good at school cause u get A+ on tests

  57. if blood type mattered for diet then hunter gatherers would have been completely fucked.

    1. but see, the theory is that the blood types all originate from different periods in time. I think during the hunter/gatherer time all people should have been blood type 0, because the other ones developed later. And the diet for 0s is mainly meat, fish and veggies, so I guess it kinda fits.

  58. the way to verify this is very simple: TO TRY IT! I did, for three months, (as I tried MANY different diets for energy/well-being/and other) and it was FANTASTIC. I have never felt so well or had so much energy as when I went on it! After having left it (because of the holidays), and, never having felt so good as I did when I was on it, so I just went back to it. Before you quote others to validate a belief, why not try it yourself for a couple of weeks? Simply quoting authorities isnt enough!

    1. +Alma Zica Thank you. Im looking forward to feeling even better.

    2. Linda, youll be surprised how quickly your body will adapt to it! I found that the foods I thought Id miss (oranges, potatoes, Im type A) just stopped having any appeal for me within days. The body settles in it real fast! Best of luck! 🙂

    3. YES! Try IT! before you kick it to the curb with any incorrect/incomplete statement/video. I plan to do this blood type diet for the next 4 months. Why not feel better??? The past 2wks, Ive been limiting/getting rid of foods to avoid…kind of getting the body/mindset ready to acclimate to this change with not having many foods I really enjoy. I am B+ with a high RH- factor. I tend to eat nearly everything on the menu. Yay! Alma! Kudos! to you.

  59. This page is awesome! Subscribed. I thought the blood type diet thing was real. Silly me. Anyway, I have a question. Its about something I just stumbled upon today. Its called Oil Pulling. Apparently its been going on for many years in China and India and its supposed to have many healing benefits. I was interested in trying it. Do you know anything of this and if so can you share your opinions? Thanks 🙂

  60. Come on people, you dont need pseudo-science to tell you what you should know about yourself. If this was true people wouldnt get different allergic reactions to some of the same shit. We are Bio-electric biengs. this is why you need vitamins(foods) for the biological components and a EKG or ECG samething for the heart.

    Drug (n.) late 14c. (early 14c. in Anglo-French), medicine, chemical ingredients, from Old French droge supply, stock, provision (14c.), which is of unknown origin, perhaps from Middle Dutch or Middle Low Germandroge-vate dry barrels, or droge waere, literally dry wares, but specifically drugs and spices, with first element mistaken as word for the contents (see dry goods), or because medicines mostly consisted of dried herbs. 

    Compare Latin species, in Late Latin wares, then specialized to spices (French épice, English spice). The same source produced Italian and Spanish droga, Swedish drog. 

    Application to narcotics and opiates is late 19c., though association with poisons is 1500s. Druggie first recorded 1968. To be a drug on or in the market (mid-17c.) is of doubtful connection and may be a different word, perhaps a play on drag, which was sometimes drug c. 1240-1800.

    pharmaceutical (adj.) 1640s (pharmaceutic in the same sense is from 1540s), from Late Latin pharmaceuticusof drugs, from Greek pharmakeutikos, from pharmakeus preparer of drugs, poisoner (see pharmacy). Related:Pharmaceuticals; pharmaceutically.

  61. Type O blood type is actually the oldest, which is why its the universal blood type. After O you have A, then B, then AB and thats the line. Blood type also indicates which antibodies are present in the blood cell. The antibodies determine which blood cells the body being will reject. Type A rejects type B; type B rejects type A; and type O rejects both types A and B. Type AB contains no antibodies, so will accept any type of blood. Ive read a little about the blood type diets, but of course I dont know much about it so I cant say that it is actually based on fact, but I do know that this video is wrong about O blood type and that annoyed me enough to comment about it.

  62. I find that when someone is so definite about a subject, I stop believing them. We need to leave room for individuality. All five members of my family behave exactly the way we expected them to be, based on their preferences, and behavior, before I knew about this diet. Think about it; we are all made of different composition – we are walking beakers, made of different chemical components. So, why wouldnt this be legitimate? At least admit that it may work for some people… On YT alone there are so many people who are swearing by it, and many medical doctors, nutritionists, and even some scientists who believe in this, and this guy is so cocky about this?!

    Remember, most researches are sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies, so do you think that the researchers are going to go against their employers, and if you do, will they truly publish your findings?

    Most BIG pharmaceutical companies will NOT accept NOR promote food, exercise, and good sleep as a form of healing the self. They ONLY promote , train, and even give incentives to doctors who prescribe certain medicines like statins, which are quite poisonous to humans. if they can make hundreds of dollars per patient, why would they stop that?!

    So, what you get is, many medical doctors debunking this diet. Not because they are mean, but because thats all the information theyre getting. If you paid a lot of money for your medical degree, would you allow anyone to dispute your beliefs?

    Also, for the guy who mentiones the cavemen, when hunter/gatherers were walking the earth, only blood type O was existed.

    Now, my point is, leave some room for diffetent people, with different experiences. You cannot tell me what I have experienced or not… 😊🌷

    1. Sounds more like a Placebo affect because you went into it knowing it will work.

  63. little knowledge is dangerous and should not be broadcasred.unless you get your facts.

  64. Blood type o is the first! Hunter gather people who are the best at eating Meat and animal fats. Type a came when people settled in communities and learned to grow their foods in the fields. B is the nomad that have herds of sheep or goats or cows etc. And to awoid eating all their cattle, they consumed some of their Milk to supplement occational Meat eating. AB is the modern type who are a mix of a and B. You have not debunked anything. You have no science to back up what you say. DAdamo has lots of science to back up his diet.

  65. Why do you keep making a point that diet and blood type make no difference how do you know?who told you that prove it.

  66. Have you seen Skinnimaker System? (Google it) It is a quick way for you to shed fat fast.

  67. Just like everyone here, i do believe that the blood type diet works. Ive seen it work for many people, they become more healthy and happy, etc. This diet makes sense if you really think about it. If people have such a problem with it because there isnt a lot of studies backing it up, how about you stop bashing on it and do some studies yourself? 

  68. People just want to eat what they want, but it is important that you the individual pay attention to how a food reacts in your body. It would seem that everybody has a different diet that works best for their bodies. Look at nature which is the true science and you will see different diets.

  69. I’m a ten year vegan and type O negative. So are all my family, who have seen a lot of benefits from cutting out red meat.

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