Best diet for 400 pound woman

Share on Facebook For those who have a significant amount of weight to lose, beginning a diet and exercise plan to reach weight loss goals can appear incredibly daunting.

Many people don’t attempt to lose weight because they are so overwhelmed by the amount of work required, and others repeatedly fail at weight loss attempts because they craft a sound never, realistic diet and exercise program. If you’re over pounds, your health will inevitably suffer without taking action to lose excess weight almost. But with the right plan, sufficient support and strong determination, you can find lasting weight loss success.

Step 1 Get medical clearance from your doctor. Talk with your physician to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise and discuss your dietary needs. Review any current medications you’re taking and any health problems you may have. Step 2 Write down your goals. It’s hard to hit a moving target, and writing down your goals shall increase your odds of success.

Be as specific as possible and give yourself deadlines. For example, rather than writing down “tone up by the end of the year,by December 1st ” you might say “lose 50 pounds.

Step 3 Clean up your diet. The most important component of weight loss success is diet. Talk with a dietician or nutritionist to formulate a healthy eating plan based on your goals. In order to lose one pound of fat, you must create a 3,calorie deficit.

A healthy weight loss of one to two pounds per week can be reached with a daily calorie deficit of to 1, calories. Step 4 Create an exercise plan. Determine how many days you intend to work and how long each session will be out. You should include both cardiovascular exercise to burn fat and resistance training to build muscle. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a personal trainer or other fitness professional to set up a sound exercise program.

Step 5 Tell others about your goals and successes. Get as many cheerleaders on your team as possible. Enlisting the encouragement of others will help keep you going when you’re feeling weak and hold you accountable for the goals you’ve shared with them.

Step 6 Accept move and mistakes on. You’re human and slipping up on your diet or exercise routine is normal. What distinguishes those who are eventually successful from those who repeatedly fail to reach their weight loss goals is persistence.

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If you fall off the wagon, don’t lament your mistake. Accept it, learn from it, and get on track back. Reread your goals and ask loved types for encouragement when you need it. Warnings When dieting, restricting your calories much can have the unintended consequence of slowing your metabolism too. ACSM guidelines warn against eating fewer than 1, per day for women and 1 calories, per day for men calories, unless you are under strict supervision from your doctor.

Tips Surround yourself with positive influences and do your best to remove those people or things in your life that are likely to detract from your weight loss success. Set milestone goals for yourself and treat yourself with positive, goal-friendly rewards, as a day at the spa or a movie with a loved one such.

Finally, start slow. If you’re not accustomed to exercise, ease your body into it as you change your diet. You may be sore at first, but giving your body time adapt shall minimize this initial discomfort.

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  1. Great man.. Youre such an inspiration 👌
    I wish you will find happiness and live the life of your dreams.. Best of luck

  2. People like him always inspire me to go to gym, Jogging and start Diet 🔥 used to weigh 251 pounds last year. Now Im 189 pounds. focusing more on lifting now.💪

  3. Im 49 years old. I have slowly gained 5-10 pounds per year virtually my entire adult life. At my heaviest, I was 360 lbs a couple of years ago. Im down to 320, but seem to be holding there. Ive started eating better and exercising countless times before. But sticking with it seems to be the hard part. I tend to run into a string of events, each getting in the way of my going to the gym or choosing the right food. And then I get discouraged, having a feeling that its not destined to happen or something and just throw in the towel. This has happened over and over. These videos are inspiring though. Im going to try to really stick with it this time.

  4. How did he change his chest though? You lose all that weight, but his chest was still hanging.

  5. Wow this is very crazy! I watched this video 2 years ago and it truly inspired me. I remember when I first watched I was at 170 lbs in 6th grade and I was very insecure about my body and a very antisocial person, but this video taught me that anything is possible and endless hours of working resulted in me being 140 lbs. I know it does not seem much but it truly helped me and I am blessed to this day🙏

  6. Check this out…. while my mother did not die… I DID. Went asystole while I was partially spinally decapitated. See my surgeries video. One thing about when I died and came back which happened more than once BTW…. I saw this world for what it really is. See my petri dish Earth vdeos. I told my mother what it is and she stormed out of my house. I was in a neck brace at the time right after one of my surgeries. We no longer talk. Yet growing up she got me into all kinds of weird shit… Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts ect….. See the thing is most people were force indoctrinated since a young age. Hearing the truth of this world sets them off like a trigger.

    1. And yes I have healed up long enough and will start my workout program. Got my neck fused c3-c7 front and back. Had total thyroidectomy first due to cancer. Got a pacemaker put in before that.

  7. The reason this video has downvotes is because the thumbnail was clickbait! We wanted to see his nipples hanging next to his belly button. Fuckers.

  8. Did you have surgery to tighten excess skin , or was weight training able to tighten it? So proud of you ! I’m sure your Mom would be to !!! God Bless you !!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Тебе понадобились смерть матери и автокатастрофа, чтобы наконец-то взяться за себя. Не испытываю ни жалости, ни сочувствия…

  10. When he mentioned Im a motivational speaker I checked out…getva job roofing rich kid!

  11. As mom myself i can say ur mom is so proud of u because im so proud of u you look so beautiful and ur an inspiration to everyone!

  12. The Real Mind Boggler Here Is How Does This Man Have Not A Single Stretch Mark? But Props To This Guy.

  13. So when you see an overweight person say hi and smile and treat them like you would want to be treated… you dont know the pain they have gone through in life. My mom died when I was a sophomore in high school too. It was the hardest thing Ive ever gone through and it affects your life forever. I vowed to make her proud and through perseverance I feel I did. I congratulate this man for pulling himself out of the depths of hell to make a good life for himself. Your mom is SO proud of you!

  14. Go on bro making ur life ur own build urself from the ground up

  15. Every thang happens for a reason. It might not be the way you what it to happen but it happens for a reason.

  16. So the muscle did end up filling the loose skin? Or did he get surgery?

  17. Seeing you grieve for your mother breaks my heart. I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁

  18. She just passed away? You cant skip that bullshit without knowing details……

  19. I am sure his Mom would be beyond proud of her son’s happiness. Very touching story, I love happy endings!

  20. Hey! Im just curious but did you ever go to the loose skin surgery?

  21. Lol the bitch just laying there talking in her phone while she’s doing clap ups 7:07

  22. I wish I has the motivation to start working out and be healthy I cant go a day without giving up my self confidence is absolute shit and my anxiety is through the roof in public

  23. THIS is body positivity. Not that I can be fat, healthy and happy nonsense.

  24. You know all those sob stories and and shitty bloody fake depression stories on Instagram, this is what I want to see instead of all of that shit, fucking incredible

  25. Ну в первую очередь нужно не с внешними данными заниматься,а то что внутри таится..К психотерапевту нужно идти.Мужчина похудел и хорошо выглядит но до сих пор наворачиваются у него слёзы глядя на фотографии того мальчика,парня которым он был.Чтобы не говорили а полнота это психологическое расстройство.

  26. Kinda reminds me of Martin licis if he was leaner, incredible transformation

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  28. Ive lost 75 lbs and currently 185. Never make excuses for yourself.

  29. Okay I admit it, this made me tear up… Great job… Very moving.

  30. I’m really happy for you man seriously. I wish I could do the same but I don’t have the motivation. As of right now I’m trying my best with diet and exercising so wish my luck

  31. his problems started off with low self esteem, which lead to depression, food was his comfort, then a car crash realigned his attitude to life which lead him onto the road to recovery, its all part of humanity, there is a brick wall facing everyone in life its when you hit it things go downhill, it takes self determination and a positive outlook to recover and medical help, overcoming difficulties can be achieved, we all go through it.

  32. Almost 3k dislikes!! You guys must get raped in the (a..) first then cooked to be served to a happy chinese family. If that is not available Ill just hope you get coronovirus up in your (a… s)

  33. Let me guess judging by all these other videos on here this is your 4 day transformation lol

  34. That’s crazy me and him had the same football jersey number

  35. The most important thing for someone who wants to lose weight is a reason, ( not a diet/Exercise plans, but way more simpler than that), and the harsh reality is that many overweight individuals dont have that reason, so they get that DESIRE FOR SOMETHING in different stages of their weight gain, and, unfortunately, some of them, even many, find it impossible to discover in their lives.

    – However, I believe that everyone has that reason for getting in shape, A VERY STRONG DESIRE in a part of their lives, because we all know that obesity is never a good thing, in terms of every single aspect of a persons life, ( even in the habit of eating itself). If you are wondering what that desire is, then you should look closer to your own individuality and your own life, look very deep, DEEPER Than anytime you ever looked at yourself and wondered, WHAT DO I WANT?!, ( And Not What OTHERS Want!!!), And this is the key to your desires, but not your progress, because your progress doesnt matter if you are not into it, ( deep inside).

    – In conclusion, Find your deep desire and what you want and never do it for others.

  36. The amout of dislikes on this video is from heartless people. Sad to see. God bless this man & RIL his mom ♡♡

  37. How did you get rid of the extra skin. Was it just lifting or surgery too?

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  39. He dirty bulked for 20 years then cut. These big dudes always look good when they finally commit.

  40. Amazing story! I still trucking I was at 252lbs on 7 14, type 2 diabetes, now at [email protected] completely of meds, and working hard to 10percent. And build lean muscle. I just need more motivation!!! Ty for sharing ur story

  41. You are so brave and strong! Very handsome and sweet guy 💓💓. Your mom was stunning, like a movie star!! She is so proud of you from heaven.. 💕

  42. Your mom would be so proud… but you can tell she loved you by her pic with you. Oh, how she would smile and is smiling down on her son… Now happy and wanting to live and give to others.

  43. Pls I’m also fat and need help, I tried going to the gym but because I have asthma I can’t , I need help , I’m probably in my way to 400 pounds and want to loose it.

  44. Like did your, like, parents, like, ever, like, like say like, to you like…your weight, like, like LIKE??

  45. How did you get rid of the loose skin? Surgery or just by weight lifting alone?

  46. Try using hand cream or body lotion to put more elasticity on your skin so it wont sag.

  47. Good and to this day people STILL dont get it !!! What it does to our health and our self esteem….this is really a story about a very blessed man!! God bless

  48. Thanks for sharing I am so glad you get to be happy and healthy. So weight lifting can tighten up skin like that? I never knew that. Girls try so many things after having a baby but many do not consider weight lifting, they’ll even do tummy tuck but not weight lifting. You have overcome so much what a true test to human endurance. You are incredible thank you

  49. this is me and there no one around to help me I am 300lbs plus 6 3 i have no up and go

  50. There is a point In our life where we have to stop, and that’s where we decide will I do the hard way and walk tall and with proud or give up no matter if it’s losing weight, stop drinking, or whatever… my goal was to join the marine corps lost 45pounds in 6months running 15-20-34km two days a week and boxing and keep going so what I’m trying to say is that life is amazing use it! Set yourself a goal

  51. This man actually gives me hope on how your life could change for the better.

  52. that hit really hard whenever he just suddenly said that his mother died.

  53. Is this what they mean by what doesnt kill you makes you stronger ????

    1. I think if he keeps that muscle after a long time, when he gets old and his muscle decreases his skin will too. And even if it doesnt, I still think hell try to keep the muscle.

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