Blood type diet b negative food chart

ReddIt Home of b negative blood type diet is the foothills of the Himalayas the present-day Pakistan and India. The evolution of the digestive system was sealed using dairy products in the food and keeping livestock farming. Strong points: Durability of the nervous system; Instant adaptation to environmental changes; Strong immunity Weak points of b negative blood type diet: Exposure to stress and depression; Chronic fatigue; Predisposition to viral colds and infections; Allergic reactions; Autoimmune diseases.

B negative blood type diet food list. You can eat everything, but the menu must be balanced: the meat except pork and chickenany fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits except tomatoes, olives, pumpkineggs and corn, beans and all cereals other than buckwheat and wheat. Recommend taking additional vitamin and mineral complexes – iron Also, lecithin, magnesium, licorice, Echinacea and digestive enzymes. Helpful products: green tea and coffee, beer, wine, juices grape, cranberry, cabbage, pineapple, orangefruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, greens, beef, liver.

Junk meals: lentils, peanuts, seafood shrimp, crab, clams, oysterstomato juice, pomegranate juice, aeration drinks, chicken, pork, mayonnaise, pomegranate, avocado, persimmon, radish, potatoes, olives, tea with foalfoot, seaweed agar-agar, lemon juice, chickpeas, hazelnuts, cashews, quail eggs, barley, rye, peanuts, lentils, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins.

General advices: The basic principle of the b negative blood type diet – is the acceleration of metabolism, clarification of an organism, removing toxins from it, and optimization of all organ systems.

With an eating plan, centimeters at the waist and other problem areas are melting without aggressive action on the organism. As a total result, the physical body is not subject to the test shock and shortage of the necessary micronutrients, but instead receives a ration featuring a balance and a rich variety of nutrition without counting calories. People should be excluded from the eating habits foods that contain wheat flour, buckwheat, corn and peanuts, due to lower metabolism as a total result of obstruction of this products development of insulin.

You just need to: To reduce the consumption of fatty foods and sugar; With caution to eat fried meals and smoked products; To include in the diet of meat, fish and low-fat dairy products.

To make up for the deficit in the organism of minerals and vitamins in while dieting advised to take lecithin, magnesium, echinacea, licorice, gingko Biloba, Bromelain. In order to maintain good physical forms, you should do feasible load with a gradual increase and a greater number regular exercise. Tighten the skin, give the body tonus and improve metabolism will help you body and bath wraps for weight loss at home.

To maintain a healthy weight is very important to adhere to proper ration, excluding from the menu all forbidden foods. If you stick to the recommended food, the body will have time to burn the calories from food and do not give them put off in the kind of excess fat.

Physical exercises for this type diet. You are contraindicating heavy physical activities that cause excessive fatigue of the physical body.

Everything should be in moderation. From sports, such people fit swimming, cycling, tennis, yoga, golf, martial walking and arts. Such sporting hobbies help to communicate with people, to get out of life positive feelings and new sensations, which are so necessary for communicative and self-motivated people. Physical exercise helps to stay in tune, enhance brain function and give a strain on the muscles thus.

This sort managed to combine the most positive features of A and 0 kinds. It appeared in the period of nomadism when people lived a united team, had to learn to survive in the new environmental conditions. Therefore, we transfer such character as strength and tenacity, the ability to adapt in a society quickly, the ability to resolve any presssing issues.

Most people developed, balanced, living in harmony of soul and body. They live much than people with other categories longer. If a b is being applied by you negative blood type diet food list, you shall help your body to move to a higher quality standard of living.

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  1. Im b+ and all stuff i like i cant eat and what i hate i need too eat???? Why

    Most Bs live in India.
    Indianns love their chicken (forbidden)curry.
    Majority of Indians are vegetarian. They eat a lot of chickpeas, snow peas and beans (AVOID).

  3. this is all true for me. type A here. cannot handle wheat or meat. 👍🏾👍🏾

    1. I am type a too. I did an allergy test and found I am allergic to wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, and yeast. But I definitely feel meat hurts me too.


  5. i think that the lady needs to read the book first; much of what she said was inaccurate

  6. Milk is my main form of energy as an adult and probably not a good source of protein unless I was an infant and this all has to do with my ability to digest lactose due to my neolithic/bronze age ancestry from raising cattle; the main source of protein came from eating the calf. Dr. Peter Dadamo is right in that people with type O blood should get protein sources from most mammals and certain non-mammals, he is incorrect in stating everyone who is blood type O should avoid dairy.

  7. There IS Scientific proof for Peter DAdamos findings. But you do not have any science to proof he is not Right. You can have calcium through Dark green veggies Milk is not the only source. You also get enough fibers through veggies and fruits. Grains are not the only Way to get healthy fibers!

    1. +T. Thomas all of his diets are healthier than the American diet pick any of them and you will be healthier than before. I am looking for proof in the form of research opinions and emotions arent proof science is

    2. What proof do u need?? Other than the fact that ppl started emptying out their systems with the junk thats contaminating their blood ,system etc. Now look at the difference from how healthy they were when they followed the charts

    3. there is NO *SCIENTIFIC* evidence of his theories while and they do not make sence blood types are determined by antibodies and antigens your food is not correlated with your blood type in the slightest

  8. Yeah milk is essential for healthy bones… destroying your bones is very healthy.

  9. That of how blood type 0+ is supose to eat is totaly rubbish.
    People of the americas afro AMERICANS have blood type 0+ the oldest blood type. They are NOT supose to eat red Meat or chicken cause first the chicken is hybride So how can someone with an original blood type eat an hybride and stay HEALTY.
    Your diet sucks. You Just flipt Everything So People Who are suposed to eat HEALTY start killing themself with your fake diet

    1. @Shawn Johnson Milk is good for baby cows. They Just want to sell their product and work TOGHETER with diary and health instructers. Just listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs to stay HEALTY. If you eat wrong you will suffer belly fat and all kind of misfunction of your health. You become what you eat

    2. @Titia Waterval yeah, Im supposed to stay away from meat, wheat, dairy….no wonder I still have belly fat because I was listening to advice in those workout magazines, internet and media but that wasnt the right type advice for me. I was consuming lots of milk, meat and wheat because of all the protein hype.

    3. @Shawn Johnson than you are a decendant of africa. Take a DNA test. And do some research. I did not say all Black People have blood type 0+. But the ones Who have are NOT supose to drink Milk eat red Meat or Meat at all.

    4. lol….Im black and my blood type is A positive, I was in the Army so I knew mine. So there are exceptions, not all black people are type O.

  10. You are not a statistic until you die. Before then, the only way to know whether the blood type diet works or not is to read the book, try it for yourself for at least a week or two, and then see how you feel. The critics have mostly neither read the book nor tried the diet for themselves. It works for a lot of people, perhaps 75-80%, though not for everybody. Amazon has more than 2500 reviews of DAdamos book, more than 80% of which are four- or five-star. Read these reviews for more information.

  11. Walid Habibi I stoped to listen the video when she said that. Dairy is essential for your life!!!! Really?!!! The diet of the blood type has a doctor called Eva Hermann that is changing lives in Brazil. People with auto-immune diseases, depression etc were able to find cure.


  13. i think im the only type O that hates meat with a passion… Q.Q plz dont take my noodles away

  14. Dairy makes me physically ill so dont tell me that dairy is essential for my life!!!

    1. Have you tried A2 milk. You might be allergic to type A1 protein milk. I know Im not lactose intolerant but A2 protein cow milk gives me better energy. Look into it.

    1. Youre probably safe eating a balanced diet that includes some red and white meat along with fewer portions whole grains with the bran such as whole wheat bread. Refined white bread lacks vitamins such as magnesium and its also high on the glycemic index.

    2. eat plant protein. this video is main stream crap, no need to be a murderer

  15. Dairy is essential for healthy bones
    Then why do nearly all studies done on people who eat dairy vs people who dont, find that osteoporosis is higher among those who consume dairy?

    1. Lesbian Amazon Sister because dairy has been pasteurized, milk is meant to be consumed raw, I’d suggest goat milk though

  16. That is a lie dairy will not build bones! Getting at least 15 minute to 1 hour of sun gives you the daily vitamin d3 you need to build bones. And eating lots of dark green leafy vegetables and a rainbow of colored veggies and fruits also helps. Limiting nuts and seeds to a hand full a day.

  17. Dairy is not essential for healthy bones. Its essential for healthy baby calves.

    1. Freееee onlinе vidеo shоws thаt еat rеаl food аnd still gain real wееight loss! Click here tо watchit now. Еffect of blоod grouр on diet

  18. And to add to that my grandfather did not touch dairy his whole life and he lived unti he was like 80 something

  19. Im blood type a and Im told to avoid meat dairy and wheat, which I eat alot of.

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