Blood type b exercise and diet

You have fat in all the wrong places still! Take a brief moment to allow that to register in your mind. Blood contains various types of antigens that react with the immune system. The blood type you have will determine the reactions you have to the food you eat or the exercises you do. This true point was made by Dr. Peter J. He goes ahead to illustrate and describe how blood type diets will help you lose weight in a more natural way and even goes as far as listing specific foods well suited for different blood types.

In his book, Blood Types, Body Types, and Youhe further explains this statement by saying that the chemical reaction between the food you eat and blood is a major part of your genetic make-up. To him, this chemical reaction is because of this of lectins – different and abundant proteins found in food – which have agglutinating properties which have deep-rooted effects on the blood.

Blood Types vs. The Best Workouts Type O The genetic make-up for Type O is very similar to that of ancient cavemen who had to hunt to survive and feed themselves. The Paleo diet contains foods such as fish chiefly, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Workout The best workouts for these blood type include those that combine high-intensity interval training HIITs with strength training. Type A Those with Blood Type A have a genetic make-up similar to ancient farmers, who did fewer intensive activities such as growing crops.

Because vegetarian diets are considered healthy, they are well suited for this blood group. That is why it is recommended that such people eat a complete lot of organic and fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, whole and fish grains. Foods to avoid include corn, tomatoes, buckwheat, wheat, lentils, sesame peanuts and seeds as well as meat and fish.

Workout Your body type is suited to yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and other less extreme exercise routines instead of strength training physically. Diet Foods best suited for this blood type include fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, eggs and certain types of meats. Of all the blood groups, B is the most balanced as it carries both the ability to thrive in changeable conditions and the genetic potential for malleability.

This explains why the types of foods that can be eaten by Type B people hail from both the animal and plant kingdoms. Despite their ability to adapt, there are still some foods which people of this blood group should avoid – peanuts, wheat, tomatoes, lentils, chicken and buckwheat. Workout For your work out, consider combining low impact cardio workouts such as swimming, cycling, and jogging with resistance training. Diet People with this blood type should avoid caffeine, alcohol, and cured or smoked meats.

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Cured meats can result in cancer in people with low levels of stomach acids. Type AB people have the same adaptation to meat that Type B people have.

This implies that such people usually lack the necessary amount of stomach acid to properly digest and metabolize meats which causes them to finish up being kept as fat.

Foods that are well suited for this blood type include seafood salmon especially, mahi-mahi, sardines, and tuna. Dairy food such as yogurt and milk, fruits, veggies and whole grains are also well suited for this blood type as these reduce excess protein which could finish up being kept as fat in the body. Yoga is highly recommended for your blood type because yoga can prove to be a very helpful means of internalizing your anger while keeping your mood levels up.

Wrap up We have discussed different blood types as well as the various diet and workout routines best suited for individuals who belong to them. All of the information given is based on two books – Dr here. Your blood type holds the secrets to your health and fitness all. It is therefore important to follow the diet and exercise regimens according to your blood type in order to yield optimal levels of health and nutrition.

What does your current diet and workout routine consist of? What could you apply to those based on the given information above? Sound off below. At Generation Mastermind, we seek to inspire you and help you grow in your career, life, and business.

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